Headingley, Leeds - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

15-50R PeelYorkshire v Somerset1895f4307
15-99C BlytheEngland v South Africa1907f7240
15-154T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1897f4701
14-65S HaighYorkshire v Gloucestershire1912f8558
14-70WC HedleySomerset v Yorkshire1895f4307
14-90R TattersallLancashire v Yorkshire1956f21285
14-92H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1937f15908
14-107GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1892f3745
13-68CM WellsMiddlesex v Yorkshire1900f5453
13-75FD StephensonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1989f38067
13-78GH HirstYorkshire v Lancashire1910f7931
13-94S HaighYorkshire v Middlesex1900f5453
13-97H VerityYorkshire v Warwickshire1931f13430
13-97H VerityYorkshire v Leicestershire1935f15003
13-100R AspinallYorkshire v Somerset1949f18248
13-102H VerityYorkshire v Northamptonshire1933f14310
13-115EP RobinsonYorkshire v Lancashire1939f16667
13-142TWJ GoddardGloucestershire v Yorkshire1937f15725
12-50GG MacaulayYorkshire v Worcestershire1927f11910
12-58W RhodesYorkshire v Gloucestershire1902f5918
12-65JT RawlinMiddlesex v Yorkshire1892f3767
12-66GH HirstYorkshire v Leicestershire1906f6848
12-72SP KirbyYorkshire v Leicestershire2001f45919
12-73AG NicholsonYorkshire v Glamorgan1964f25317
12-74H VerityYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1932f13952
12-75J BriggsLancashire v Yorkshire1893f3888
12-80JDF LarterNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1965f25833
12-89GH HirstYorkshire v Middlesex1895f4345
12-95S HaighYorkshire v Worcestershire1905f6593
12-101TE BaileyEssex v Yorkshire1960f23362
12-115J BriggsNorth v Australians1890f3563
12-117WE BowesYorkshire v Kent1933f14201
12-126A WaddingtonYorkshire v Gloucestershire1919f9448
12-142EJ BarlowRest of the World XI v England1970f28332
12-148CEW SilverwoodYorkshire v Kent1997f43242
12-157JE EmbureyMiddlesex v Yorkshire1995f41888
12-165TG WassNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1908f7486





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