Bowling in Halifax Cup 1903 (Ordered by Average)

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JH Mason (Phil)5431744-104.25 00
JW Muir (Mer)10344664-77.66 00
WP Newhall (GerA,GerB)33616126156-318.40 20
HP Baily (Mer)62216283317-219.12 30
S Welsh (Phil)3668150156-2810.00 10
FE Brewster (GerB)4302121-510.50 00
RW Krause (GerA)48523223216-4010.61 10
WP O'Neill (GerA,GerB)91231348326-3110.87 30
EW Clark (GerB)15068374-2211.85 00
S Goodman (Phil)91132418356-3911.94 30
FA Greene (GerA,GerB)42313204177-1212.00 30
HC Coates (Belm)4221211-1212.00 00
HR Cartwright (Phil)3227134114-2412.18 00
W Graham (Belm)70516408337-6912.36 40
AP Morris (Mer)76522347286-3012.39 10
GS Patterson (GerB)238610084-4612.50 00
AG Singer (Fr)19448975-3712.71 10
SG Climenson (Phil)4648281216-3713.38 20
JL Dallam (GerA)6632722-2713.50 00
WN Morice (Mer)20759573-2213.57 00
AN Goodfellow (GerA)1201411-1414.00 00
JEC Morton (GerB)293910174-514.42 00
E Norris (Phil)62113275194-2314.47 00
GB Robinson (GerA,GerB)11462922-2714.50 00
LW de Motte (Mer)3611511-715.00 00
JN Henry (GerB)9623222-3216.00 00
HW Middleton (GerA)37213197124-4716.41 00
TE Brown (GerA)178313286-6416.50 10
D Graham (Belm)4748275164-4117.18 00
WW Foulkrod (Fr)5647382225-3117.36 20
RH Patton (Mer)2736175107-6217.50 10
HH Cornish (Belm)48510238134-3318.30 00
CB Heston (Fr)197312973-1618.42 00
WF Keenan (Belm)10818342-2120.75 00
GR White (GerA,GerB)7426631-1022.00 00
L Martin (GerA,GerB)2602311-1123.00 00
WD Banes (GerA,GerB)3602411-1724.00 00
WH George (GerB)15039843-8524.50 00
A Cooney (Fr)3666251106-6725.10 10
LJ Cooney (Fr)252619474-8927.71 00
WF Keenan (Belm)156311442-2228.50 00
AW Jones (GerA)11446021-2330.00 00
HL Clark (Phil)3613111-1731.00 00
AL Hilles (Fr)3531222473-932.00 00
CP Hurditch (Belm)4203211-2432.00 00
JW Potts (Fr)244315642-7639.00 00
CM Graham (Belm)5404311-2043.00 00
GW Henry (Fr)5415411-2554.00 00
AG Priestman (GerA,GerB)7816211-1262.00 00
WS Evans (Fr)268819432-664.66 00
WW Justice (GerA)8010    
GG Brooke (Mer)18160    
WC Morgan (GerA,GerB)6080    
RL Bault (Fr)30280    
HG Pearce (Mer)180100    
TR Reaney (Belm)363100    
FL Altemus (Belm)180140    
J McConachy (Fr)120150    
FS Hilles (Fr)120150    
HC Weeks (Mer)180160    
WH Walker (Phil)180180    
L Biddle (Phil)120190    
L Lee (Mer)362200    
DH Adams (Mer)846270    
RL Pearson (GerB)200310    
RW Hilles (Fr)300330    
EP Bissell (GerA)661360    
GE Somerville (Fr)440410    





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