Lanehead, Bacup - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Lancashire League matches

4W TaylorHaslingden v Bacup1893ll184
4H TaylorNelson v Bacup1916ll4412
4AG SlaterRishton v Bacup1924ll5517
4JM KellyEnfield v Bacup1942ll8659
4S HallAccrington v Bacup1949ll9869
4BF ButcherRawtenstall v Bacup1964ll12596
4JD SparksBacup v Lowerhouse1971ll13873
4PJ WestBacup v Accrington1973ll14244
4PD SwartBacup v Haslingden1976ll14742
4P NicholsonRishton v Bacup1984ll16191
4CJ HartleyBacup v Nelson1984ll16281
4RA HarperEast Lancashire v Bacup1993ll17885
4PJ KilleleaEast Lancashire v Bacup1996ll18375
4BM WhiteChurch v Bacup1999ll18973
4TM FarragherBurnley v Bacup2003ll19762
4TM FarragherRawtenstall v Bacup2007ll20427
4PJ KilleleaTodmorden v Bacup2009ll20826
4CP ReadBacup v Haslingden2010ll21014
4JT BibbyBacup v Rishton2010ll21078
4BJ PelserBacup v Rawtenstall2011ll21127
3J ProctorBacup v Burnley1892ll50
3J BarrowcloughEnfield v Bacup1892ll90
3J MidgleyNelson v Bacup1895ll640
3J MidgleyAccrington v Bacup1895ll646
3J MidgleyHaslingden v Bacup1896ll800
3J HollandBacup v Haslingden1897ll977
3W HallBacup v Accrington1898ll1015
3W TaylorBacup v Enfield1899ll1232
3W TaylorBacup v Ramsbottom1900ll1416
3J MidgleyAccrington v Bacup1900ll1551
3JE MadenRishton v Bacup1902ll1794
3R RobertsColne v Bacup1903ll2013
3JE LordEast Lancashire v Bacup1904ll2187
3H CudworthBacup v Burnley1905ll2364
3W HuddlestonBacup v Todmorden1905ll2413
3JH EdmundsonBacup v Accrington1906ll2549
3RH MawdsleyRawtenstall v Bacup1906ll2561
3J McIntoshBacup v Rishton1906ll2634
3J MidgleyRamsbottom v Bacup1907ll2721
3G ParkerBacup v Haslingden1908ll2973
3DV NorburyBacup v East Lancashire1912ll3725
3T SmithBacup v Enfield1915ll4240
3W FinneyBacup v Accrington1916ll4300
3CB KellyBacup v Ramsbottom1916ll4314
3A HopkinsonRamsbottom v Bacup1919ll4504
3JW CarmichaelBacup v East Lancashire1919ll4623
3TA HigsonBacup v Colne1921ll4861
3AG SlaterNelson v Bacup1921ll4883
3E RileyBacup v Enfield1923ll5271
3TE DickinsonAccrington v Bacup1923ll5372
3C RobertsColne v Bacup1925ll5583
3J LordHaslingden v Bacup1930ll6500
3F HartleyChurch v Bacup1931ll6667
3F HartleyBurnley v Bacup1931ll6704
3F JacksonEnfield v Bacup1931ll6748
3AJ RichardsonAccrington v Bacup1931ll6796
3R WhittakerBacup v Accrington1932ll6856
3JL HuntTodmorden v Bacup1933ll7091
3F HartleyNelson v Bacup1933ll7193
3H FisherChurch v Bacup1934ll7254
3H FisherTodmorden v Bacup1934ll7308
3L SutcliffeBacup v Colne1935ll7549
3J HargreavesBacup v Church1938ll8071
3T HurneyLowerhouse v Bacup1943ll8826
3CR TaylorRamsbottom v Bacup1943ll8869
3S BurrowsBacup v Accrington1943ll8896
3T CunliffeBacup v Accrington1946ll9280
3S EntwistleEnfield v Bacup1947ll9470
3ED WeekesRishton v Bacup1951ll10205
3CR TaylorRawtenstall v Bacup1951ll10274
3CL McCoolBacup v East Lancashire1953ll10581
3S EntwistleNelson v Bacup1953ll10696
3ED WeekesHaslingden v Bacup1954ll10738
3K ParringtonBacup v Colne1954ll10773
3J WinterBacup v Haslingden1957ll11397
3D CottonHaslingden v Bacup1957ll11397
