Seedhill, Nelson - Lowest Team Totals in Lancashire League matches

12Accrington v Nelson1934ll7224
13Nelson v Accrington1902ll1916
15Bacup v Nelson1898ll1023
18Accrington v Nelson1944ll8962
21Ramsbottom v Nelson1932ll6847
23Lowerhouse v Nelson1923ll5321
25Rishton v Nelson1934ll7386
26Haslingden v Nelson1913ll3769
27East Lancashire v Nelson1924ll5389
27Lowerhouse v Nelson1934ll7252
28Enfield v Nelson1906ll2651
29Nelson v Rawtenstall1914ll3956
29Enfield v Nelson1923ll5383
30Enfield v Nelson1892ll14
30Enfield v Nelson1949ll9824
30Rishton v Nelson1967ll13205
31Burnley v Nelson1932ll6900
32Nelson v Colne1907ll2756
32Haslingden v Nelson1969ll13582
33Rawtenstall v Nelson1908ll2992
33Lowerhouse v Nelson1919ll4617
34Rishton v Nelson1892ll2
34Bacup v Nelson1899ll1214
34Haslingden v Nelson1906ll2637
34East Lancashire v Nelson1932ll6964
35Nelson v Burnley1897ll880
35Rawtenstall v Nelson1930ll6482
36Nelson v Burnley1906ll2588
36Lowerhouse v Nelson1921ll4990
36Nelson v Todmorden1943ll8913
37Rishton v Nelson1907ll2813
37Nelson v Haslingden1932ll6910
37Lowerhouse v Nelson1969ll13610
38Nelson v Lowerhouse1921ll4990
38Church v Nelson1922ll5053
38Rishton v Nelson1958ll11617
39Nelson v Colne1944ll9056
40Nelson v Church1920ll4716
40Nelson v Accrington1926ll5889
40Rishton v Nelson1941ll8614
41Rawtenstall v Nelson1892ll30
41Enfield v Nelson1919ll4575
41East Lancashire v Nelson1925ll5711
41Rawtenstall v Nelson1996ll18442
42Church v Nelson1932ll7007
42Colne v Nelson1954ll10793
42Todmorden v Nelson1967ll13240
42Nelson v Accrington1988ll16979
43Church v Nelson1895ll528
43Nelson v Lowerhouse1899ll1200
43Bacup v Nelson1908ll2845
43Haslingden v Nelson1919ll4609
43Nelson v Todmorden1926ll5865
43Ramsbottom v Nelson1926ll5909
44Nelson v Colne1909ll3137
44Nelson v Todmorden1971ll13968
45Lowerhouse v Nelson1897ll903
45Colne v Nelson1908ll2920
45Nelson v Accrington1912ll3730
45Nelson v Burnley1920ll4787
45Rawtenstall v Nelson1923ll5274
45Rawtenstall v Nelson2014ll21690
46Ramsbottom v Nelson1923ll5228
46Lowerhouse v Nelson1924ll5528
46Ramsbottom v Nelson1943ll8802
46Bacup v Nelson1944ll8955
46Haslingden v Nelson1966ll13036
46Rishton v Nelson1969ll13569
46Nelson v Enfield1973ll14192
47Church v Nelson1909ll3197
47Lowerhouse v Nelson1920ll4723
47Nelson v Church1963ll12455
47Colne v Nelson1968ll13289
47Nelson v Ramsbottom2011ll21172
48East Lancashire v Nelson1920ll4670
48Rawtenstall v Nelson1934ll7237
49Haslingden v Nelson1893ll330
49Accrington v Nelson1902ll1916
49Nelson v Enfield1924ll5410
49Nelson v Ramsbottom1924ll5507
49Rawtenstall v Nelson1955ll10909
49Rishton v Nelson1959ll11780
49Todmorden v Nelson1965ll12863
49Nelson v East Lancashire1973ll14318
50Rishton v Nelson1919ll4499
50Bacup v Nelson1920ll4690
50Haslingden v Nelson1925ll5747
50Church v Nelson1961ll12001
51Nelson v Colne1902ll1826
51Rawtenstall v Nelson1916ll4472
51Burnley v Nelson1925ll5654
51Accrington v Nelson1939ll8123
51Rawtenstall v Nelson1957ll11266
51Nelson v Church1961ll12001
51Lowerhouse v Nelson1971ll13974
51Nelson v Church1980ll15585
52Enfield v Nelson1895ll536
52Nelson v Burnley1914ll3971
52East Lancashire v Nelson1915ll4284
52Lowerhouse v Nelson1925ll5733
52Nelson v Haslingden1926ll5774
52Colne v Nelson1931ll6746
52Colne v Nelson1935ll7471
52Nelson v Rawtenstall1981ll15662
53Rawtenstall v Nelson1898ll1047
