Bowling in Halifax Cup 1891 (Ordered by Average)

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CR Palmer (Phil)180860135-224.61 10
JB Thayer (Mer)3611321-26.50 00
JW Muir (Belm)234974116-266.72 10
GS Patterson (Ger)83554245356-137.00 30
ET Comfort (Ger)3602632-78.66 00
HI Brown (Ger)62233216246-309.00 30
W Scott (Belm)19897783-299.62 00
WW Noble (Ger)9672933-249.66 00
S Welsh (Ger)210297106-249.70 10
TR Reaney (Belm)27310137136-2910.53 10
AH Carter (Phil)4814542-1811.25 00
CW Watson (Belm)1811211-1212.00 00
HP Baily (Mer)77634289245-3012.04 20
JH Patterson (Phil)154110584-4513.12 00
EW Clark (Ger)14265342-2813.25 00
E Norris (Phil)53711283216-6913.47 10
HC Coates (Belm)41613196143-3114.00 00
GG Brooke (Mer)18097054-1314.00 00
SG Thayer (Mer)3011411-1414.00 00
E Eastwood (Ti)16938862-2414.66 00
R MacDonald (Belm)233910473-1114.85 00
HW Helmbold (Ti)3479206134-4515.84 00
AE Smith (Belm)50519222145-2515.85 10
WF Wingate (Ti)10818152-1616.20 00
H Wharton (Phil)9634932-3016.33 00
WN Goodwin (Phil)42710216135-1716.61 10
HC Howell (Ti)282812073-817.14 00
EH Dray (Ti)6603622-3618.00 00
S Law (Mer)3381016393-2018.11 00
EM Cregar (Ti)68816411224-9018.68 00
CT Cowperthwait (Phil)9605733-5719.00 00
AG Thomson (Mer)49812298154-4219.86 00
AM Wood (Belm)168210053-5020.00 00
GE Morgan (Ger)7834122-4120.50 00
SR Earle (Mer)4008219103-3821.90 00
GT Rowland (Phil)4341253113-3123.00 00
JB King (Ti)242194721-1123.50 00
WC Lowry (Mer)4689262114-4023.81 00
WTG Bristol (Ti)71418414173-1324.35 00
FL Altemus (Belm)15057732-2725.66 00
C Bohlen (Phil)224415253-6330.40 00
N Etting (Mer)6060    
JA Harris (Phil)6060    
FE Jackson (Ti)24070    
HM Deemer (Ti)20170    
EB Watson (Belm)181120    
HW Cole (Phil)80160    
S Bettle (Mer)120160    
AA Knipe (Mer)300170    
JP Morgan (Ti)422210    
WE Bates (Mer)424210    
RD Brown (Ger)300250    
FE Brewster (Ger)180260    
WA Hawley (Phil)240290    
O Leser (Ti)240360    





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