Lanehead, Bacup - Lowest Team Totals in Lancashire League matches

12Bacup v Ramsbottom1922ll5051
17Bacup v Accrington1898ll1015
17Church v Bacup1920ll4666
21Bacup v Accrington1915ll4280
21Accrington v Bacup1944ll8946
22Ramsbottom v Bacup1907ll2722
22Nelson v Bacup2001ll19287
23Rawtenstall v Bacup1893ll259
23Bacup v Haslingden1905ll2437
24Bacup v Nelson1904ll2110
24Church v Bacup1910ll3363
25Enfield v Bacup1922ll5198
26Bacup v East Lancashire1932ll6882
26Todmorden v Bacup1946ll9331
27Todmorden v Bacup1922ll5067
29Accrington v Bacup1922ll5183
31Bacup v Haslingden1974ll14448
32Burnley v Bacup1916ll4471
33Lowerhouse v Bacup1893ll237
33Bacup v Todmorden1938ll7966
33Accrington v Bacup1962ll12240
34Rishton v Bacup1898ll1123
35Haslingden v Bacup1893ll184
35Bacup v Church1906ll2503
35Lowerhouse v Bacup1923ll5342
35Ramsbottom v Bacup1924ll5438
36Haslingden v Bacup1892ll27
36Colne v Bacup1925ll5584
36Accrington v Bacup1932ll6857
37Bacup v Ramsbottom1897ll890
37Bacup v Ramsbottom1909ll3134
38Church v Bacup1905ll2386
38Enfield v Bacup1920ll4832
38Todmorden v Bacup1927ll6032
39Bacup v Burnley1894ll377
39Lowerhouse v Bacup1897ll996
39Bacup v Ramsbottom1920ll4680
39Bacup v Nelson1937ll7761
39Bacup v Enfield1977ll14946
40Bacup v Lowerhouse1905ll2305
40East Lancashire v Bacup1931ll6675
40Burnley v Bacup1947ll9499
40Bacup v Rishton1981ll15779
41Bacup v Nelson1892ll104
41Bacup v Colne1903ll2013
41Bacup v Rawtenstall1920ll4711
41Church v Bacup1931ll6668
41Bacup v Church1939ll8197
41Haslingden v Bacup2002ll19538
42Enfield v Bacup1903ll2095
42Bacup v Colne1904ll2116
42Enfield v Bacup1907ll2831
42Nelson v Bacup1926ll5812
42Bacup v Rishton1996ll18461
43Enfield v Bacup1905ll2292
43Bacup v Colne1945ll9189
43Bacup v Burnley1987ll16830
44Colne v Bacup1900ll1526
44East Lancashire v Bacup1912ll3726
44Enfield v Bacup1924ll5451
44Burnley v Bacup1934ll7382
44Bacup v Todmorden1945ll9161
44Church v Bacup1976ll14883
45Lowerhouse v Bacup1905ll2305
45Bacup v Burnley1908ll2989
45Church v Bacup1913ll3756
45Bacup v Todmorden1920ll4784
45Bacup v Ramsbottom1944ll9012
46Bacup v Rishton1902ll1794
46Bacup v Nelson1932ll6865
46Bacup v Church1948ll9626
47Accrington v Bacup1892ll144
47Accrington v Bacup1908ll2872
47Lowerhouse v Bacup2011ll21086
48Bacup v Lowerhouse1894ll416
48Bacup v Nelson1895ll640
48Bacup v Colne1900ll1526
48Bacup v Enfield1906ll2544
48Haslingden v Bacup1907ll2810
48Bacup v Church1910ll3363
48Church v Bacup1922ll5100
48Rawtenstall v Bacup1923ll5287
48Bacup v East Lancashire1977ll15002
48Rawtenstall v Bacup2000ll19225
49Ramsbottom v Bacup1906ll2518
49Burnley v Bacup1921ll4840
49Ramsbottom v Bacup1922ll5051
49Ramsbottom v Bacup1947ll9515
49Bacup v Church1961ll11985
49Bacup v Burnley1963ll12356
49Lowerhouse v Bacup1993ll17922
