Tournaments in Uganda

East African Protectorate in Uganda 1913/14
Other matches in Uganda 1952
Other matches in Uganda 1952/53
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1952/53
Lowis Cup 1953
Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhana in Uganda 1953
Kenya Kongonis in Uganda 1953/54
Other matches in Uganda 1953/54
Tanganyika in Uganda 1953/54
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1953/54
Kenya in Uganda 1954/55
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1954/55
Other matches in Uganda 1955/56
Tanganyika in Uganda 1955/56
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1955/56
Pakistan Cricket Writers' XI in East Africa 1956
Kenya in Uganda 1956/57
Other matches in Uganda 1956/57
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1956/57
Marylebone Cricket Club in East Africa 1957/58
Sazen Cup 1957/58
Sunder Cricket Club in East Africa 1957/58
Tanganyika in Uganda 1957/58
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1957/58
Kenya in Uganda 1958/59
South African Non-Europeans in East Africa 1958/59
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1958/59
Sazen Cup 1959/60
Tanganyika in Uganda 1959/60
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1959/60
Gujarat Cricket Association President's XI in East Africa 1960/61
Kenya in Uganda 1960/61
Sazen Cup 1960/61
Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1960/61
Tanganyika in Uganda 1961
FR Brown's XI in East Africa 1961/62
Kenya in Uganda 1962
Tanganyika in Uganda 1963
Marylebone Cricket Club in East Africa 1963/64
Pakistan International Airlines in East Africa 1964
India in East Africa 1967
International XI World Tour 1967/68
Warwickshire in East Africa 1967/68
London Schools Under-17s in East Africa 1969
Cricket Club of India in East Africa 1970
East African Quadrangular Tournament 1970
Hyderabad Blues in East Africa 1971
East African Quadrangular Tournament 1975/76
Marylebone Cricket Club in East and Central Africa 1998/99
Africa Under-19 Championship 2000/01
East Africa Under-17 Championship 2001/02
East African Women's Championship 2002
Marylebone Cricket Club in Namibia and Uganda 2004/05
Nomads in East Africa 2004/05
ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2005
Kenya Afripals in Uganda 2007/08
Marylebone Cricket Club in Uganda 2007/08
Africa Under-17 Championship 2008
Women's African Under-15s Championship 2009/10
Kenya A in Uganda 2010
Rwanda in Uganda 2010/11
ICC World Cricket League Africa Region Division One Twenty20 2011
East Africa Premier League 2011/12
East African Cup 2011/12
Pepsi ICC Africa Women's T20 Tournament 2011/12
Rwanda in Uganda 2011/12
East Africa Premier League 2012
East African Cup 2012
ICC Africa Women's Under-19 Championship 2012/13
ICC World Cricket League Africa Region Division One Twenty20 2012/13
Kenya Women in Uganda 2012/13
ICC Africa Under-19 Division One Championship 2013
Marylebone Cricket Club in Uganda 2013/14
ICC World Cricket League Division Three 2017





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