County Ground, Hove - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

19Sussex v Nottinghamshire1873f1781
24Sussex v Yorkshire1878f2166
33Sussex v Yorkshire1939f16723
35Sussex v Yorkshire1878f2166
39Gloucestershire v Sussex1935f15044
40Sussex v Surrey1877f2072
40Leicestershire v Sussex1960f23437
41Sussex v Nottinghamshire1902f5856
41Glamorgan v Sussex1925f11185
42Yorkshire v Sussex1922f10391
44Sussex v Surrey1894f4135
45Sussex v Derbyshire1880f2343
45Sussex v Lancashire1891f3673
46Sussex v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1897f4696
46Northamptonshire v Sussex1928f12361
47Sussex v Australians1878f2180
47Sussex v Kent1922f10397
48Sussex v Yorkshire1890f3562
48Gloucestershire v Sussex1909f7667
49South Africans v Sussex1907f7203
53Sussex v Kent1879f2228
54Kent v Sussex1891f3657
54Somerset v Sussex1970f28381
57Sussex v Derbyshire1908f7402
57Northamptonshire v Sussex1934f14687
58Sussex v Gloucestershire1891f3607
58Glamorgan v Sussex1963f24693
58Glamorgan v Sussex1985f35768
59Kent v Sussex1875f1897
59Sussex v West Indians1963f24797
60Sussex v Gloucestershire1873f1750
60Sussex v Kent1879f2228
60Hampshire v Sussex1883f2604
60Lancashire v Sussex1886f3059
60Sussex v Yorkshire1924f11071
62Sussex v Nottinghamshire1902f5856
62Sussex v Australians1921f10094
63Sussex v Yorkshire1873f1770
63Sussex v Kent1890f3526
64Sussex v Lancashire1889f3415
64Lancashire v Sussex1898f4995
64Glamorgan v Sussex1956f21272
66Sussex v Yorkshire1888f3328
66Gloucestershire v Sussex1913f8972
66Leicestershire v Sussex1931f13596
66Nottinghamshire v Sussex1966f26307
67Derbyshire v Sussex1906f6859
67Sussex v Kent1907f7114
67Sussex v Lancashire1935f14946
67West Indians v Sussex1966f26300
67Cambridge University v Sussex1989f38152
68Sussex v Lancashire1877f2078
68Australians v Sussex1888f3292
68Somerset v Sussex1914f9168
69Nottinghamshire v Sussex1935f14912
69Northamptonshire v Sussex1937f15705
69Sussex v Lancashire1966f26252
70Kent v Sussex1872f1719
70Derbyshire v Sussex1920f9681
70Sussex v Surrey1958f22449
71Surrey v Sussex1875f1914
71Sussex v Gloucestershire1878f2130
71Kent v Sussex1878f2136
71Essex v Sussex1902f5983
71Sussex v Gloucestershire2000f45269
72Yorkshire v Sussex1903f6232
72Sussex v West Indians1923f10504
72Sussex v Middlesex1930f13252
72Sussex v Worcestershire1965f25998
72Oxford University v Sussex1967f26810
73Nottinghamshire v Sussex1874f1847
73Sussex v Gloucestershire1876f1952
73Sussex v Nottinghamshire1885f2918
73Sussex v Gloucestershire1894f4012
73Hampshire v Sussex1900f5403
73Sussex v Glamorgan1964f25198
74Sussex v Derbyshire1883f2694
74Nottinghamshire v Sussex1936f15424
74Hampshire v Sussex1974f30207
75Australians v Sussex1878f2180
75Sussex v Lancashire1894f4119
75Somerset v Sussex1897f4686
75Sussex v Essex1902f5983
75West Indians v Sussex1923f10504
75Somerset v Sussex1929f12767
76Sussex v Middlesex1893f3885
76Somerset v Sussex1904f6327
76Derbyshire v Sussex1908f7402
76Sussex v South Africans1912f8682
76Lancashire v Sussex1924f11064
76Somerset v Sussex1936f15376
77Sussex v Kent1891f3657
77Worcestershire v Sussex1922f10187
77Sussex v Yorkshire1938f16359
77Sussex v Oxford University1959f22816
77Glamorgan v Sussex1967f26721
77Sussex v Hampshire1978f32104
78Leicestershire v Sussex1964f25224
78Leicestershire v Sussex1968f27229
79Glamorgan v Sussex1925f11185
80Sussex v Australians1878f2180
80Sussex v Oxford University1900f5379
80Gloucestershire v Sussex1913f8972
81Sussex v Surrey1889f3399
81Sussex v Nottinghamshire1907f7140
81Hampshire v Sussex2001f45931
82Sussex v Yorkshire1890f3562
82Sussex v Cambridge University1892f3741
82Sussex v Surrey1892f3766
83Sussex v Oxford University1890f3507
83Sussex v Yorkshire1922f10391
83Sussex v Yorkshire1924f11071
83Middlesex v Sussex1952f19736
83Surrey v Sussex1958f22449
83Sussex v Yorkshire2009f51743
84Sussex v Lancashire1876f1996
84Sussex v Nottinghamshire1888f3261
84Northamptonshire v Sussex1931f13586
85Worcestershire v Sussex1920f9618
85Sussex v Surrey1958f22449
