The Lake Garage Central Lancashire League 2008

27 Apr 2008  Crompton v Norden Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8784
27 Apr 2008  #Middleton v Ashton-under-Lyne Towncroft, Middleton cll8785
27 Apr 2008  Milnrow v Royton Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8786
27 Apr 2008  Monton and Weaste v Oldham Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8787
27 Apr 2008  #Radcliffe v Littleborough The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8788
27 Apr 2008  Unsworth v Heywood Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8789
27 Apr 2008  #Walsden v Clifton Scott Street, Walsden cll8790
27 Apr 2008  Werneth v Rochdale The Coppice, Oldham cll8791
03 May 2008  Crompton v Ashton-under-Lyne Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8792
03 May 2008  #Middleton v Oldham Towncroft, Middleton cll8793
03 May 2008  Milnrow v Clifton Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8794
03 May 2008  Monton and Weaste v Littleborough Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8795
03 May 2008  #Radcliffe v Norden The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8796
03 May 2008  #Unsworth v Rochdale Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8797
03 May 2008  Walsden v Royton Scott Street, Walsden cll8798
03 May 2008  Werneth v Heywood The Coppice, Oldham cll8799
04 May 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Monton and Weaste Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8800
04 May 2008  Clifton v Werneth Manchester Road, Clifton cll8801
04 May 2008  Heywood v Milnrow The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8802
04 May 2008  Littleborough v Crompton Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8803
04 May 2008  Norden v Middleton Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8804
04 May 2008  Oldham v Radcliffe The Pollards, Oldham cll8805
04 May 2008  Rochdale v Walsden Redbrook, Rochdale cll8806
04 May 2008  Royton v Unsworth The Paddock, Royton cll8807
10 May 2008  #Clifton v Oldham Manchester Road, Clifton cll8808
10 May 2008  Heywood v Ashton-under-Lyne The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8809
10 May 2008  Milnrow v Radcliffe Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8810
10 May 2008  #Rochdale v Monton and Weaste Redbrook, Rochdale cll8811
10 May 2008  Royton v Crompton The Paddock, Royton cll8812
10 May 2008  #Unsworth v Norden Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8813
10 May 2008  #Walsden v Middleton Scott Street, Walsden cll8814
10 May 2008  Werneth v Littleborough The Coppice, Oldham cll8815
17 May 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Radcliffe Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8816
17 May 2008  #Clifton v Unsworth Manchester Road, Clifton cll8817
17 May 2008  #Heywood v Walsden The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8818
17 May 2008  Littleborough v Middleton Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8819
17 May 2008  Norden v Monton and Weaste Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8820
17 May 2008  #Oldham v Crompton The Pollards, Oldham cll8821
17 May 2008  Rochdale v Milnrow Redbrook, Rochdale cll8822
17 May 2008  Royton v Werneth The Paddock, Royton cll8823
18 May 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Clifton Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8824
18 May 2008  Crompton v Milnrow Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8825
18 May 2008  Littleborough v Rochdale Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8826
18 May 2008  #Middleton v Werneth Towncroft, Middleton cll8827
18 May 2008  Monton and Weaste v Walsden Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8828
18 May 2008  #Norden v Heywood Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8829
18 May 2008  Oldham v Royton The Pollards, Oldham cll8830
18 May 2008  #Radcliffe v Unsworth The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8831
24 May 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Werneth Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8832
24 May 2008  #Crompton v Rochdale Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8833
24 May 2008  Littleborough v Royton Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8834
24 May 2008  #Middleton v Unsworth Towncroft, Middleton cll8835
24 May 2008  Monton and Weaste v Milnrow Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8836
24 May 2008  #Norden v Clifton Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8837
24 May 2008  #Oldham v Walsden The Pollards, Oldham cll8838
24 May 2008  #Radcliffe v Heywood The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8839
25 May 2008  #Clifton v Crompton Manchester Road, Clifton cll8840
25 May 2008  #Heywood v Monton and Weaste The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8841
