St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

676Australians v Kent1921f10050
671Hampshire v Kent2002f46578
648Surrey v Kent1990f38900
616-7dKent v Somerset1996f42537
612-8dLeicestershire v Kent2001f45903
603-6dKent v Middlesex2006f49524
600-6dKent v Nottinghamshire2006f49426
595-9dEngland A v Pakistanis2006f49437
594Kent v Warwickshire2003f47427
591New Zealanders v Kent1999f44487
587Kent v Glamorgan2005f48754
577-7dKent v Hampshire2002f46578
576-8dKent v Northamptonshire2001f46006
575Kent v Leicestershire1995f41738
575Durham v Kent2006f49340
574-9dDerbyshire v Kent2016f57152
570-8dKent v Lancashire2015f56510
568Kent v Sussex1906f6989
561-8dNorthamptonshire v Kent1995f41718
559Yorkshire v Kent1887f3173
559Surrey v Kent1995f41849
557-9Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1876f1988
556Kent v Lancashire1994f41101
554-7dHampshire v Kent2006f49475
550-9dKent v Warwickshire2007f50139
549-6dKent v Middlesex2005f48784
544Glamorgan v Kent1999f44448
541Kent v Essex1999f44509
535Kent v Surrey2003f47413
535Kent v Middlesex2004f48123
533-8dKent v Hampshire2007f50080
533Kent v Yorkshire2006f49375
533Kent v Leicestershire2012f54048
530Leicestershire v Kent2002f46732
528Lancashire v Kent1914f9247
527Kent v Sussex2004f48066
525-9dKent v Essex1997f43185
524-6dKent v Glamorgan1993f40681
523Kent v Indians1936f15561
522-9Australians v Kent1909f7827
517Kent v Lancashire1998f43702
517Kent v Surrey2009f51719
513Kent v Hampshire2013f54900
507-8dAustralians v Kent2015f56446
504-7dKent v Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University2010f52377
500-8dDurham v Kent2008f50966





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