Lanehead, Bacup - Highest Team Totals in Lancashire League matches

321-4Burnley v Bacup2010ll20910
297-5Colne v Bacup2010ll20993
287-4Bacup v Burnley2003ll19762
279-9Colne v Bacup1913ll3916
277-4Bacup v Enfield1994ll18139
272-5Rawtenstall v Bacup2010ll20945
264-4Burnley v Bacup2005ll20128
263-3Bacup v Accrington1994ll18095
260-3Bacup v Lowerhouse1994ll18061
260-6dBacup v Rishton1951ll10205
257-7dBacup v Nelson1949ll9921
253-7dBacup v Church1909ll3097
252-3Burnley v Bacup2013ll21561
250-1dColne v Bacup1951ll10300
250-9Bacup v Colne2013ll21617
250Burnley v Bacup2003ll19762
250Bacup v Burnley2013ll21561
244-3dBacup v Church1956ll11132
244-5Bacup v Haslingden1995ll18298
244-9Bacup v East Lancashire2009ll20895
243-6Burnley v Bacup2012ll21397
242-6dEnfield v Bacup1933ll7139
242-8dLowerhouse v Bacup1915ll4173
241-7dBacup v Enfield1901ll1641
240-2East Lancashire v Bacup2009ll20895
240-4Accrington v Bacup2010ll20930
240-6Bacup v Lowerhouse2001ll19294
238-1Bacup v Colne1987ll16773
238-3Colne v Bacup1996ll18404
238-7dBacup v Accrington1951ll10200
237-6Bacup v Enfield1984ll16324
237-9Bacup v Colne2011ll21169
236-2Bacup v East Lancashire1952ll10445
236-8Bacup v Accrington2010ll20930
235-4dEast Lancashire v Bacup1952ll10445
235-7Lowerhouse v Bacup2009ll20721
233-7dColne v Bacup1916ll4365
233-8Church v Bacup2012ll21269
232-6dBacup v Accrington1921ll4946
232-8dBacup v Accrington1899ll1341
231-1dBacup v Rishton1940ll8348
230-3dBacup v Lowerhouse1959ll11783
230-4dBacup v Enfield1928ll6171
230-5dChurch v Bacup1901ll1673
230-6dBacup v Haslingden1952ll10493
230-8dBacup v Lowerhouse1955ll11054
229-4Bacup v Rawtenstall1993ll17963
229-5dBacup v Colne1953ll10548
229-6dEast Lancashire v Bacup1908ll2964
228-2Bacup v Colne1992ll17648
228-3dTodmorden v Bacup1952ll10383
228Enfield v Bacup1894ll423
227-3Church v Bacup1929ll6387
227-5dBacup v Haslingden1951ll10211
227-7dBacup v Haslingden1929ll6419
227-7Bacup v Church2006ll20322
226-5dBacup v Church1929ll6387
226-6Bacup v East Lancashire2004ll19832
226-9dBacup v Burnley1922ll5093
226Bacup v Haslingden1908ll2973
225-7Burnley v Bacup1985ll16366
224-4Bacup v Enfield1991ll17466
224-5Bacup v Todmorden1952ll10383
224-7Bacup v Colne1951ll10300
224-7Enfield v Bacup2003ll19783
224-8dBacup v Rawtenstall1961ll12078
224-8Rishton v Bacup2007ll20413
224-8Todmorden v Bacup2009ll20826
223-6Bacup v Rishton2003ll19692
223-9Todmorden v Bacup2013ll21535
221-3East Lancashire v Bacup2004ll19832
221-6Bacup v Rawtenstall2002ll19587
220-5Rishton v Bacup1937ll7927
220-6Bacup v Rishton1997ll18642
219-3Bacup v Enfield1988ll17074
219-6Ramsbottom v Bacup1993ll17837
218-3Bacup v Church1994ll18033
218-4Bacup v Todmorden1951ll10255
218-5Bacup v Colne2007ll20371
218Burnley v Bacup2009ll20798
217-3dTodmorden v Bacup1951ll10255
217-4Todmorden v Bacup1956ll11134
217-9Enfield v Bacup1915ll4240
216-3dBacup v Church1925ll5630
216-3dBacup v Rishton1937ll7927
216-4dRawtenstall v Bacup1904ll2229
216-4dBacup v Todmorden1956ll11134
216-6dAccrington v Bacup1955ll11014
216-8Bacup v Accrington1922ll5182
216-8dBacup v Rawtenstall1949ll9904
215-4Bacup v Ramsbottom1993ll17837