50Haslingden v Bacup1897ll977
51Bacup v Church1903ll1941
51Todmorden v Bacup1907ll2802
51Bacup v Nelson1933ll7194
52Bacup v Todmorden1906ll2649
52Bacup v Burnley1907ll2683
52Bacup v Burnley1914ll3951
52Bacup v Burnley1915ll4211
52Bacup v Enfield1919ll4477
52Todmorden v Bacup1920ll4784
52Todmorden v Bacup1921ll5016
52Bacup v Burnley1984ll16213
52Bacup v Ramsbottom2010ll21037
53Rishton v Bacup1893ll281
53Bacup v Burnley1904ll2137
53Todmorden v Bacup1926ll5899
53Bacup v Colne1939ll8275
53Bacup v Church1941ll8492
53Colne v Bacup1947ll9443
53Todmorden v Bacup1947ll9534
53Haslingden v Bacup1958ll11530
53Bacup v Haslingden1979ll15295
54Colne v Bacup1940ll8317
54Bacup v Church1943ll8933
54Bacup v Accrington1946ll9281
54Enfield v Bacup1994ll18140
54East Lancashire v Bacup2005ll20114
55Nelson v Bacup1904ll2110
55Bacup v Colne1911ll3489
55Bacup v Rishton1915ll4266
55Bacup v Nelson1920ll4706
55Accrington v Bacup1936ll7706
55Ramsbottom v Bacup1958ll11467
55Bacup v Enfield1971ll13861
55Rawtenstall v Bacup1977ll15051
55Nelson v Bacup2007ll20378
55Bacup v Rishton2016ll22087
56Bacup v Haslingden1892ll27
56Bacup v Burnley1897ll909
56Bacup v East Lancashire1906ll2569
56Bacup v East Lancashire1912ll3726
56Bacup v Enfield1915ll4241
56Bacup v Accrington1916ll4301
56Rawtenstall v Bacup1948ll9731
56Bacup v Ramsbottom1997ll18622
57Bacup v East Lancashire1902ll1797
57Enfield v Bacup1929ll6452
57Lowerhouse v Bacup1930ll6633
57Lowerhouse v Bacup1971ll13874
57Bacup v Ramsbottom2013ll21611
58Bacup v Burnley1898ll1073
58Bacup v Lowerhouse1906ll2579
58Bacup v Colne1913ll3917
58Rishton v Bacup1923ll5267
58Lowerhouse v Bacup1985ll16430
58Rawtenstall v Bacup1997ll18580
58Bacup v Church2008ll20590
59Bacup v Burnley1899ll1248
59Todmorden v Bacup1906ll2649
59Bacup v Ramsbottom1911ll3420
59Bacup v Nelson1919ll4491
59Bacup v Church1920ll4666
59Accrington v Bacup1926ll5905
59Bacup v Rawtenstall1977ll15051
59Lowerhouse v Bacup2000ll19253
60Burnley v Bacup1898ll1073
60Lowerhouse v Bacup1900ll1559
60Bacup v Nelson1913ll3771
60Nelson v Bacup1921ll4884
60Bacup v East Lancashire1988ll17011
61Bacup v Ramsbottom1902ll1823
61Bacup v Enfield1903ll2095
61Accrington v Bacup1910ll3253
61Bacup v Accrington1910ll3253
61Accrington v Bacup1916ll4301
61Bacup v Nelson1927ll5954
61Enfield v Bacup1934ll7244
61Haslingden v Bacup1943ll8841
61Accrington v Bacup1949ll9870
61Bacup v Lowerhouse2004ll19910
62Bacup v Accrington1896ll724
62Bacup v Rawtenstall1897ll934
62Nelson v Bacup1899ll1251
62Bacup v Rishton1910ll3274
62Accrington v Bacup1911ll3383
62Bacup v Haslingden1913ll3787
62Bacup v Nelson1916ll4413
62Ramsbottom v Bacup1920ll4680
62Burnley v Bacup1946ll9340
63East Lancashire v Bacup1897ll898
63Church v Bacup1934ll7255
64Rishton v Bacup1895ll577
64Bacup v East Lancashire1897ll898
