Edgbaston, Birmingham - Centuries in Test cricket

294  AN CookEngland v India2011t2003
285*PBH MayEngland v West Indies1957t439
277  GC SmithSouth Africa v England2003t1651
274  Zaheer AbbasPakistan v England1971t687
215  DI GowerEngland v Australia1985t1021
214*D LloydEngland v India1974t741
207  N HussainEngland v Australia1997t1368
200*DI GowerEngland v India1979t851
190  AJ StewartEngland v Pakistan1992t1189
183*MW GattingEngland v India1986t1048
180  ER DexterEngland v Australia1961t507
179  HH GibbsSouth Africa v England2003t1651
167  A FlintoffEngland v West Indies2004t1708
165  Saleem MalikPakistan v England1992t1189
161  OG SmithWest Indies v England1957t439
161  ME TrescothickEngland v Sri Lanka2002t1605
159  MC CowdreyEngland v Pakistan1962t530
157  DM JonesAustralia v England1989t1123
156  MP VaughanEngland v South Africa2003t1651
155  G BoycottEngland v India1979t851
154  MC CowdreyEngland v West Indies1957t439
154  GA GoochEngland v New Zealand1990t1147
154*GC SmithSouth Africa v England2008t1883
153*Javed MiandadPakistan v England1992t1189
152  AC GilchristAustralia v England2001t1550
150  RC FredericksWest Indies v England1973t726
148  RT RobinsonEngland v Australia1985t1021
143  HA GomesWest Indies v England1984t989
142  KP PietersenEngland v Sri Lanka2006t1803
139  RR SarwanWest Indies v England2004t1708
138  JT TyldesleyEngland v Australia1902t70
138*WR HammondEngland v South Africa1929t181
138  GP ThorpeEngland v Australia1997t1368
137  KF BarringtonEngland v New Zealand1965t591
137  ME WaughAustralia v England1993t1230
135  PD CollingwoodEngland v South Africa2008t1883
129  MA TaylorAustralia v England1997t1368
128  N HussainEngland v India1996t1327
127  RA SmithEngland v Pakistan1992t1189
125  GS BlewettAustralia v England1997t1368
124  MW GattingEngland v Pakistan1987t1078
124  Mudassar NazarPakistan v England1987t1078
123  GP ThorpeEngland v Sri Lanka2002t1605
122  SR TendulkarIndia v England1996t1327
120  RH CatterallSouth Africa v England1924t153
117  IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1984t989
116  APE KnottEngland v Pakistan1971t687
114  H SutcliffeEngland v South Africa1929t181
114  RN HarveyAustralia v England1961t507
112  R Subba RowEngland v Australia1961t507
108*BW LuckhurstEngland v Pakistan1971t687
107  ME TrescothickEngland v West Indies2004t1708
107*D RamdinWest Indies v England2012t2045
106  CT RadleyEngland v Pakistan1978t825
105  DW RandallEngland v Pakistan1982t931
105  SR WaughAustralia v England2001t1550
105  DR MartynAustralia v England2001t1550
105  ME TrescothickEngland v West Indies2004t1708
105  MG VandortSri Lanka v England2006t1803
104  MC CowdreyEngland v Australia1968t639
104*Asif IqbalPakistan v England1971t687
104  RB RichardsonWest Indies v England1991t1174
104  EJG MorganEngland v India2011t2003
103  MA AthertonEngland v South Africa1998t1417
103*MJ ClarkeAustralia v England2009t1928
101*PH ParfittEngland v Pakistan1962t530
100  PE RichardsonEngland v New Zealand1958t454
100  Mushtaq MohammadPakistan v England1971t687
100  MH DennessEngland v India1974t741
100  IT BothamEngland v Pakistan1978t825
100*MW GattingEngland v Australia1985t1021





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