Bowling in Prudential Under-20 Tournament 1986/87 (Ordered by Average)

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PD Unwin (CD)002955-295.80 10
JTC Vaughan (Auck)003866-386.33 10
A Sherwood (Cant)002033-206.66 00
N Jackson (Cant)002133-217.00 00
J Gallagher (CD)005174-397.28 00
JP Millmow (Well)0087118-387.90 10
MH O'Rourke (CD)006984-258.62 00
HMR Richards (Cant)00131158-398.73 10
RK Brown (CD)002833-289.33 00
J Hall (Auck)002933-299.66 00
R Williams (Well)003133-3110.33 00
GF O'Reilly (Cant)00139114-4212.63 00
K Morey (ND)005144-5112.75 00
A Somani (ND)0011696-7012.88 10
PD Bleach (Ot)005544-5513.75 00
R Watts (ND)005644-5614.00 00
DLT Mills (Cant)004233-4214.00 00
ARC Fraser (Well)00204144-3614.57 00
BJ Barrett (Auck)0010274-7414.57 00
DJ Murray (Cant)007555-7515.00 10
MJ Kimber (Auck)007955-7915.80 10
SA Thomson (ND)006444-6416.00 00
A Gray (Ot)004933-4916.33 00
ML Su'a (ND)009963-4316.50 00
DJ Hunter (Ot)0018493-4520.44 00
L Bunyan (Auck)0014574-7820.71 00
B Gibson (Ot)008744-8721.75 00
S Le Prou (ND)0014063-5223.33 00
MC Goodson (CD)007233-7224.00 00
RL Packwood (ND)008133-8127.00 00
AT Reinholds (Auck)008333-8327.66 00
C Horne (Ot)0017263-7328.66 00





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