St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

18-96H ArkwrightGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1861f1170
15-94AP FreemanKent v Somerset1931f13625
15-146EM GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1862f1209
15-147WG GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1873f1776
14-115JA YoungMiddlesex v Kent1953f20172
14-129AP FreemanKent v Hampshire1927f12091
14-131AP FreemanKent v Nottinghamshire1929f12860
14-144TM AldermanKent v Leicestershire1986f36487
14-158DL UnderwoodKent v Worcestershire1983f34737
14-159H ArkwrightGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1864f1291
14-172J LillywhiteSouth v North1873f1775
14-181AP FreemanKent v Essex1928f12478
13-48W CaffynSurrey v Kent1862f1188
13-48G WoottonEngland v Kent1864f1290
13-61C BlytheKent v Yorkshire1903f6224
13-79FE WoolleyKent v Middlesex1922f10354
13-84AP FreemanKent v Glamorgan1932f14003
13-90J JacksonKent v England1858f1070
13-94C BlytheKent v Leicestershire1913f8965
13-106W WrightKent v Middlesex1889f3410
13-119JA YoungMiddlesex v Kent1949f18449
13-125AS KennedyHampshire v Kent1920f9710
13-132Mushtaq AhmedSussex v Kent2006f49510
13-135J BriggsLancashire v Kent1897f4761
13-135RA WoolmerKent v Sussex1972f29282
13-136C BlytheKent v Leicestershire1908f7560
13-213A FielderKent v Lancashire1907f7265
13-227NBF MannSouth Africans v Kent1947f17723
12--2WR HillyerKent v England1847f752
12--2J WisdenEngland v Kent1849f812
12--2ET DrakeGentlemen of England v Gentlemen of Kent1853f928
12-63A RichardsonWorcestershire v Kent2013f54846
12-66R LipscombGentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1865f1341
12-74J JacksonNorth v South1859f1104
12-79E WillsherKent v England1861f1169
12-79R LipscombGentlemen of Kent v Marylebone Cricket Club1866f1400
12-80WM RoseNorth v South1871f1658
12-91T SewellKent v England1863f1246
12-91FS JacksonYorkshire v Kent1895f4328
12-96G BennettSouth v North1865f1340
12-110GA MilmanGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1863f1247
12-112AP FreemanKent v Derbyshire1933f14376
12-114Zulfiqar AhmedPakistanis v Kent1954f20653
12-118FC CobdenGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1870f1601
12-120G WoottonNorth of the Thames v South of the Thames1867f1451
12-120TW GarrettAustralians v Kent1882f2547
12-123C BlytheKent v Worcestershire1900f5471
12-125LL WilkinsonLancashire v Kent1938f16288
12-142WM BradleyKent v Surrey1901f5676
12-144WG GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1871f1659
12-144MM PatelKent v Somerset2001f45961
12-154DL UnderwoodKent v Essex1981f33658
12-160CS MarriottKent v New Zealanders1931f13680
12-172SMJ WoodsSomerset v Kent1894f4043
12-181AP FreemanKent v Essex1926f11714
12-182A CotterAustralians v Kent1905f6763
12-196C BlytheKent v Hampshire1908f7528
12-218W BrearleyLancashire v Kent1911f8375





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