Bowling in Halifax Cup 1894 (Ordered by Average)

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DH Adams (Belm)30011-00.00 00
L Biddle (Phil)4821233-64.00 00
FL Altemus (Belm)44025165267-246.34 30
JP Hood (Phil)11644874-266.85 00
HI Brown (Ger)11042944-297.25 00
FH Bates (Ti)12546983-218.62 00
GG Brooke (Mer)2617115135-128.84 10
JB King (Ti)84945294337-208.90 41
WL Barclay (Phil)3612933-299.66 00
PH Clark (Ger)3099108115-209.81 10
GS Patterson (Ger)63827228236-219.91 11
WN Goodwin (Phil)12083032-2310.00 00
S Goodman (Phil)43215175176-4310.29 20
TR Reaney (Belm)38811216205-2210.80 10
FE Brewster (Ger)2315109106-4810.90 10
JB Thayer (Mer)1801211-1212.00 00
WN Morice (Mer)7203733-3712.33 00
EM Cregar (Ti)57618284237-2112.34 10
JS Clark (Phil)6613831-1012.66 00
ET Comfort (Ger)2761211996-2713.22 10
EW Clark (Ger)33612134104-5213.40 00
H Wharton (Phil)12018263-2613.66 00
J Baird (Mer)16244233-4214.00 00
JA Lester (Mer)3011411-1414.00 00
HC Thayer (Mer)3011411-1414.00 00
E Norris (Phil)51322212153-1614.13 00
JEC Morton (Mer)71825324215-1115.42 10
EH Rodgers (Phil)39010208136-3716.00 10
JW Muir (Belm)57821214135-1616.46 10
HC Coates (Belm)3519168105-3116.80 10
AP Morris (Mer)21688853-1817.60 00
WW Noble (Ger)6604721-823.50 00
WC Morgan (Ger)7205222-2926.00 00
JW Sharp (Mer)420820984-4326.12 00
WTG Bristol (Ti)4411318373-3226.14 00
SR Earl (Mer)217413353-5426.60 00
CJ Rhoades (Mer)7205422-2627.00 00
AG Thomson (Mer)387419873-5628.28 00
CT Cowperthwait (Phil)240811432-5538.00 00
S Welsh (Phil)6603911-2939.00 00
AM Wood (Belm)18098922-1644.50 00
AW Barnett (Ti)9006511-1065.00 00
GS Jump (Belm)16277511-3175.00 00
JH Patterson (Phil)6010    
P McAllister (Mer)6040    
HW Helmbold (Ti)12060    
JH Morice (Mer)12070    
P Butler (Phil)12070    
JA Harris (Phil)12080    
HC Howell (Ti)18190    
S Thayer (Mer)12090    
RD Brown (Ger)18090    
WF Wingate (Ti)180100    
W Scott (Belm)120120    
AE Newbold (Phil)120120    
CW Watson (Belm)240130    
WE Bates (Mer)120160    
JB Graff (Belm)301250    
RE Griscom (Mer)360290    
N Etting (Mer)360290    





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