Whitney Moore Keller League Section B 2005

 Points Table
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29 May 2005  YMCA v The Hills Claremont Road, Dublin misc43914
04 Jun 2005  Leinster v The Hills Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43915
06 Jun 2005  Old Belvedere v Railway Union Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43917
12 Jun 2005  Merrion v Leinster Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43918
12 Jun 2005  Old Belvedere v Pembroke Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43920
12 Jun 2005  The Hills v YMCA The Vineyard, Dublin misc43922
25 Jun 2005  Leinster v Pembroke Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43923
26 Jun 2005  Railway Union v Old Belvedere Park Avenue, Dublin misc43925
02 Jul 2005  Old Belvedere v Leinster Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43926
03 Jul 2005  Pembroke v Merrion Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43927
10 Jul 2005  Railway Union v Pembroke Park Avenue, Dublin misc43929
16 Jul 2005  The Hills v Leinster The Vineyard, Dublin misc43930
16 Jul 2005  YMCA v Pembroke Claremont Road, Dublin misc43931
17 Jul 2005  Leinster v Merrion Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43932
17 Jul 2005  YMCA v Railway Union Claremont Road, Dublin misc43936
24 Jul 2005  Leinster v Railway Union Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43937
24 Jul 2005  YMCA v Old Belvedere Claremont Road, Dublin misc43940
25 Jul 2005  The Hills v Old Belvedere The Vineyard, Dublin misc43941
01 Aug 2005  Merrion v Railway Union Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43943
01 Aug 2005  Old Belvedere v The Hills Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43945
01 Aug 2005  Pembroke v YMCA Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43946
06 Aug 2005  The Hills v Pembroke The Vineyard, Dublin misc43948
06 Aug 2005  YMCA v Leinster Claremont Road, Dublin misc43949
13 Aug 2005  Merrion v Old Belvedere Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43955
13 Aug 2005  Pembroke v Leinster Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43957
13 Aug 2005  The Hills v Railway Union The Vineyard, Dublin misc43959
14 Aug 2005  Leinster v YMCA Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43960
14 Aug 2005  Old Belvedere v Merrion Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43961
20 Aug 2005  Old Belvedere v YMCA Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43965
20 Aug 2005  Pembroke v The Hills Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43966
20 Aug 2005  Railway Union v Merrion Park Avenue, Dublin misc43967
21 Aug 2005  Railway Union v YMCA Park Avenue, Dublin misc43969
25 Aug 2005  YMCA v Merrion Claremont Road, Dublin misc43970
27 Aug 2005  Merrion v YMCA Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43972
27 Aug 2005  Pembroke v Old Belvedere Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43974
28 Aug 2005  Merrion v The Hills Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43977
03 Sep 2005  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43980
03 Sep 2005  Railway Union v The Hills Park Avenue, Dublin misc43983
09 Sep 2005  Railway Union v Leinster Park Avenue, Dublin misc43986a
10 Sep 2005  Leinster v Old Belvedere Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43988
10 Sep 2005  The Hills v Merrion The Vineyard, Dublin misc43991
11 Sep 2005  Pembroke v Railway Union Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43992





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