25 May 2008  Milnrow v Ashton-under-Lyne Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8842
25 May 2008  #Rochdale v Middleton Redbrook, Rochdale cll8843
25 May 2008  Royton v Radcliffe The Paddock, Royton cll8844
25 May 2008  #Unsworth v Oldham Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8845
25 May 2008  Walsden v Littleborough Scott Street, Walsden cll8846
25 May 2008  #Werneth v Norden The Coppice, Oldham cll8847
31 May 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Littleborough Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8848
31 May 2008  #Clifton v Heywood Manchester Road, Clifton cll8849
31 May 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Crompton Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8850
31 May 2008  #Norden v Oldham Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8851
31 May 2008  #Radcliffe v Middleton The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8852
31 May 2008  Royton v Rochdale The Paddock, Royton cll8853
31 May 2008  #Walsden v Unsworth Scott Street, Walsden cll8854
31 May 2008  Werneth v Milnrow The Coppice, Oldham cll8855
07 Jun 2008  #Crompton v Radcliffe Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8861
07 Jun 2008  Heywood v Royton The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8862
07 Jun 2008  Littleborough v Norden Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8863
07 Jun 2008  #Middleton v Monton and Weaste Towncroft, Middleton cll8864
07 Jun 2008  Milnrow v Walsden Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8865
07 Jun 2008  Oldham v Ashton-under-Lyne The Pollards, Oldham cll8866
07 Jun 2008  Rochdale v Clifton Redbrook, Rochdale cll8867
07 Jun 2008  #Unsworth v Werneth Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8868
14 Jun 2008  Clifton v Littleborough Manchester Road, Clifton cll8869
14 Jun 2008  #Heywood v Crompton The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8870
14 Jun 2008  Milnrow v Norden Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8871
14 Jun 2008  #Rochdale v Oldham Redbrook, Rochdale cll8872
14 Jun 2008  Royton v Middleton The Paddock, Royton cll8873
14 Jun 2008  #Unsworth v Monton and Weaste Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8874
14 Jun 2008  Walsden v Ashton-under-Lyne Scott Street, Walsden cll8875
14 Jun 2008  #Werneth v Radcliffe The Coppice, Oldham cll8876
15 Jun 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Milnrow Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8877
15 Jun 2008  #Crompton v Walsden Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8878
15 Jun 2008  Littleborough v Unsworth Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8879
15 Jun 2008  #Middleton v Heywood Towncroft, Middleton cll8880
15 Jun 2008  Monton and Weaste v Rochdale Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8881
15 Jun 2008  Norden v Werneth Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8882
15 Jun 2008  Oldham v Clifton The Pollards, Oldham cll8883
15 Jun 2008  Radcliffe v Royton The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8884
21 Jun 2008  #Clifton v Norden Manchester Road, Clifton cll8885
21 Jun 2008  #Heywood v Radcliffe The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8886
21 Jun 2008  Milnrow v Monton and Weaste Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8887
21 Jun 2008  #Rochdale v Crompton Redbrook, Rochdale cll8888
21 Jun 2008  Royton v Littleborough The Paddock, Royton cll8889
21 Jun 2008  #Unsworth v Middleton Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8890
21 Jun 2008  Walsden v Oldham Scott Street, Walsden cll8891
21 Jun 2008  Werneth v Ashton-under-Lyne The Coppice, Oldham cll8892
28 Jun 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Royton Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8899
28 Jun 2008  #Crompton v Clifton Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8900
28 Jun 2008  Littleborough v Heywood Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8901
28 Jun 2008  #Middleton v Rochdale Towncroft, Middleton cll8902
28 Jun 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Unsworth Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8903
28 Jun 2008  #Norden v Walsden Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8904
28 Jun 2008  Oldham v Milnrow The Pollards, Oldham cll8905
28 Jun 2008  #Radcliffe v Werneth The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8906
29 Jun 2008  #Clifton v Radcliffe Manchester Road, Clifton cll8907
29 Jun 2008  Heywood v Middleton The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8908
29 Jun 2008  Milnrow v Littleborough Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8909
29 Jun 2008  #Rochdale v Norden Redbrook, Rochdale cll8910
29 Jun 2008  Royton v Monton and Weaste The Paddock, Royton cll8911
29 Jun 2008  Unsworth v Ashton-under-Lyne Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8912