64Nelson v Bacup1902ll1920
64Bacup v Lowerhouse1911ll3551
64Church v Bacup1919ll4519
64Lowerhouse v Bacup1920ll4818
64Bacup v Todmorden1972ll14064
64Colne v Bacup1995ll18321
64East Lancashire v Bacup1999ll18917
64Colne v Bacup2008ll20682
65Bacup v Nelson1893ll293
65Bacup v Lowerhouse1904ll2204
65Bacup v Todmorden1916ll4456
65East Lancashire v Bacup1927ll6074
65Bacup v Lowerhouse1963ll12494
65Lowerhouse v Bacup1994ll18062
66Bacup v Rawtenstall1914ll3993
66Bacup v Todmorden1914ll4084
66Bacup v East Lancashire1920ll4768
66East Lancashire v Bacup1920ll4768
66Lowerhouse v Bacup1924ll5462
66Bacup v East Lancashire1927ll6074
66Lowerhouse v Bacup1944ll8967
66Bacup v Colne1964ll12563
66Church v Bacup1970ll13749
66Bacup v Enfield1976ll14771
66Bacup v East Lancashire2015ll21827
67Todmorden v Bacup1899ll1277
67Rishton v Bacup1899ll1363
67Bacup v Rishton1907ll2669
67Colne v Bacup1923ll5212
67East Lancashire v Bacup1936ll7624
67Bacup v East Lancashire1943ll8807
67Bacup v Haslingden1944ll8981
67Church v Bacup1948ll9626
67Bacup v Rishton1971ll13980
67Lowerhouse v Bacup1972ll14141
67Church v Bacup1978ll15114
68Enfield v Bacup1910ll3216
68Ramsbottom v Bacup1912ll3602
68Bacup v East Lancashire1913ll3801
68East Lancashire v Bacup1970ll13630
68Bacup v Rawtenstall1980ll15492
68Bacup v Haslingden2013ll21583
69Bacup v Rishton1893ll281
69Bacup v Accrington1904ll2270
69Ramsbottom v Bacup1905ll2327
69Haslingden v Bacup1905ll2437
69Bacup v Todmorden1915ll4259
69Burnley v Bacup1922ll5094
69Ramsbottom v Bacup1981ll15646
69Bacup v Rawtenstall1982ll15961
69Accrington v Bacup1985ll16478
69Bacup v East Lancashire1997ll18593
69Bacup v Todmorden2015ll21954
70Bacup v Enfield1893ll229
70Bacup v Rawtenstall1893ll259
70Bacup v East Lancashire1895ll675
70Bacup v Colne1914ll3937
70Nelson v Bacup1919ll4491
70Bacup v Burnley1919ll4645
70Bacup v Haslingden1920ll4740
70Colne v Bacup1926ll5805
70Burnley v Bacup1935ll7465
70Bacup v East Lancashire1971ll13812
70Church v Bacup1971ll13965
70Lowerhouse v Bacup1977ll14966
70Nelson v Bacup1997ll18677
71Bacup v Todmorden1898ll1043
71East Lancashire v Bacup1899ll1204
71Lowerhouse v Bacup1899ll1218
71Enfield v Bacup1899ll1232
71Enfield v Bacup1906ll2544
71Bacup v Rishton1922ll5029
71Todmorden v Bacup1945ll9161
71Lowerhouse v Bacup1948ll9786
71Bacup v Ramsbottom1959ll11702
71Enfield v Bacup2001ll19441
72Bacup v Colne1894ll376
72East Lancashire v Bacup1894ll517
72Ramsbottom v Bacup1913ll3818
72Bacup v Rishton1916ll4398
72Bacup v Church1935ll7558
72Bacup v Nelson1946ll9267
72Ramsbottom v Bacup1972ll13987
72Colne v Bacup1978ll15212
73Accrington v Bacup1895ll646
73Bacup v Nelson1915ll4163
73Church v Bacup1958ll11587
73Lowerhouse v Bacup1963ll12494
73Bacup v Todmorden1985ll16464
73Church v Bacup1994ll18034