3A MorrisBacup v Haslingden1958ll11529
3S EntwistleRawtenstall v Bacup1959ll11675
3R GilchristLowerhouse v Bacup1963ll12493
3R LawColne v Bacup1964ll12562
3EJ BarlowBacup v Accrington1964ll12682
3KW WilkinsonBacup v Todmorden1965ll12764
3G BriggsBacup v Church1966ll13054
3G CahillChurch v Bacup1968ll13313
3P LaneBacup v Colne1968ll13404
3TMD MacGillBacup v Todmorden1970ll13713
3A ChapmanBacup v Ramsbottom1971ll13852
3T LonsdaleBacup v Colne1971ll13923
3R KershawChurch v Bacup1972ll14161
3G HoltBacup v Colne1973ll14314
3GG HeatonChurch v Bacup1974ll14364
3P FellHaslingden v Bacup1974ll14447
3GG HeatonLowerhouse v Bacup1975ll14602
3A HoldenBacup v Haslingden1975ll14623
3R LawAccrington v Bacup1976ll14783
3K WindleBacup v Enfield1977ll14945
3M SwiftBacup v Burnley1977ll15029
3MD O'NeillAccrington v Bacup1977ll15070
3G SimcockChurch v Bacup1978ll15113
3K VarleyBacup v Nelson1978ll15189
3P FellBurnley v Bacup1978ll15239
3P FellTodmorden v Bacup1984ll16267
3P FellChurch v Bacup1984ll16310
3M LordBacup v Nelson1985ll16449
3N WestwellBacup v Church1986ll16583
3JA ChapmanRawtenstall v Bacup1986ll16611
3G ThomsonBacup v Rishton1986ll16625
3JA ChapmanRishton v Bacup1987ll16717
3D LloydBacup v Accrington1989ll17150
3JM KershawBacup v Rawtenstall1989ll17242
3P ThompsonEnfield v Bacup1990ll17277
3T LordTodmorden v Bacup1990ll17327
3K FergussonBacup v Church1992ll17634
3RA HarperColne v Bacup1992ll17648
3T LordLowerhouse v Bacup1992ll17676
3DN OrmerodAccrington v Bacup1992ll17710
3ACR ComptonBacup v East Lancashire1992ll17724
3N CronshawBurnley v Bacup1992ll17781
3PJ KilleleaEnfield v Bacup1992ll17802
3PJ KilleleaLowerhouse v Bacup1994ll18061
3RA HarperNelson v Bacup1995ll18207
3PJ KilleleaChurch v Bacup1995ll18243
3N HolmesBacup v Enfield1995ll18348
3CZ HarrisBacup v Ramsbottom1996ll18510
3RA HarperRawtenstall v Bacup1996ll18523
3P ThompsonTodmorden v Bacup1997ll18663
3MD BaileyBacup v Accrington1999ll18979
3D AyresEnfield v Bacup2001ll19440
3PJ KilleleaHaslingden v Bacup2002ll19537
3MA ClaytonBacup v Todmorden2003ll19713
3D AyresTodmorden v Bacup2003ll19713
3S WoodsBacup v Colne2003ll19720
3S YoungRamsbottom v Bacup2003ll19790
3SJ WoodsBacup v Ramsbottom2003ll19790
3N WilkinsonLowerhouse v Bacup2003ll19797
3DW ClarkeBacup v Accrington2005ll20022
3TM FarragherRamsbottom v Bacup2005ll20149
3CZ HarrisNelson v Bacup2007ll20377
3CZ HarrisChurch v Bacup2007ll20512
3CZ HarrisHaslingden v Bacup2007ll20525
3DJ PearsonBacup v East Lancashire2008ll20538
3P ThompsonEnfield v Bacup2008ll20674
3CT BenbowBacup v Lowerhouse2008ll20695
3S HussainBacup v Church2009ll20777
3A SpencerRawtenstall v Bacup2010ll20945
3JA FinchBacup v Lowerhouse2010ll20959
3J WrigleyBacup v Enfield2010ll21050
3TM FarragherRishton v Bacup2010ll21078
3JA FinchBacup v Lowerhouse2011ll21085
3GH BodiHaslingden v Bacup2011ll21205
3DR SalpietroBacup v Rishton2012ll21329
3M ThompsonEnfield v Bacup2013ll21500
3Haseeb AzamColne v Bacup2014ll21638
3M ThompsonRawtenstall v Bacup2015ll21876





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