Edgbaston, Birmingham - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

501*BC LaraWarwickshire v Durham1994f41123
294  AN CookEngland v India2011f53316
285*PBH MayEngland v West Indies1957f21746
277*RG TwoseWarwickshire v Glamorgan1994f41074
277  GC SmithSouth Africa v England2003f47364
274  Zaheer AbbasPakistan v England1971f28711
268*S KinneirWarwickshire v Hampshire1911f8305
255*NV KnightWarwickshire v Hampshire2002f46621
250  P HolmesYorkshire v Warwickshire1931f13458
248  DM JonesAustralians v Warwickshire1989f38109
248*CJL RogersDerbyshire v Warwickshire2008f50936
246  JHG DeveyWarwickshire v Derbyshire1900f5416
245*NV KnightWarwickshire v Sussex2002f46702
244  GE TyldesleyLancashire v Warwickshire1920f9739
243*AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Glamorgan1983f34801
240*JA JamesonWarwickshire v Gloucestershire1974f30224
238*WR HammondGloucestershire v Warwickshire1929f12622
233  RG TwoseWarwickshire v Leicestershire1992f40061
233  NV KnightWarwickshire v Glamorgan2000f45098
232  RES WyattWarwickshire v Derbyshire1937f15821
231  JA JamesonWarwickshire v Indians1971f28789
231  IR BellWarwickshire v Middlesex2005f48650
230*RB KanhaiWarwickshire v Somerset1973f29607
225  JH ParsonsWarwickshire v Glamorgan1927f12105
225  WJ EdrichMiddlesex v Warwickshire1947f17483
225  DP OstlerWarwickshire v Yorkshire2002f46759
223  JO TroughtonWarwickshire v Hampshire2009f51575
222  JF ByrneWarwickshire v Lancashire1905f6599
222  CP MeadHampshire v Warwickshire1923f10624
221*JW HearneMiddlesex v Warwickshire1922f10379
221  KP PietersenNottinghamshire v Warwickshire2003f47316
220*CC LewisNottinghamshire v Warwickshire1994f41220
218  W JafferIndia A v Warwickshire2003f47374
217  CL SmithHampshire v Warwickshire1987f37056
215*S KinneirWarwickshire v Lancashire1901f5565
215*JW HearneMiddlesex v Warwickshire1920f9752
215  JB HobbsSurrey v Warwickshire1925f11263
215  DI GowerEngland v Australia1985f35911
215  IR BellWarwickshire v Gloucestershire2008f50864
215*SD RobsonMiddlesex v Warwickshire2013f54834
214*D LloydEngland v India1974f30182
213*RB KanhaiWarwickshire v Gloucestershire1974f30224
213*LJ EvansWarwickshire v Sussex2015f56450
212  HE DolleryWarwickshire v Leicestershire1952f19657
211  AJW CroomWarwickshire v Worcestershire1934f14595
211  EC JoyceMiddlesex v Warwickshire2006f49448
211  A McGrathYorkshire v Warwickshire2009f51598
210*R PeelYorkshire v Warwickshire1896f4402
210  IJL TrottWarwickshire v Sussex2005f48791
209  JT TyldesleyLancashire v Warwickshire1907f7156
209  FSG CalthorpeWarwickshire v Hampshire1921f9999
209  P HolmesYorkshire v Warwickshire1922f10218
209*EH HendrenMiddlesex v Warwickshire1928f12362
209*C WashbrookLancashire v Warwickshire1951f19275
209*AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Lancashire1983f34626
208*KS McEwanEssex v Warwickshire1979f32588
208*TA LloydWarwickshire v Gloucestershire1983f34611
208  DP OstlerWarwickshire v Surrey1995f41733
208  SR HainWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2014f55750
207*WG QuaifeWarwickshire v Hampshire1899f5184
207  N HussainEngland v Australia1997f43107
206*MD CroweSomerset v Warwickshire1987f37064
205  H SutcliffeYorkshire v Warwickshire1933f14227
205*AD NourseSouth Africans v Warwickshire1947f17675
204  A SandhamSurrey v Warwickshire1930f13287
204*J IddonLancashire v Warwickshire1933f14181
204  CG GreenidgeHampshire v Warwickshire1985f35787
204  JE MorrisDurham v Warwickshire1994f41123
204  NH FairbrotherLancashire v Warwickshire1996f42588
204*AJA WheaterHampshire v Warwickshire2016f57172
203*K TaylorYorkshire v Warwickshire1961f23974
202  JW HearneMiddlesex v Warwickshire1921f10078
202*IM ChappellAustralians v Warwickshire1968f27282
202*GM TurnerWorcestershire v Warwickshire1978f32233
201*RES WyattWarwickshire v Lancashire1937f15873
201*NE BriersLeicestershire v Warwickshire1983f34759
201  GA HickWorcestershire v Warwickshire2001f45985
200*WG QuaifeWarwickshire v Essex1904f6347
200*EG ArnoldWorcestershire v Warwickshire1909f7796
200  FR FosterWarwickshire v Surrey1911f8311
200*D DentonYorkshire v Warwickshire1912f8583
200  LTA BatesWarwickshire v Worcestershire1928f12353
200*JB HobbsSurrey v Warwickshire1928f12483
200*MJK SmithWarwickshire v Worcestershire1959f22827
200*DI GowerEngland v India1979f32650
200*AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1984f35158
200*GE WeltonNottinghamshire v Warwickshire2000f45141





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