29 Jun 2008  #Walsden v Crompton Scott Street, Walsden cll8913
29 Jun 2008  #Werneth v Oldham The Coppice, Oldham cll8914
05 Jul 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Rochdale Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8915
05 Jul 2008  #Crompton v Unsworth Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8916
05 Jul 2008  Littleborough v Clifton Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8917
05 Jul 2008  Middleton v Milnrow Towncroft, Middleton cll8918
05 Jul 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Werneth Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8919
05 Jul 2008  Norden v Royton Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8920
05 Jul 2008  #Oldham v Heywood The Pollards, Oldham cll8921
05 Jul 2008  #Radcliffe v Walsden The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8922
12 Jul 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Norden Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8926
12 Jul 2008  Clifton v Royton Manchester Road, Clifton cll8927
12 Jul 2008  #Littleborough v Oldham Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8928
12 Jul 2008  #Middleton v Crompton Towncroft, Middleton cll8929
12 Jul 2008  #Radcliffe v Monton and Weaste The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8930
12 Jul 2008  Rochdale v Heywood Redbrook, Rochdale cll8931
12 Jul 2008  Unsworth v Milnrow Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8932
12 Jul 2008  #Walsden v Werneth Scott Street, Walsden cll8933
19 Jul 2008  Crompton v Middleton Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8934
19 Jul 2008  Heywood v Rochdale The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8935
19 Jul 2008  Milnrow v Unsworth Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8936
19 Jul 2008  Monton and Weaste v Radcliffe Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8937
19 Jul 2008  Norden v Ashton-under-Lyne Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8938
19 Jul 2008  #Oldham v Littleborough The Pollards, Oldham cll8939
19 Jul 2008  Royton v Clifton The Paddock, Royton cll8940
19 Jul 2008  Werneth v Walsden The Coppice, Oldham cll8941
26 Jul 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Crompton Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8942
26 Jul 2008  Clifton v Milnrow Manchester Road, Clifton cll8943
26 Jul 2008  #Heywood v Werneth The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8944
26 Jul 2008  Littleborough v Monton and Weaste Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8945
26 Jul 2008  #Norden v Radcliffe Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8946
26 Jul 2008  #Oldham v Middleton The Pollards, Oldham cll8947
26 Jul 2008  #Rochdale v Unsworth Redbrook, Rochdale cll8948
26 Jul 2008  Royton v Walsden The Paddock, Royton cll8949
27 Jul 2008  #Crompton v Oldham Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8950
27 Jul 2008  #Middleton v Littleborough Towncroft, Middleton cll8951
27 Jul 2008  Milnrow v Rochdale Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8952
27 Jul 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Norden Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8953
27 Jul 2008  Radcliffe v Ashton-under-Lyne The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8954
27 Jul 2008  #Unsworth v Clifton Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8955
27 Jul 2008  #Walsden v Heywood Scott Street, Walsden cll8956
27 Jul 2008  Werneth v Royton The Coppice, Oldham cll8957
02 Aug 2008  Crompton v Monton and Weaste Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8958
02 Aug 2008  #Heywood v Clifton The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8959
02 Aug 2008  Littleborough v Ashton-under-Lyne Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8960
02 Aug 2008  #Middleton v Radcliffe Towncroft, Middleton cll8961
02 Aug 2008  Milnrow v Werneth Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8962
02 Aug 2008  #Oldham v Norden The Pollards, Oldham cll8963
02 Aug 2008  Rochdale v Royton Redbrook, Rochdale cll8964
02 Aug 2008  #Unsworth v Walsden Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8965
09 Aug 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Oldham Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8967
09 Aug 2008  Clifton v Rochdale Manchester Road, Clifton cll8968
09 Aug 2008  Monton and Weaste v Middleton Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8969
09 Aug 2008  Norden v Littleborough Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8970
09 Aug 2008  Radcliffe v Crompton The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8971
09 Aug 2008  Royton v Heywood The Paddock, Royton cll8972
09 Aug 2008  Walsden v Milnrow Scott Street, Walsden cll8973
09 Aug 2008  Werneth v Unsworth The Coppice, Oldham cll8974
16 Aug 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Walsden Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8975
