Bowling in Halifax Cup 1892 (Ordered by Average)

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HH Brown (Belm)4321833-186.00 00
CR Palmer (Phil)4507210277-137.77 32
ET Comfort (Ger)180811-88.00 00
EW Clark (Ger)78526304376-388.21 30
JB King (Ti)63422297348-248.73 40
EM Cregar (Ti)64221271317-138.74 21
WTH Bill (Phil)12018794-559.66 00
N Etting (Mer)9053943-309.75 00
DP Stoever (Belm)4222022-2010.00 00
WT Wharton (Phil)1601011-1010.00 00
GS Jump (Belm)69827325316-5610.48 30
S Welsh (Ger)16649593-1010.55 00
WL Baily (Mer)2412222-2211.00 00
JEC Morton (Mer)12847874-3711.14 00
FL Altemus (Belm)251118274-511.71 00
CT Cowperthwait (Phil)49612224197-4011.78 10
S Bettle (Mer)601211-1212.00 00
HC Coates (Belm)54426214174-112.58 00
GS Patterson (Ger)78634304236-5313.21 10
H Wharton (Phil)7615643-514.00 00
WW Noble (Ger)31415144104-3814.40 00
WS Thomson (Mer)10844433-1614.66 00
HP Baily (Mer)116237527348-3715.50 31
AE Smith (Ti)2983173117-6615.72 10
HI Brown (Ger)10873322-3316.50 00
E Norris (Phil)45514234145-3716.71 10
AM Wood (Belm)4098237144-5616.92 00
FE Brewster (Ger)226511062-818.33 00
JW Muir (Belm)3721318293-4420.22 00
WTG Bristol (Ti)162012563-5820.83 00
WE Bates (Mer)3431114673-1920.85 00
JH Patterson (Phil)7606333-4321.00 00
WC Lowry (Mer)278118883-7723.50 00
WN Goodwin (Phil)430623993-2726.55 00
GG Brooke (Mer)198613353-4926.60 00
SR Earl (Mer)5411324684-3830.75 00
RJ Williams (Ger)8443311-2533.00 00
TR Reaney (Belm)242514132-8047.00 00
CD Bohlen (Phil)15218811-4888.00 00
HL Clark (Ger)6010    
WH Trotter (Phil)8030    
FH Bates (Ti)12050    
JI Scott (Belm)12070    
AH Carter (Phil)8090    
WF Brown (Phil)12090    
JA Harris (Phil)32190    
LD Miller (Belm)60100    
LW Wister (Ger)181110    
TR Swift (Phil)60130    
RK McCall (Belm)120130    
AE Barney (Phil)180130    
AE Kennedy (Mer)240150    
HC Howell (Ti)180160    
G Clifford (Ti)60160    
SR Colladay (Belm)302180    
JB Thayer (Mer)643180    
AW Biddle (Phil)240200    
HW Helmbold (Ti)580310    
GS Philler (Mer)420360    





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