Bowling in National Country Cricket Championships 1986/87 (Ordered by Average)

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JR Hogg (NSW)16295964-209.83 00
RJ Ellis (SAus)3001011-1010.00 00
NS Budden (NSW)43819184147-7613.14 10
TMJ McKeough (SAus)2401411-1414.00 00
SJ Christie (NSW)2831512483-1815.50 00
GR Irvine (ACT)3301413084-1816.25 00
GJ McNeil (NSW)3762012074-3017.14 00
DJ Francis (WA)64034284166-7317.75 10
GE Walker (WA)3181015983-919.87 00
PJ Shea (ACT)43314228117-4720.72 10
RJ Dennis (Qld)3601416684-2820.75 00
GA Bush (ACT)46116212104-2821.20 00
PA O'Malley (NSW)4181117083-2621.25 00
GD Banks (Vic)3781415874-4022.57 10
LJ Schulte (Qld)3602311-623.00 00
PA Tossol (Vic)45916236103-2723.60 00
BG Spencer (Qld)2641112453-3324.80 00
PJ Nuttall (WA)4441822494-5424.88 00
JH Bull (ACT)4501717573-4625.00 00
SJ Scuderi (Qld)7862511-825.00 00
BH Drinkwater (Qld)4501524393-7327.00 00
MA Richards (SAus)3921019874-5128.28 00
I Harry (Vic)2521712142-5030.25 00
RG Miller (WA)8426222-4131.00 00
ME Connolly (NSW)3613111-1731.00 00
PD Harfield (SAus)4833111-2631.00 00
CA Penna (SAus)307819664-7032.66 00
JC Scuderi (Qld)372922974-4832.71 10
MR Steel (ACT)6023311-2333.00 00
RJ Moore (SAus)5881831096-7634.44 10
IP Kenny (SAus)3961022162-4836.83 00
R Scott (Vic)4501022765-6337.83 10
DE Somerville (NSW)13227621-3738.00 00
RS Bullied (WA)8413911-3239.00 00
TR Butler (SAus)3541415842-6539.50 00
WT Burton (ACT)15038021-1740.00 00
MW Ridgway (Vic)360820953-3541.80 00
SJ Gilbert (WA)274817342-7443.25 00
GL Stanley (Qld)5401926362-6743.83 00
EL Nix (ACT)3481213332-3344.33 00
PW Lang (Vic)222314832-6449.33 00
HS Poole (Vic)6005211-5152.00 00
SJ Skeer (SAus)12645611-2856.00 00
AR Tickle (Qld)9626211-3962.00 00
GM Twomey (WA)13819711-3197.00 00
DW Wellington (WA)6020    
PJ Solway (ACT)6040    
RJ Schultz (Vic)2040    
GD Sanders (Vic)6050    
RC Johnston (SAus)6070    
GS Phillips (Vic)12090    
LD Mason (Qld)421220    
J Mitchell (SAus)1262730    
DW Gray (WA)1747890    





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