73Bacup v Enfield1996ll18495
74Enfield v Bacup1892ll88
74Rawtenstall v Bacup1896ll767
74Bacup v Todmorden1897ll918
74Rishton v Bacup1916ll4398
74Bacup v Colne1925ll5584
74Bacup v Rishton1944ll8998
74Church v Bacup1992ll17635
75Bacup v Enfield1899ll1232
75Bacup v Haslingden1927ll6050
75Enfield v Bacup1932ll6959
75Colne v Bacup1934ll7362
75Haslingden v Bacup1946ll9305
75Enfield v Bacup1947ll9471
75Bacup v Rawtenstall1967ll13231
75Bacup v Haslingden1975ll14624
75East Lancashire v Bacup2006ll20238
76Bacup v Nelson1899ll1251
76Ramsbottom v Bacup1902ll1823
76Bacup v Accrington1906ll2550
76Bacup v Haslingden1906ll2603
76Bacup v Burnley1910ll3369
76Rishton v Bacup1915ll4266
76Bacup v Colne1916ll4366
76Enfield v Bacup1923ll5272
76Bacup v Nelson1923ll5351
76East Lancashire v Bacup1930ll6493
76Bacup v Todmorden1946ll9331
76Rishton v Bacup1961ll12147
76Rawtenstall v Bacup2007ll20428
77Bacup v Bury1893ll274
77Bacup v East Lancashire1899ll1204
77Bacup v Rishton1908ll2951
77East Lancashire v Bacup1910ll3271
77Burnley v Bacup1932ll6990
77East Lancashire v Bacup1937ll7851
77Bacup v East Lancashire1965ll12788
77Bacup v East Lancashire1976ll14715
78Bacup v Enfield1900ll1485
78Bacup v Ramsbottom1906ll2518
78Bacup v Rishton1906ll2635
78Bacup v Haslingden1909ll3181
78Bacup v Burnley1913ll3858
78Bacup v Enfield1913ll3910
78Ramsbottom v Bacup1928ll6196
78Burnley v Bacup1929ll6318
78Bacup v Haslingden1937ll7805
78Bacup v Nelson1944ll9067
78Accrington v Bacup1945ll9221
78Rawtenstall v Bacup1946ll9367
78Bacup v Ramsbottom1984ll16255
78Nelson v Bacup1985ll16450
78Bacup v Haslingden1987ll16892
78Bacup v Accrington2000ll19125
78Colne v Bacup2002ll19609
79Bacup v Todmorden1899ll1277
79Bacup v Church1915ll4148
79Bacup v East Lancashire1931ll6675
79Enfield v Bacup1931ll6749
79Todmorden v Bacup1933ll7092
79Bacup v East Lancashire1939ll8175
79Lowerhouse v Bacup1949ll9822
79Bacup v East Lancashire1951ll10320
79Bacup v Rishton1965ll12839
79Bacup v Lowerhouse1971ll13874
79Bacup v Nelson1978ll15190
79Rishton v Bacup2006ll20302
80Colne v Bacup1907ll2714
80Nelson v Bacup1923ll5351
80East Lancashire v Bacup1924ll5409
80Bacup v Ramsbottom1942ll8730
80Bacup v Colne1947ll9443
80Bacup v East Lancashire1949ll9850
80Enfield v Bacup1962ll12244
80East Lancashire v Bacup1979ll15422
80Burnley v Bacup1992ll17782
80Bacup v Lowerhouse1997ll18636
81Bacup v Rishton1894ll447
81Todmorden v Bacup1898ll1043
81Bacup v Rishton1898ll1123
81Haslingden v Bacup1898ll1147
81Bacup v Accrington1902ll1884
81Lowerhouse v Bacup1904ll2204
81Bacup v Nelson1926ll5812
81Church v Bacup1968ll13314
81Ramsbottom v Bacup1985ll16381
81Bacup v Rawtenstall1985ll16423
81Bacup v Enfield2000ll19161
81Ramsbottom v Bacup2001ll19420
82Rishton v Bacup1903ll2079
82Bacup v Rishton1904ll2164
