National Under-18 Tournament 2010/11 Table

1Auckland Under-18s8132000101127
2Northern Districts Under-18s8023001020125
3Canterbury Under-18s8012002120016
4Central Districts Under-18s8012002102113
5Wellington Under-18s8020001311111
6Otago Under-18s800010330100
Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won (W): 6
Won limited overs match (WLO): 4
Won twenty20 match (WT20): 4
Lost (L): 0
Lost but won on 1st innings (LWF): 2
Lost limited overs match (LLO): 0
Lost twenty20 match (LT20): 0
Won on 1st innings in drawn match (DWF): 2
Lost on 1st innings in drawn match (DLF): 0
Bonus Points (BP)
Total points (Pts)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Total points





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