Grace Road, Leicester - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

281*KR MillerAustralians v Leicestershire1956f21243
275  KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Leicestershire1900f5399
262  BJ HodgeLeicestershire v Durham2004f48053
261  PV SimmonsLeicestershire v Northamptonshire1994f41071
259  MA ButcherSurrey v Leicestershire1999f44435
257  WJ EdrichMiddlesex v Leicestershire1947f17615
253  LB FishlockSurrey v Leicestershire1948f17891
253  MEK HusseyDurham v Leicestershire2005f48623
249  JT TyldesleyLancashire v Leicestershire1899f5160
248*A LythYorkshire v Leicestershire2012f54102
241*FMM WorrellWest Indians v Leicestershire1950f18810
239*KJ BarnettDerbyshire v Leicestershire1988f37619
237  JWA TaylorLeicestershire v Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University2011f53180
232  NJ SpeakLancashire v Leicestershire1992f39903
230*SP JamesGlamorgan v Leicestershire1995f41890
229*DL MaddyLeicestershire v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2003f47276
228  DI GowerLeicestershire v Glamorgan1989f38044
225  MW GattingMiddlesex v Leicestershire1994f41141
224  CT SteelDurham v Leicestershire2017f57968
219  KJ CoetzerNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire2013f54870
216  IVA RichardsSomerset v Leicestershire1983f34694
215  A HabibLeicestershire v Worcestershire1996f42414
212  M AzharuddinDerbyshire v Leicestershire1991f39503
210  D BrookesNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1947f17664
210*MR HallamLeicestershire v Glamorgan1959f22711
210  AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Leicestershire1982f34102
209  CJL RogersLeicestershire v Australians2005f48732
208  HM AckermanNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire1970f28365
207  FL FaneEssex v Leicestershire1899f5206
206*JWA TaylorLeicestershire v Middlesex2010f52451
204*G BoycottYorkshire v Leicestershire1972f29292
204  VJ WellsLeicestershire v Northamptonshire1996f42517
203*Mohsin KhanPakistanis v Leicestershire1982f34171
202*KR MillerAustralians v Leicestershire1948f17855
202*RN HarveyAustralians v Leicestershire1953f19939
202  B DudlestonLeicestershire v Derbyshire1979f32712
202*BJ HodgeLeicestershire v Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2003f47276
200*ED WeekesWest Indians v Leicestershire1950f18810
200  MR HallamLeicestershire v Derbyshire1959f22674
200*JJ WhitakerLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1986f36426





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