82Bacup v Church1907ll2701
82Nelson v Bacup1911ll3411
82Burnley v Bacup1931ll6705
82Bacup v Nelson1948ll9780
82Rawtenstall v Bacup1999ll18952
82Haslingden v Bacup2000ll19203
83Bacup v Nelson1894ll475
83Bacup v Enfield1905ll2292
83Haslingden v Bacup1921ll4895
83Todmorden v Bacup1923ll5220
83Rishton v Bacup1931ll6830
83Colne v Bacup1946ll9402
83Rishton v Bacup1949ll9836
84Bacup v Colne1902ll1837
84Nelson v Bacup1922ll5044
84Bacup v Enfield1943ll8800
84Bacup v Lowerhouse1952ll10354
84Bacup v Ramsbottom1958ll11467
84Lowerhouse v Bacup1958ll11594
84Bacup v Ramsbottom1988ll16942
84Rishton v Bacup1998ll18811
84Bacup v Todmorden2010ll21002
85East Lancashire v Bacup1902ll1797
85Bacup v Church1905ll2386
85Burnley v Bacup1907ll2683
85Bacup v Accrington1912ll3573
85Bacup v Haslingden1928ll6235
85Haslingden v Bacup1941ll8534
85Bacup v Rishton1942ll8736
85Ramsbottom v Bacup1944ll9012
85Accrington v Bacup1996ll18411
85Bacup v East Lancashire1999ll18917
86Bacup v Todmorden1913ll3885
86Bacup v Rishton1923ll5267
86Todmorden v Bacup1929ll6404
86Bacup v Haslingden1942ll8687
86Bacup v Accrington1947ll9566
86Ramsbottom v Bacup1961ll12132
86Bacup v Lowerhouse1966ll12964
86Bacup v Nelson1975ll14659
86Burnley v Bacup1980ll15583
86Bacup v Nelson1994ll17991
86Enfield v Bacup2002ll19511
86Bacup v Rawtenstall2008ll20604
87Church v Bacup1892ll16
87Bacup v Haslingden1897ll977
87Bacup v Accrington1900ll1551
87Bacup v Nelson1908ll3013
87Bacup v Enfield1948ll9672
87Enfield v Bacup1953ll10676
87Bacup v Colne1971ll13924
87Bacup v Accrington2012ll21316
88Nelson v Bacup1893ll293
88Enfield v Bacup1927ll6010
88Ramsbottom v Bacup1932ll6962
88Enfield v Bacup1935ll7454
88East Lancashire v Bacup1944ll9080
88Bacup v Ramsbottom1947ll9515
88Nelson v Bacup1951ll10334
88Bacup v Rishton1956ll11167
88Bacup v Accrington1982ll15911
88East Lancashire v Bacup2000ll19090
88Bacup v Church2009ll20778
89Bacup v Haslingden1896ll800
89Bacup v Nelson1900ll1491
89East Lancashire v Bacup1911ll3499
89Colne v Bacup1912ll3682
89Bacup v Nelson1921ll4884
89Bacup v East Lancashire1935ll7426
89Church v Bacup1960ll11933
89Bacup v Colne1976ll14729
89Bacup v Rishton2012ll21330
90Ramsbottom v Bacup1900ll1416
90Bacup v Ramsbottom1904ll2220
90Bacup v Church1940ll8457
90Bacup v Todmorden1966ll12986
90Colne v Bacup1972ll14001
90Colne v Bacup1973ll14315
90Bacup v Rawtenstall1979ll15289
90Rawtenstall v Bacup2005ll20052
91Bacup v Lowerhouse1902ll1905
91Rishton v Bacup1919ll4554
91Colne v Bacup1921ll4862
91East Lancashire v Bacup1935ll7426
91Bacup v Todmorden1967ll13168
91Church v Bacup2000ll19232
91East Lancashire v Bacup2001ll19349
91Bacup v East Lancashire2010ll21065
92Bacup v Church1902ll1903
92Church v Bacup1921ll4889
92Bacup v Rishton1921ll4986
92Bacup v Lowerhouse1925ll5700
