Bowling in Halifax Cup 1916 (Ordered by Average)

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JH Savage (Ger)60011-00.00 00
HR Marrion (Mer)201211-22.00 00
JD Keenan (SI)6003453-246.80 00
MR Cobb (SI)6012532-108.33 00
O Middleton (Phil)2001011-1010.00 00
G Bennett (Fr)10147406398-7710.41 50
JH Briggs (SI)8182381347-1911.20 41
LR Miller (SI)205110186-4212.62 10
EM Mann (Ger)6416280225-1412.72 10
HW Goodall (Phil)3400197155-6013.13 20
FA Greene (Ger)6906307236-2913.34 20
AW Hoskings (SI)14008563-5114.16 00
EG Hull (SI)11005743-1114.25 00
TR Pierpoint (Mer)13007353-5014.60 00
WK Beard (Ger)2001511-1515.00 00
WP Newhall (Ger)3760202135-2015.53 20
PN LeRoy (Phil)7004733-4715.66 00
HW Middleton (Phil)7853391236-4117.00 20
E Hopkinson (Phil)2681176105-7417.60 10
JB Clement (Mer)5222282165-7417.62 10
JR Vetterlein (Mer)5941311174-7618.29 00
CG Woolley (Phil)3003822-3819.00 00
RM Gummere (Mer)3002211-2222.00 00
JM Crosman (Mer)4002211-2222.00 00
JS Dixon (Fr)3002311-2323.00 00
WW Foulkrod (Fr)15117031-323.33 00
FC Sharpless (Mer)270014264-6323.66 00
WB Hughes (Mer)21027332-6024.33 00
L Lee (Mer)7002611-2526.00 00
WP O'Neill (Ger)370121283-4526.50 00
SH Hart (Fr)170010842-5027.00 00
PH Clark (Ger)16128133-3927.00 00
R Waad (Fr)5361334124-7827.83 00
CC Morris (Mer)5012811-2628.00 00
RL Melville (Mer)5433368135-6428.30 10
WN Morice (Fr)3002911-2929.00 00
HHL Kortlang (SI)5012911-829.00 00
EH van Pelt (Phil)233114852-6829.60 00
WF Keenan (SI)5134326115-7629.63 10
JW Muir (Phil)167111942-1129.75 00
A Lee (Mer)320016052-3232.00 00
CA Hoyle (SI)5003211-3232.00 00
WMR Crosman (Mer)7013311-1633.00 00
JB King (Phil)180211532-5238.33 00
HR Cartwright (Phil)171011631-338.66 00
JL Poyer (SI)17028021-1540.00 00
GF Bottomley (Fr)250120042-3550.00 00
FC Taylor (SI)14019811-4498.00 00
AJ Henry (Fr)140011911-17119.00 00
JH Scattergood (Mer)100120    
JN Henry (Fr)200150    
G Daugherty (Phil)100160    
RP Anderson (Ger)400210    
TR Currie (Fr)100260    
ET Rogers (Phil)300280    
AG Priestman (Ger)400300    
A Hunter (Phil)200310    
GT Hawley (Phil)500460    





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