Whitney Moore League Section B 2006

 Points Table
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04 Jun 2006  Munster Reds v Railway Union Mardyke, Cork misc43796
10 Jun 2006  Old Belvedere v Munster Reds Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43801
10 Jun 2006  Pembroke v Merrion Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43802
10 Jun 2006  Railway Union v Leinster Park Avenue, Dublin misc43804
24 Jun 2006  CYM v Merrion Terenure, Dublin misc43806
24 Jun 2006  Leinster v Munster Reds Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43807
24 Jun 2006  Old Belvedere v Pembroke Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43808
01 Jul 2006  Leinster v CYM Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43810
01 Jul 2006  Merrion v Old Belvedere Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43811
01 Jul 2006  Pembroke v Railway Union Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43812
08 Jul 2006  Pembroke v CYM Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43813
16 Jul 2006  CYM v Railway Union Terenure, Dublin misc43814
16 Jul 2006  Munster Reds v Merrion Mardyke, Cork misc43815
16 Jul 2006  Old Belvedere v Leinster Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43816
22 Jul 2006  CYM v Old Belvedere Terenure, Dublin misc43820
23 Jul 2006  CYM v Munster Reds Terenure, Dublin misc43821
23 Jul 2006  Pembroke v Leinster Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43823
23 Jul 2006  Railway Union v Merrion Park Avenue, Dublin misc43825
30 Jul 2006  Leinster v Old Belvedere Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43828
30 Jul 2006  Merrion v Munster Reds Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43830
30 Jul 2006  Railway Union v CYM Park Avenue, Dublin misc43832
05 Aug 2006  Merrion v Leinster Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43835
05 Aug 2006  Munster Reds v Pembroke Mardyke, Cork misc43836
05 Aug 2006  Old Belvedere v Railway Union Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43837
13 Aug 2006  CYM v Leinster Terenure, Dublin misc43840
13 Aug 2006  Pembroke v Old Belvedere Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43841
13 Aug 2006  Railway Union v Munster Reds Park Avenue, Dublin misc43842
26 Aug 2006  CYM v Pembroke Terenure, Dublin misc43847
26 Aug 2006  Leinster v Merrion Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43848
26 Aug 2006  Railway Union v Old Belvedere Park Avenue, Dublin misc43850
27 Aug 2006  Merrion v Railway Union Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43854
27 Aug 2006  Old Belvedere v CYM Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43878
27 Aug 2006  Pembroke v Munster Reds Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43855
03 Sep 2006  Leinster v Pembroke Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43866
03 Sep 2006  Munster Reds v CYM Mardyke, Cork misc43910a
03 Sep 2006  Old Belvedere v Merrion Cabra Oval, Dublin misc43862
09 Sep 2006  Merrion v CYM Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43867
09 Sep 2006  Munster Reds v Leinster Mardyke, Cork misc43868
09 Sep 2006  Railway Union v Pembroke Park Avenue, Dublin misc43870
16 Sep 2006  Leinster v Railway Union Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43872
16 Sep 2006  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin misc43873
16 Sep 2006  Munster Reds v Old Belvedere Mardyke, Cork misc43874





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