85Worcestershire v Sussex1982f34111
85Glamorgan v Sussex2018f58747
86Sussex v Gloucestershire1877f2033
86Hampshire v Sussex1881f2396
86Sussex v Lancashire1890f3551
86Middlesex v Sussex1891f3641
86Sussex v Lancashire1925f11402
86Sussex v Australians1948f17936
86Sussex v Essex1966f26345
87Hampshire v Sussex1885f2869
87Sussex v Nottinghamshire1887f3168
87Sussex v Middlesex1892f3805
87Cambridge University v Sussex1905f6635
87Hampshire v Sussex1920f9751
87Sussex v Nottinghamshire1970f28200
88Australians v Sussex1888f3292
88Sussex v Lancashire1891f3673
88Derbyshire v Sussex1913f8836
88Sussex v Essex1925f11169
88Sussex v Australians1968f27288
88Glamorgan v Sussex2018f58747
89Nottinghamshire v Sussex1874f1847
89Kent v Sussex1875f1897
89Middlesex v Sussex1906f6926
89Sussex v Lancashire1925f11402
89West Indians v Sussex1928f12508
89Sussex v Oxford University1933f14264
89Oxford University v Sussex1933f14264
89Surrey v Sussex1958f22449
89Yorkshire v Sussex2007f50200
90Kent v Sussex1887f3155
90Sussex v Oxford University1897f4714
90Sussex v Gloucestershire1902f5798
90Cambridge University v Sussex1908f7444
90Hampshire v Sussex1910f7929
90Nottinghamshire v Sussex1960f23178
90Sussex v Derbyshire1975f30704
90Middlesex v Sussex1998f43826
91Sussex v Surrey1873f1784
91Sussex v Australians1890f3533
91Sussex v Yorkshire1898f5006
91Essex v Sussex1905f6777
91Middlesex v Sussex1949f18445
91Surrey v Sussex1965f25738
91Sussex v Glamorgan1965f25954
92Sussex v Surrey1884f2781
92Sussex v Surrey1891f3634
92Yorkshire v Sussex1901f5699
92Sussex v Lancashire1902f5954
92Sussex v Middlesex1920f9713
92Essex v Sussex1937f15742
92Sussex v Worcestershire1937f15831
93Sussex v Hampshire1875f1903
93Sussex v Gloucestershire1878f2130
93Cambridge University Past and Present v Australians1884f2823
93Sussex v Nottinghamshire1885f2918
93Essex v Sussex1902f5983
93Derbyshire v Sussex1905f6737
93Gloucestershire v Sussex1925f11247
93Glamorgan v Sussex1932f13939
93Glamorgan v Sussex1933f14397
93Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University v Sussex2014f55554
94Yorkshire v Sussex1878f2166
94Sussex v Hampshire1882f2485
94Hampshire v Sussex1883f2604
94Somerset v Sussex1908f7483
94Leicestershire v Sussex1923f10726
94Glamorgan v Sussex1939f16477
95Sussex v Yorkshire1874f1851
95Sussex v Australians1882f2473
95Sussex v Nottinghamshire1886f2988
95Sussex v Yorkshire1888f3328
95Sussex v Yorkshire1889f3427
95Sussex v Essex1898f5014
95Sussex v Middlesex1904f6495
95Sussex v Northamptonshire1911f8264
95Sussex v Middlesex1912f8663
95Oxford University v Sussex1913f8857
95Sussex v Yorkshire1922f10391
95Worcestershire v Sussex1929f12778
95Somerset v Sussex1933f14190
95Oxford University v Sussex1933f14264
96Sussex v Nottinghamshire1873f1781
96Sussex v Kent1878f2136
96Kent v Sussex1879f2228
96Sussex v Surrey1890f3522
96Yorkshire v Sussex1903f6232
96Middlesex v Sussex1906f6926
96Sussex v Australians1909f7845
96Derbyshire v Sussex1931f13568
96Sussex v Leicestershire1948f17902
96Warwickshire v Sussex1961f23660
96Sussex v Jamaica1970f28367
96Middlesex v Sussex1975f30580
96Warwickshire v Sussex1977f31675
96Warwickshire v Sussex1988f37674
96Glamorgan v Sussex2005f48804
97Lancashire v Sussex1876f1996
97Sussex v Surrey1886f3040
97Sussex v Kent1889f3419
97Sussex v Gloucestershire1899f5080
97Derbyshire v Sussex1909f7751
97Sussex v Worcestershire1926f11588
97Sussex v Warwickshire1950f18686
97Sussex v South Africans1955f20923
98Sussex v Hampshire1875f1903
98Sussex v Surrey1882f2516
98Sussex v Australians1888f3292
98Sussex v Middlesex1892f3805
98Nottinghamshire v Sussex1895f4305
98Sussex v Gloucestershire1901f5551
98Sussex v Essex1920f9601
98Middlesex v Sussex1932f13998
98Nottinghamshire v Sussex1935f14912
99Sussex v Yorkshire1892f3782
99Somerset v Sussex1908f7483
99Derbyshire v Sussex1913f8836
99Sussex v Hampshire1966f26336
99Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University v Sussex2018f58612





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