53Burnley v Nelson1920ll4787
53Nelson v Todmorden1920ll4807
53Nelson v Haslingden1941ll8605
53Ramsbottom v Nelson1955ll11071
53Rawtenstall v Nelson1964ll12628
54Ramsbottom v Nelson1906ll2527
54Accrington v Nelson1908ll3006
54Nelson v Enfield1920ll4682
54Nelson v Haslingden1921ll5011
54Nelson v Ramsbottom1927ll6035
54Nelson v Ramsbottom1973ll14339
55Church v Nelson1896ll713
55Rawtenstall v Nelson1903ll2099
55Enfield v Nelson1904ll2263
55Rawtenstall v Nelson1929ll6475
55Nelson v Church1934ll7332
55Bacup v Nelson1948ll9738
55Lowerhouse v Nelson1954ll10853
55Enfield v Nelson1985ll16518
56East Lancashire v Nelson1893ll180
56Haslingden v Nelson1894ll441
56Nelson v Haslingden1906ll2637
56Nelson v Colne1921ll4973
56Nelson v Bacup1922ll5038
56Rishton v Nelson1935ll7391
56Lowerhouse v Nelson1960ll11868
56Nelson v Church1969ll13453
56Accrington v Nelson1970ll13759
56Nelson v East Lancashire2000ll19163
57Colne v Nelson1899ll1305
57Colne v Nelson1920ll4734
57Nelson v Accrington1925ll5578
57Bacup v Nelson1929ll6305
57Todmorden v Nelson1933ll7067
57Bacup v Nelson1940ll8343
57Nelson v Rishton1950ll9985
57Church v Nelson1964ll12693
58Ramsbottom v Nelson1903ll1945
58Nelson v Church1907ll2826
58Nelson v Colne1913ll3861
58Lowerhouse v Nelson1932ll6889
58Rawtenstall v Nelson1933ll7150
58Haslingden v Nelson1952ll10483
58Colne v Nelson1964ll12599
58Todmorden v Nelson1970ll13702
59Nelson v Colne1903ll2027
59Lowerhouse v Nelson1905ll2462
59Church v Nelson1906ll2612
59Church v Nelson1908ll2976
59Nelson v Burnley1913ll3802
59Burnley v Nelson1919ll4529
59Todmorden v Nelson1920ll4807
59Rawtenstall v Nelson1932ll6968
59Bacup v Nelson1933ll7081
59Colne v Nelson1955ll10930
60Rishton v Nelson1908ll2856
60Enfield v Nelson1932ll6863
60Nelson v Colne1941ll8549
60Colne v Nelson1950ll10058
60Haslingden v Nelson1950ll10160
60Nelson v Church1953ll10644
60Todmorden v Nelson1955ll11008
60Nelson v Bacup1961ll12088
61Accrington v Nelson1893ll233
61Todmorden v Nelson1901ll1593
61Nelson v Rishton1905ll2295
61Accrington v Nelson1919ll4485
61Burnley v Nelson1926ll5809
61Todmorden v Nelson1946ll9406
61Haslingden v Nelson1972ll14094
61Lowerhouse v Nelson2009ll20831
62Nelson v Accrington1907ll2673
62Nelson v Rishton1914ll4048
62Nelson v Rishton1921ll4842
62Todmorden v Nelson1929ll6328
62Nelson v Rishton1979ll15440
62Burnley v Nelson1987ll16790
62Colne v Nelson2009ll20788
63Church v Nelson1892ll130
63Nelson v Enfield1899ll1374
63Burnley v Nelson1914ll3971
63Nelson v Burnley1944ll9017
63Nelson v East Lancashire1951ll10304
63Accrington v Nelson1960ll11913
63Nelson v Ramsbottom1983ll16147
64Bacup v Nelson1893ll300
64Rawtenstall v Nelson1894ll390
64Church v Nelson1933ll7135
65Nelson v Church1925ll5612
65Nelson v Haslingden1925ll5747
65Haslingden v Nelson1939ll8277
65Rawtenstall v Nelson2009ll20780
66Lowerhouse v Nelson1893ll226
66Accrington v Nelson1906ll2573
66Church v Nelson1959ll11644
66Enfield v Nelson1963ll12358
66Enfield v Nelson1967ll13198
66Nelson v Accrington1973ll14228
67Bacup v Nelson1892ll24
67Church v Nelson1910ll3219
67Enfield v Nelson1920ll4682
67Enfield v Nelson1924ll5410
67Ramsbottom v Nelson1928ll6215
67Nelson v Rawtenstall1932ll6968
67Burnley v Nelson1941ll8578
67Nelson v Colne1968ll13289
67Nelson v Todmorden1973ll14198
67Rawtenstall v Nelson1973ll14262
67Nelson v Lowerhouse2014ll21754
