Lanehead, Bacup - Centuries in Lancashire League matches

158*WE AlleyColne v Bacup1951ll10300
154*ED WeekesBacup v Nelson1949ll9921
150*ED WeekesBacup v Todmorden1956ll11134
149  H CrabtreeColne v Bacup1913ll3916
149  ED WeekesBacup v Rawtenstall1949ll9904
147*ED WeekesBacup v Todmorden1952ll10383
144*CL CairnsBacup v Haslingden2006ll20223
143*ED WeekesBacup v Church1956ll11132
142*ED WeekesBacup v Rishton1951ll10205
140  BP NashEast Lancashire v Bacup2009ll20895
136*AJ RichardsonBacup v Accrington1929ll6334
135  S YoungBacup v Lowerhouse2001ll19294
134  RA HarperBacup v Enfield1994ll18139
132*ED WeekesBacup v Accrington1951ll10200
127*ED WeekesBacup v Nelson1956ll11085
127  Mudassar NazarBurnley v Bacup1985ll16366
126  Sarfraz NawazNelson v Bacup1973ll14273
124*ED WeekesBacup v East Lancashire1952ll10445
123  S EntwistleBacup v Church1952ll10415
123*RA HarperBacup v Accrington1994ll18095
118*ED WeekesBacup v Lowerhouse1954ll10784
117*Ikram ElahiBacup v Lowerhouse1965ll12818
117  JG JonesBacup v Todmorden1976ll14797
116*ED WeekesBacup v Burnley1952ll10521
116  ED WeekesBacup v Rishton1953ll10617
116  ED WeekesBacup v East Lancashire1954ll10878
116*D UsherBacup v Enfield1988ll17074
115*ED WeekesBacup v Haslingden1952ll10493
115  SC WundkeBacup v Lowerhouse1987ll16731
114*ED WeekesBacup v Rishton1952ll10475
114*ED WeekesBacup v Nelson1958ll11496
114*RA HarperBacup v Colne1992ll17648
114  JL ClareBurnley v Bacup2005ll20128
113*SF BarnesChurch v Bacup1904ll2210
113  G ParkerHaslingden v Bacup1908ll2973
113*ED WeekesBacup v Nelson1953ll10696
113  AJ SielerAccrington v Bacup1973ll14244
113*JC PetersonBacup v Burnley1997ll18551
113*S YoungBacup v Nelson2003ll19649
113  A PayneRawtenstall v Bacup2010ll20945
112  AJ RichardsonBacup v Rishton1929ll6345
111  R WhiteheadRishton v Bacup1929ll6345
111*E CooperBacup v Rishton1940ll8348
111*ED WeekesBacup v Todmorden1951ll10255
111  ED WeekesBacup v Colne1951ll10300
111  S EntwistleBacup v East Lancashire1959ll11797
111*CG BordeRawtenstall v Bacup1961ll12078
111  IJ BrayshawBacup v Todmorden1969ll13531
111*RA HarperBacup v Ramsbottom1989ll17137
111*RA HarperBacup v Nelson1990ll17367
111  BA JohnsonColne v Bacup1996ll18404
110  JC ScuderiNelson v Bacup2002ll19523
109*RB SimpsonAccrington v Bacup1959ll11769
109  S YoungBacup v East Lancashire2001ll19348
109  S YoungBacup v Rishton2003ll19692
108*CH ParkinChurch v Bacup1912ll3704
108  AJ RichardsonBacup v Rishton1930ll6539
108  ED WeekesBacup v Haslingden1951ll10211
108*ED WeekesBacup v Accrington1954ll10838
108*RA HarperBacup v Haslingden1995ll18298
107  PH CarlsonBacup v Rishton1973ll14301
107*CZ HarrisBacup v Rishton2007ll20413
106*J MidgleyBacup v Haslingden1929ll6419
106  ED WeekesBacup v Rawtenstall1958ll11548
106  TM FarragherBacup v Rawtenstall2005ll20051
105*AJ RichardsonBacup v Rawtenstall1929ll6362
105*CL McCoolEast Lancashire v Bacup1954ll10878
104  S CooperBacup v Todmorden1948ll9665
104  SH EdmundsonChurch v Bacup1956ll11132
104*ALF de MelBacup v Burnley1985ll16366
104  DS MorganLowerhouse v Bacup1990ll17424
104*RA HarperBacup v Lowerhouse1995ll18271
104*S YoungBacup v Colne2003ll19720
103  H CloughBacup v Haslingden1904ll2243
103*ED WeekesBacup v Ramsbottom1951ll10281
103  JC PetersonBacup v Todmorden1997ll18663
102  JW DunhamBacup v Ramsbottom1955ll10955
102*S JayasingheColne v Bacup1960ll11823
102*HA GomesNelson v Bacup1977ll14987
102*RA HarperBacup v Lowerhouse1994ll18061
102  AR SwanepoelBacup v Burnley2013ll21561
101*R BennettColne v Bacup1916ll4365
101*GA HeadleyBacup v Nelson1950ll10025
101*SM NurseRamsbottom v Bacup1962ll12276
101*AL MannBacup v East Lancashire1972ll14014
101*G BarlowRawtenstall v Bacup1983ll16079
101*SC WundkeBacup v Colne1987ll16773
101*RA HarperBacup v Church1994ll18033
100*H HoldenHaslingden v Bacup1947ll9574
100  BF ButcherBacup v Burnley1964ll12551
100*RA HarperBacup v Burnley1993ll17977
100  RA HarperBacup v Todmorden1994ll18110
100*KLT ArthurtonRamsbottom v Bacup1994ll18145
100*S YoungBacup v Burnley2003ll19762
100*JT McGregorBacup v Todmorden2012ll21436





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