Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1975/76 (Ordered by Average)

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GJ Roberts (Well)80411-44.00 00
MJ Child (ND)4839183216-368.71 11
HM Morrison (Well)241911-99.00 00
WS Linn (Auck)14454753-199.40 00
EJ Gray (Well)50527115114-3010.45 00
CW Dickeson (ND)340119695-4010.66 10
PB Clayton (ND)3201111-211.00 00
WL Eddington (Cant)312119385-5711.62 10
JA Robertson (Auck)11216054-3112.00 00
SR Gillespie (ND)272810995-4212.11 10
GK MacDonald (CD)3314146126-7712.16 20
DW Bracewell (Cant)85028277215-6513.19 10
LJ Forde (Cant)416912595-3013.88 10
KF O'Sullivan (Well)46314169127-5114.08 11
PE McEwan (Cant)26579974-3914.14 00
RD Bennett (Auck)17656142-3215.25 00
DC Aberhart (CD)53224157104-7415.70 00
MF Gill (CD)320812884-4016.00 00
GJ Jones (Auck)15236641-1016.50 00
GC Bateman (Cant)13925132-117.00 00
WS Martin (Ot)3041112273-2417.42 00
GS Lynch (Well)3781312473-3817.71 00
LG McAlevey (Ot)3142179104-10717.90 00
MA Bracewell (Ot)256510864-2918.00 00
PN Bentley (Well)288125433-2718.00 00
MD Cruickshank (ND)3281213873-2819.71 00
RI Thomas (CD)23887942-2519.75 00
RJ Hill (Ot)13626032-3220.00 00
G Cook (CD)20068243-4220.50 00
NP Henderson (Auck)16046232-3520.66 00
MJ Brooke (ND)13636733-4822.33 00
CJ Ross (Well)304109142-922.75 00
J Bell (Auck)20029942-2424.75 00
BJ McKechnie (Ot)4001613654-5227.20 00
CM Kuggeleijn (ND)6432811-2828.00 00
CG Marks (Cant)12425721-828.50 00
K Paul (ND)15286121-030.50 00
PA Fairhead (Auck)280213342-1833.25 00
DH Barker (Auck)8805311-3153.00 00
PD Meads (Auck)8100    
TL Powell (Well)8010    
MG Schrafft (Auck)16110    
PN Webb (Auck)8020    
MM Burtt (Cant)24220    
RH Vance (Well)16040    
JM Chitty (ND)8070    
BA Edgar (Well)16070    
GB Smith (Cant)320100    
RW Ormiston (CD)321150    
R McMillan (Ot)241180    





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