County Ground, Hove - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

335*MW GoodwinSussex v Leicestershire2003f47431
333  KS DuleepsinhjiSussex v Northamptonshire1930f13036
322  E PaynterLancashire v Sussex1937f15879
300*VT TrumperAustralians v Sussex1899f5190
286*WL MurdochAustralians v Sussex1882f2473
286  GL JessopGloucestershire v Sussex1903f6082
284  MA NobleAustralians v Sussex1902f5935
283  EH BowleySussex v Middlesex1933f14371
280*EH BowleySussex v Gloucestershire1929f12638
278  TER CookSussex v Hampshire1930f13205
274*MW GoodwinSussex v Yorkshire2011f53256
267  MA NobleAustralians v Sussex1905f6712
266*MR RamprakashSurrey v Sussex2007f50072
264*GJ MordauntOxford University v Sussex1895f4268
258  LWP WellsSussex v Durham2017f57902
257  MH YardySussex v Bangladeshis2005f48675
254  KC WesselsSussex v Middlesex1980f33215
250*JG LangridgeSussex v Glamorgan1933f14397
250  AF KippaxAustralians v Sussex1934f14790
249  AO JonesNottinghamshire v Sussex1901f5593
246  CEB RiceNottinghamshire v Sussex1976f31228
243*WG GraceGloucestershire v Sussex1896f4429
241  CB FrySussex v Cambridge University1901f5605
236  FB WatsonLancashire v Sussex1928f12517
234*G CoxSussex v Indians1946f17258
233  DM GreenGloucestershire v Sussex1968f27375
229  CB FrySussex v Surrey1900f5410
229  CB FrySussex v Yorkshire1904f6481
228  EH BowleySussex v Northamptonshire1921f9992
226  WL MurdochSussex v Cambridge University1895f4263
226  CB FrySussex v Derbyshire1904f6346
225*PJ PrichardEssex v Sussex1993f40664
222  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Somerset1900f5340
222*NJ LenhamSussex v Kent1992f39922
220  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Kent1900f5485
220  EH BowleySussex v Gloucestershire1927f12041
219  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Essex1901f5638
219  CJ TavaréSomerset v Sussex1990f38884
217*RA HarperWest Indians v Sussex1988f37516
215*FM LucasSussex v Gloucestershire1885f2891
215  WG GraceGloucestershire v Sussex1888f3239
215  SMJ WoodsSomerset v Sussex1895f4242
214  CB FrySussex v Worcestershire1908f7503
214*MW GoodwinSussex v Warwickshire2006f49343
213*HP ChaplinSussex v Nottinghamshire1914f9155
213*J HardstaffNottinghamshire v Sussex1914f9155
213  Zaheer AbbasGloucestershire v Sussex1978f32069
212  JG DewesCambridge University v Sussex1950f18750
212*MH RichardsonNew Zealand A v Sussex2000f45173
211  CB FrySussex v Hampshire1904f6455
211  CG GreenidgeHampshire v Sussex1978f32104
211*Mudassar NazarPakistanis v Sussex1982f34136
211*Javed MiandadPakistanis v Sussex1987f36982
210*ME TrescothickSomerset v Sussex2015f56528
209  A ShrewsburyNottinghamshire v Sussex1884f2773
209  CB FrySussex v Yorkshire1901f5699
209*GD MendisSussex v Somerset1984f35312
207*KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Lancashire1904f6462
205  VA BartonHampshire v Sussex1900f5403
205  VM MerchantIndians v Sussex1946f17258
205*G CoxSussex v Glamorgan1947f17634
205*JM ParksSussex v Somerset1955f21103
205*MW GoodwinSussex v Surrey2007f50072
204  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Lancashire1901f5685
204  IVA RichardsSomerset v Sussex1977f31631
203  MW TateSussex v Northamptonshire1921f9992
203  CM WellsSussex v Hampshire1984f35186
203*NR TaylorKent v Sussex1991f39512
203  DR BrownWarwickshire v Sussex2000f45109
202  TC O'BrienMiddlesex v Sussex1895f4254
202  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Middlesex1900f5423
201*W NewhamSussex v Somerset1896f4435
201*CB FrySussex v Nottinghamshire1905f6558
201  KG ViljoenSouth Africans v Sussex1947f17734
201*MJ PriorSussex v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2004f47974
200  EH KillickSussex v Yorkshire1901f5699
200  CB FrySussex v Surrey1903f6142
200  RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Sussex1993f40549
200  CJ AdamsSussex v Northamptonshire2004f47994





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