Edgbaston, Birmingham - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Twenty20 matches

3R McLarenSussex v Kent2007tt708
3IDK SalisburyNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2008tt994
3RJ Hamilton-BrownSomerset v Sussex2009tt1352
3GR BreeseWarwickshire v Durham2010tt1751
3R ClarkeYorkshire v Warwickshire2010tt1856
3AB McDonaldWarwickshire v Leicestershire2011tt2347
3JM VinceSomerset v Hampshire2011tt2370
3KA PollardLeicestershire v Somerset2011tt2371
3LJ EvansNottinghamshire v Warwickshire2014tt4430
2IR BellWorcestershire v Warwickshire2004tt90
2M van JaarsveldWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2004tt92
2DL HempLeicestershire v Glamorgan2004tt113
2BJ HodgeGlamorgan v Leicestershire2004tt113
2JL SadlerGlamorgan v Leicestershire2004tt113
2MF ClearySurrey v Leicestershire2004tt114
2IJL TrottGlamorgan v Warwickshire2005tt206
2D PretoriusWorcestershire v Warwickshire2005tt215
2AGR LoudonWorcestershire v Warwickshire2005tt215
2IR BellNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2005tt233
2DL HempWarwickshire v Glamorgan2006tt374
2RN GrantWarwickshire v Glamorgan2006tt374
2MCJ BallWarwickshire v Gloucestershire2006tt386
2NV KnightWorcestershire v Warwickshire2006tt417
2BJ PhillipsWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2006tt426
2C PietersenWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2006tt426
2JL LangerWarwickshire v Somerset2007tt649
2JO TroughtonSomerset v Warwickshire2007tt649
2AGR LoudonSomerset v Warwickshire2007tt649
2LM DaggettGlamorgan v Warwickshire2007tt655
2RJ SillenceWarwickshire v Worcestershire2007tt701
2SJ CroftWarwickshire v Lancashire2007tt706
2HJH MarshallKent v Gloucestershire2007tt709
2HJH MarshallLancashire v Gloucestershire2007tt707
2RJ KirtleyKent v Sussex2007tt708
2TD GroenewaldGloucestershire v Warwickshire2008tt968
2JO TroughtonKent v Warwickshire2008tt998
2JL DenlyWarwickshire v Kent2008tt998
2JO TroughtonWorcestershire v Warwickshire2009tt1252
2BF SmithWarwickshire v Worcestershire2009tt1252
2SA PioletNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2009tt1265
2DJ WilleyWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2009tt1265
2JO TroughtonGloucestershire v Warwickshire2009tt1279
2CM SpearmanWarwickshire v Gloucestershire2009tt1279
2PD TregoWarwickshire v Somerset2009tt1341
2AG BothaSomerset v Warwickshire2009tt1341
2JS PatelSomerset v Warwickshire2009tt1341
2MH YardySomerset v Sussex2009tt1352
2SI MahmoodWarwickshire v Lancashire2010tt1761
2SC MooreWarwickshire v Lancashire2010tt1761
2AG BothaLeicestershire v Warwickshire2010tt1794
2DL MaddyLeicestershire v Warwickshire2010tt1794
2JO TroughtonDerbyshire v Warwickshire2010tt1802
2GM SmithWarwickshire v Derbyshire2010tt1802
2Shahid AfridiAustralia v Pakistan2010tt1832
2DL MaddyWorcestershire v Warwickshire2010tt1865
2KHD BarkerNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2011tt2218
2WTS PorterfieldNottinghamshire v Warwickshire2011tt2222
2SJ MullaneyWarwickshire v Nottinghamshire2011tt2222
2WJ DurstonWarwickshire v Derbyshire2011tt2317
2GT ParkWarwickshire v Derbyshire2011tt2317
2TC KnightWarwickshire v Derbyshire2011tt2317
2GJ MuchallWarwickshire v Durham2011tt2334
2DA MillerWarwickshire v Durham2011tt2334
2EJG MorganSouth Africa v England2012tt3096
2JM BairstowSouth Africa v England2012tt3096
2WTS PorterfieldNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2013tt3729
2AG WakelyWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2013tt3729
2CS MacLeodWarwickshire v Durham2014tt4372
2V ChopraNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire2014tt4389
2CJ RussellWarwickshire v Worcestershire2014tt4438





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