Whitney Moore Keller League Section A 2002

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

08 Jun 2002  Malahide v Merrion The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44183
09 Jun 2002  CYM v Pembroke Terenure, Dublin misc44185
09 Jun 2002  Malahide v North County The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44186a
09 Jun 2002  Phoenix v Merrion Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44187
20 Jun 2002  North County v Merrion The Inch, Dublin misc44188
23 Jun 2002  Malahide v CYM The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44190
29 Jun 2002  Clontarf v Phoenix Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44192
29 Jun 2002  CYM v Merrion Terenure, Dublin misc44193
30 Jun 2002  CYM v Phoenix Terenure, Dublin misc44195
11 Jul 2002  Merrion v Clontarf Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44199
20 Jul 2002  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44201
20 Jul 2002  Phoenix v Clontarf Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44203
21 Jul 2002  Clontarf v CYM Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44206
28 Jul 2002  Merrion v CYM Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44212
28 Jul 2002  North County v Clontarf The Inch, Dublin misc44213
28 Jul 2002  Pembroke v Phoenix Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44214
04 Aug 2002  CYM v Malahide Terenure, Dublin misc44215
05 Aug 2002  Clontarf v Malahide Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44217
05 Aug 2002  Merrion v Phoenix Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44219
05 Aug 2002  North County v Pembroke The Inch, Dublin misc44221
10 Aug 2002  Pembroke v Merrion Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44223
11 Aug 2002  CYM v North County Terenure, Dublin misc44225
11 Aug 2002  Malahide v Phoenix The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44226
11 Aug 2002  Pembroke v Clontarf Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44228
17 Aug 2002  Clontarf v Merrion Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44229
17 Aug 2002  Malahide v Pembroke The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44231
17 Aug 2002  Phoenix v CYM Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44232
18 Aug 2002  North County v Phoenix The Inch, Dublin misc44234
18 Aug 2002  Pembroke v Malahide Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44235
24 Aug 2002  Clontarf v Pembroke Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44238
24 Aug 2002  Merrion v Malahide Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44240
24 Aug 2002  Phoenix v North County Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44242
25 Aug 2002  CYM v Clontarf Terenure, Dublin misc44244
25 Aug 2002  Pembroke v North County Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44246
31 Aug 2002  Malahide v Clontarf The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc44248
31 Aug 2002  Merrion v North County Anglesea Road, Dublin misc44249
01 Sep 2002  North County v CYM The Inch, Dublin misc44253
01 Sep 2002  Phoenix v Pembroke Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44254
07 Sep 2002  North County v Malahide The Inch, Dublin misc44260
08 Sep 2002  Pembroke v CYM Sydney Parade, Dublin misc44263
08 Sep 2002  Phoenix v Malahide Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin misc44264
14 Sep 2002  Clontarf v North County Castle Avenue, Dublin misc44265





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