16 Aug 2008  #Crompton v Heywood Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll8976
16 Aug 2008  #Littleborough v Werneth Hare Hill, Littleborough cll8977
16 Aug 2008  #Middleton v Clifton Towncroft, Middleton cll8978
16 Aug 2008  Monton and Weaste v Royton Welbeck Road, Eccles cll8979
16 Aug 2008  Norden v Milnrow Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll8980
16 Aug 2008  #Oldham v Unsworth The Pollards, Oldham cll8981
16 Aug 2008  #Radcliffe v Rochdale The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll8982
17 Aug 2008  Clifton v Ashton-under-Lyne Manchester Road, Clifton cll8983
17 Aug 2008  #Heywood v Norden The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8984
17 Aug 2008  Milnrow v Middleton Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8985
17 Aug 2008  Rochdale v Littleborough Redbrook, Rochdale cll8986
17 Aug 2008  Royton v Oldham The Paddock, Royton cll8987
17 Aug 2008  Unsworth v Radcliffe Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8988
17 Aug 2008  #Walsden v Monton and Weaste Scott Street, Walsden cll8989
17 Aug 2008  #Werneth v Crompton The Coppice, Oldham cll8990
23 Aug 2008  #Clifton v Monton and Weaste Manchester Road, Clifton cll8991
23 Aug 2008  #Heywood v Oldham The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll8992
23 Aug 2008  Milnrow v Crompton Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll8993
23 Aug 2008  Rochdale v Ashton-under-Lyne Redbrook, Rochdale cll8994
23 Aug 2008  Royton v Norden The Paddock, Royton cll8995
23 Aug 2008  Unsworth v Littleborough Pole Lane, Unsworth cll8996
23 Aug 2008  #Walsden v Radcliffe Scott Street, Walsden cll8997
23 Aug 2008  #Werneth v Middleton The Coppice, Oldham cll8998
24 Aug 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Unsworth Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll8999
24 Aug 2008  Crompton v Royton Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll9000
24 Aug 2008  Littleborough v Milnrow Hare Hill, Littleborough cll9001
24 Aug 2008  Middleton v Walsden Towncroft, Middleton cll9002
24 Aug 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Heywood Welbeck Road, Eccles cll9003
24 Aug 2008  Norden v Rochdale Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll9004
24 Aug 2008  #Oldham v Werneth The Pollards, Oldham cll9005
24 Aug 2008  #Radcliffe v Clifton The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll9006
31 Aug 2008  #Ashton-under-Lyne v Middleton Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll9007
31 Aug 2008  #Clifton v Walsden Manchester Road, Clifton cll9008
31 Aug 2008  #Heywood v Unsworth The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll9009
31 Aug 2008  #Littleborough v Radcliffe Hare Hill, Littleborough cll9010
31 Aug 2008  #Norden v Crompton Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll9011
31 Aug 2008  #Oldham v Monton and Weaste The Pollards, Oldham cll9012
31 Aug 2008  #Rochdale v Werneth Redbrook, Rochdale cll9013
31 Aug 2008  Royton v Milnrow The Paddock, Royton cll9014
06 Sep 2008  Clifton v Middleton Manchester Road, Clifton cll9015
06 Sep 2008  Heywood v Littleborough The Crimble Ground, Heywood cll9016
06 Sep 2008  Milnrow v Oldham Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll9017
06 Sep 2008  Rochdale v Radcliffe Redbrook, Rochdale cll9018
06 Sep 2008  Royton v Ashton-under-Lyne The Paddock, Royton cll9019
06 Sep 2008  Unsworth v Crompton Pole Lane, Unsworth cll9020
06 Sep 2008  Walsden v Norden Scott Street, Walsden cll9021
06 Sep 2008  Werneth v Monton and Weaste The Coppice, Oldham cll9022
07 Sep 2008  Ashton-under-Lyne v Heywood Rayner Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne cll9023
07 Sep 2008  Crompton v Werneth Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll9024
07 Sep 2008  Littleborough v Walsden Hare Hill, Littleborough cll9025
07 Sep 2008  Middleton v Royton Towncroft, Middleton cll9026
07 Sep 2008  Monton and Weaste v Clifton Welbeck Road, Eccles cll9027
07 Sep 2008  #Norden v Unsworth Woodhouse Lane, Norden cll9028
07 Sep 2008  Oldham v Rochdale The Pollards, Oldham cll9029
07 Sep 2008  Radcliffe v Milnrow The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll9030
14 Sep 2008  #Crompton v Littleborough Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham cll9031
14 Sep 2008  #Middleton v Norden Towncroft, Middleton cll9032
14 Sep 2008  Milnrow v Heywood Ladyhouse, Milnrow cll9033
14 Sep 2008  #Monton and Weaste v Ashton-under-Lyne Welbeck Road, Eccles cll9034
14 Sep 2008  #Radcliffe v Oldham The Racecourse, Radcliffe cll9035
14 Sep 2008  Unsworth v Royton Pole Lane, Unsworth cll9036
14 Sep 2008  #Walsden v Rochdale Scott Street, Walsden cll9037
14 Sep 2008  #Werneth v Clifton The Coppice, Oldham cll9038

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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