215-4Bacup v Rishton2011ll21092
214-3Burnley v Bacup1952ll10521
214-5dBacup v Rishton1930ll6539
214-6dTodmorden v Bacup1957ll11344
214Rishton v Bacup2011ll21092
213-6dBacup v Lowerhouse1951ll10241
213-9dEnfield v Bacup1909ll3054
213-9Church v Bacup1956ll11132
212-3Bacup v Lowerhouse1940ll8352
212-3Haslingden v Bacup1982ll15868
212-6dBacup v Todmorden1905ll2413
212-6dBacup v Burnley1952ll10521
212-6Bacup v Accrington1983ll16092
212-6Haslingden v Bacup2005ll20099
212-9Ramsbottom v Bacup2010ll21036
212Lowerhouse v Bacup2006ll20287
211-4dEast Lancashire v Bacup1939ll8174
211-5Bacup v Todmorden1975ll14588
211Bacup v Haslingden1901ll1682
210-5dBacup v Accrington1954ll10838
210-5Bacup v Nelson1990ll17367
210-6dBacup v East Lancashire1936ll7623
210-7Haslingden v Bacup1908ll2973
210-8dBacup v Lowerhouse1935ll7535
210Lowerhouse v Bacup1940ll8352
209-1dChurch v Bacup1904ll2210
209-4Bacup v Burnley1993ll17977
209-5Nelson v Bacup1990ll17367
209-5Bacup v Haslingden1992ll17703
209-6dBacup v Ramsbottom1955ll10955
209-6Haslingden v Bacup1983ll16106
209-7dBacup v Enfield1952ll10404
208-4Bacup v Todmorden1984ll16267
208-8dChurch v Bacup1894ll381
208-8Haslingden v Bacup1995ll18298
207-2dBacup v Nelson1950ll10025
207-2dBacup v Enfield1950ll10079
207-3Bacup v Colne2003ll19720
207-6East Lancashire v Bacup2012ll21295
206-6Bacup v Rawtenstall2005ll20051
206-7Rishton v Bacup1986ll16625
206-8Bacup v Church2003ll19643
206-9Colne v Bacup2003ll19720
205-5dBacup v Ramsbottom1952ll10409
205-6Colne v Bacup1953ll10548
205-6Rawtenstall v Bacup1990ll17305
205-7Bacup v Nelson1956ll11085
205-7Colne v Bacup2005ll20162
205-9Colne v Bacup1968ll13404
205-9Church v Bacup2003ll19643
205Church v Bacup1911ll3459
205Church v Bacup1915ll4147
204-2Bacup v Ramsbottom1972ll13986
204-4dBacup v Nelson1928ll6122
204-4Bacup v East Lancashire1954ll10878
204-4dBacup v Rishton1959ll11673
204-4dNelson v Bacup1973ll14273
204-4Church v Bacup2008ll20589
204-5Bacup v Church1993ll17858
204-6dBacup v Colne1968ll13404
204-6Church v Bacup2005ll20002
204Haslingden v Bacup1910ll3314
203-6Bacup v Colne2012ll21337
203-7dBacup v Accrington1929ll6334
203-7dNelson v Bacup1956ll11085
202-2dBacup v Lowerhouse1950ll10112
202-4dBacup v Enfield1927ll6009
202-5Bacup v Rishton1929ll6345
202-5East Lancashire v Bacup1975ll14707
202-6dRamsbottom v Bacup1911ll3419
202-6Bacup v East Lancashire1995ll18186
202-7Rawtenstall v Bacup1975ll14574
202-9Bacup v Nelson2002ll19523
202Colne v Bacup1903ll2013
202Bacup v Rawtenstall1990ll17305
201-1Church v Bacup1952ll10415
201-3Bacup v Burnley1997ll18551
201-4dRishton v Bacup1929ll6345
201-5Bacup v Rawtenstall1997ll18579
201-7dBacup v Haslingden1963ll12403
201-8Accrington v Bacup1983ll16092
201-8Todmorden v Bacup2012ll21436
201Lowerhouse v Bacup1903ll1969
200-3Bacup v Lowerhouse1987ll16731
200-3Bacup v Colne1991ll17452
200-5dBacup v Church1952ll10415
200-5dEast Lancashire v Bacup1954ll10878
200-6dHaslingden v Bacup1962ll12300
200-6dAccrington v Bacup1973ll14244
200-7Bacup v Enfield1963ll12419
200-7Nelson v Bacup2002ll19523
200-8Bacup v Todmorden2012ll21436





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