92Bacup v Todmorden1926ll5899
92Church v Bacup1933ll7099
92Rishton v Bacup1940ll8349
92Lowerhouse v Bacup1952ll10354
92Colne v Bacup1962ll12188
92Bacup v Lowerhouse1969ll13496
92Todmorden v Bacup2003ll19714
92Church v Bacup2011ll21176
93Lowerhouse v Bacup1892ll129
93Bacup v Accrington1895ll646
93Bacup v Rawtenstall1906ll2562
93Bacup v Rawtenstall1912ll3623
93Bacup v Rawtenstall1913ll3838
93Rawtenstall v Bacup1927ll5984
93Bacup v Church1937ll7775
93Enfield v Bacup1976ll14771
93Bacup v Church1976ll14883
93Bacup v Colne1978ll15212
93Burnley v Bacup1997ll18552
93Colne v Bacup2009ll20813
93Bacup v Enfield2011ll21214
93Bacup v Enfield2015ll21967
94Bacup v Lowerhouse1892ll129
94Bacup v Haslingden1894ll430
94Bacup v Haslingden1902ll1868
94Bacup v Accrington1903ll2062
94Bacup v Nelson1905ll2453
94Bacup v Todmorden1908ll2852
94Bacup v Ramsbottom1908ll2858
94Bacup v Church1913ll3756
94Bacup v Nelson1934ll7215
94Bacup v Ramsbottom1968ll13266
94Bacup v Enfield1968ll13343
94Lowerhouse v Bacup1969ll13496
94Bacup v Lowerhouse1978ll15093
94Nelson v Bacup1980ll15561
94Bacup v East Lancashire1985ll16402
95Bacup v Rishton1895ll577
95Bacup v East Lancashire1907ll2778
95Bacup v Accrington1908ll2872
95Colne v Bacup1927ll5999
95Nelson v Bacup1934ll7215
95Bacup v Colne1948ll9766
95East Lancashire v Bacup1960ll11978
95Bacup v Accrington1961ll12114
95Nelson v Bacup1963ll12460
95Accrington v Bacup1974ll14427
95Colne v Bacup1992ll17649
96Enfield v Bacup1898ll1035
96Bacup v East Lancashire1903ll2101
96Enfield v Bacup1916ll4441
96Bacup v Ramsbottom1925ll5598
96Bacup v Haslingden1943ll8841
96Bacup v Rawtenstall1947ll9550
96Colne v Bacup1949ll9876
96Nelson v Bacup1960ll11956
96Bacup v Ramsbottom1965ll12713
96Bacup v Accrington1977ll15071
96Bacup v Ramsbottom1995ll18251
97Burnley v Bacup1892ll50
97Bacup v Enfield1897ll841
97Bacup v Nelson1901ll1562
97Enfield v Bacup1914ll4099
97Lowerhouse v Bacup1927ll6080
97Enfield v Bacup1949ll9976
97Rishton v Bacup1954ll10871
97Bacup v Todmorden1983ll16003
97Bacup v Ramsbottom2007ll20506
97Bacup v Ramsbottom2014ll21702
97Haslingden v Bacup2016ll22128
98Bacup v Accrington1893ll221
98East Lancashire v Bacup1895ll675
98Bacup v Lowerhouse1899ll1218
98Enfield v Bacup1900ll1485
98Lowerhouse v Bacup1937ll7825
98Bacup v Rishton1946ll9382
98Bacup v East Lancashire1961ll12013
98Bacup v Ramsbottom1974ll14406
98Bacup v East Lancashire1975ll14708
98Accrington v Bacup1991ll17557
98Bacup v East Lancashire1992ll17725
98Bacup v Lowerhouse2016ll22101
99Bacup v Todmorden1935ll7490
99Bacup v Nelson1936ll7578
99Rishton v Bacup1938ll8002
99Burnley v Bacup1949ll9800
99Rawtenstall v Bacup1955ll10983
99Bacup v Accrington1992ll17711
99Bacup v Accrington2008ll20546





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