Derbyshire County Cricket League Division Eight South 2018 Table

1Burton Second XI19227020012001001129160354
2Melbourne Town Second XI20236070000010010025310328
4Mickleover Second XI17119040000000002017140295
5Walton-on-Trent Second XI19314070001001010130270274
6Uttoxeter Second XI17304041102001000127280272
7Dunstall Third XI16403070000010000119140217
8Hilton Second XI191140110000010100023360207
9Alrewas Third XI17203090000000002121220181
10Quarndon Fourth XI171100111000000020133200123
11Lullington Park Third XI191010150000000010128300114
Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won batting first (WBF): 27
Won batting second having lost the toss (WBSL): 27
Won batting second having won the toss (WBSW): 22
Tied (T): 8
Lost (L): 0
Winning draw (DW): 8
Winning draw range 2 (DW2): 9
Winning draw range 3 (DW3): 10
Winning draw range 4 (DW4): 11
Tied draw (DT): 8
Losing draw (DL): 4
Losing draw range 2 (DL2): 3
Losing draw range 3 (DL3): 2
Losing draw range 4 (DL4): 1
No Decision on 1st innings (ND): 6
Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 6
Batting Bonus Points (BatBP)
Bowling Bonus Points (BowBP)
Adjustments (carried forward/fines/penalty points) (Adj)
Total points (Pts)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Total points





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