Warwickshire Cricket League Premier Division 2006

 Points Table

06 May 2006  Kenilworth v Bedworth Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
06 May 2006  Old Edwardians v Nuneaton The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22567
13 May 2006  Atherstone Town v Old Edwardians Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc22568
13 May 2006  Moseley Ashfield v Kenilworth Yardley Wood Road, Moseley misc
20 May 2006  Kenilworth v Bronze Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
20 May 2006  Olton and West Warwickshire v Old Edwardians Grange Road, Olton misc22569a
20 May 2006  Pickwick Post and Mail v Nuneaton Windermere Road, Moseley misc57549a
27 May 2006  Marston Green v Kenilworth Bickenhill Road, Marston Green misc
27 May 2006  Old Edwardians v Highway The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22570a
29 May 2006  Kenilworth v Nuneaton Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
29 May 2006  Pickwick Post and Mail v Old Edwardians Windermere Road, Moseley misc22571
03 Jun 2006  Atherstone Town v Kenilworth Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc
03 Jun 2006  Old Edwardians v North Warwickshire The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22572
10 Jun 2006  Kenilworth v Old Edwardians Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc22573
17 Jun 2006  Highway v Kenilworth Fletchampstead Highway Ground, Coventry misc
17 Jun 2006  Old Edwardians v Bedworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22574
24 Jun 2006  Kenilworth v Pickwick Post and Mail Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
24 Jun 2006  Moseley Ashfield v Old Edwardians Yardley Wood Road, Moseley misc22575
01 Jul 2006  North Warwickshire v Kenilworth Hermitage Hill, Polesworth misc
01 Jul 2006  Old Edwardians v Bronze The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22576
08 Jul 2006  Kenilworth v Olton and West Warwickshire Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc137573
08 Jul 2006  Marston Green v Old Edwardians Bickenhill Road, Marston Green misc22577
15 Jul 2006  Bedworth v Kenilworth Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc137574
15 Jul 2006  Nuneaton v Old Edwardians Weddington Road, Nuneaton misc22578
22 Jul 2006  Kenilworth v Moseley Ashfield Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc137575
22 Jul 2006  Old Edwardians v Atherstone Town The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22579
29 Jul 2006  Bronze v Kenilworth The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc137576
29 Jul 2006  Old Edwardians v Olton and West Warwickshire The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22580
05 Aug 2006  Highway v Old Edwardians Fletchampstead Highway Ground, Coventry misc22581
05 Aug 2006  Kenilworth v Marston Green Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc137577
12 Aug 2006  Nuneaton v Kenilworth Weddington Road, Nuneaton misc
12 Aug 2006  Old Edwardians v Pickwick Post and Mail The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22582
19 Aug 2006  Kenilworth v Atherstone Town Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc
19 Aug 2006  North Warwickshire v Old Edwardians Hermitage Hill, Polesworth misc22583
26 Aug 2006  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22584
28 Aug 2006  Bedworth v Old Edwardians Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc22585
28 Aug 2006  Kenilworth v Highway Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc137581
02 Sep 2006  Old Edwardians v Moseley Ashfield The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22586a
02 Sep 2006  Pickwick Post and Mail v Kenilworth Windermere Road, Moseley misc
09 Sep 2006  Bronze v Old Edwardians The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc22587
09 Sep 2006  Kenilworth v North Warwickshire Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc137583
16 Sep 2006  Old Edwardians v Marston Green The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22588
16 Sep 2006  Olton and West Warwickshire v Kenilworth Grange Road, Olton misc137584





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