68Lowerhouse v Nelson1898ll1062
68Bacup v Nelson1904ll2238
68East Lancashire v Nelson1912ll3625
68Rishton v Nelson1920ll4752
68Church v Nelson1923ll5369
68Colne v Nelson1925ll5645
68Bacup v Nelson1934ll7370
68Nelson v Rishton1957ll11413
68Rawtenstall v Nelson1969ll13506
68Nelson v Rawtenstall1971ll13814
68Nelson v Haslingden1980ll15570
68Nelson v Church2000ll19086
68Rishton v Nelson2005ll20018
69Ramsbottom v Nelson1893ll160
69Bury v Nelson1893ll286
69Nelson v Church1913ll3926
69Ramsbottom v Nelson1924ll5507
69Nelson v East Lancashire1944ll9044
69Todmorden v Nelson1960ll11945
69Rawtenstall v Nelson1966ll12897
69Todmorden v Nelson1975ll14642
69Haslingden v Nelson1979ll15395
70Rishton v Nelson1894ll407
70Nelson v Rawtenstall1898ll1047
70Bacup v Nelson1900ll1548
70Todmorden v Nelson1923ll5315
70Nelson v Lowerhouse1923ll5321
70Ramsbottom v Nelson1929ll6389
70Nelson v Enfield1940ll8304
70Lowerhouse v Nelson1959ll11754
70Burnley v Nelson1969ll13471
70Enfield v Nelson1998ll18815
71Nelson v Burnley1908ll2954
71Rishton v Nelson1922ll5201
71Todmorden v Nelson1932ll6875
71East Lancashire v Nelson1934ll7328
71East Lancashire v Nelson1969ll13443
71Nelson v Ramsbottom1984ll16237
72Nelson v Bacup1900ll1548
72Nelson v Lowerhouse1902ll1790
72Ramsbottom v Nelson1908ll2968
72Burnley v Nelson1916ll4394
72Rishton v Nelson1921ll4842
72Nelson v Ramsbottom1921ll4865
72Rawtenstall v Nelson1921ll4927
72Bacup v Nelson1927ll6069
72Burnley v Nelson1963ll12395
72Rawtenstall v Nelson1970ll13632
72Nelson v Rishton1976ll14789
72Rawtenstall v Nelson1997ll18603
72Nelson v Rishton2015ll21920
73Haslingden v Nelson1895ll569
73Rawtenstall v Nelson1896ll827
73Nelson v Ramsbottom1919ll4590
73Rawtenstall v Nelson1920ll4820
73Rishton v Nelson1924ll5545
73Haslingden v Nelson1934ll7209
73Nelson v Rawtenstall1934ll7237
73Colne v Nelson1936ll7654
73Lowerhouse v Nelson1941ll8529
73Todmorden v Nelson1942ll8746
73Colne v Nelson1943ll8844
73Nelson v Lowerhouse1960ll11868
73Burnley v Nelson1960ll11886
73Nelson v Enfield1970ll13785
73Ramsbottom v Nelson1991ll17491
74Enfield v Nelson1901ll1573
74Nelson v Rishton1902ll1800
74Nelson v Burnley1907ll2741
74Accrington v Nelson1945ll9130
74Ramsbottom v Nelson1947ll9460
74Nelson v East Lancashire1980ll15620
75Accrington v Nelson1892ll124
75Burnley v Nelson1895ll581
75Burnley v Nelson1898ll1110
75Haslingden v Nelson1902ll1774
75East Lancashire v Nelson1902ll1888
75Rishton v Nelson1905ll2295
75Church v Nelson1912ll3595
75Haslingden v Nelson1958ll11579
75East Lancashire v Nelson1964ll12554
75Colne v Nelson1974ll14394
75Accrington v Nelson2000ll19205
76Accrington v Nelson1894ll507
76Lowerhouse v Nelson1908ll2936
76Rawtenstall v Nelson1925ll5600
76Nelson v Ramsbottom1934ll7312
76Nelson v Lowerhouse1944ll9006
76Colne v Nelson1951ll10249
76Church v Nelson1969ll13453
76Accrington v Nelson1969ll13548
76Nelson v Lowerhouse1972ll14067
76Nelson v Accrington1980ll15528
77Lowerhouse v Nelson1930ll6525
77Rishton v Nelson1931ll6736
77Nelson v Bacup1944ll8955
77Rishton v Nelson1947ll9579
77Rawtenstall v Nelson1965ll12715
77Nelson v Ramsbottom1972ll14003
77Nelson v Haslingden1977ll15024
77Colne v Nelson1980ll15606
78Nelson v Bacup1902ll1756
78Bacup v Nelson1907ll2788
78Burnley v Nelson1908ll2954
78East Lancashire v Nelson1911ll3491
78Nelson v Accrington1916ll4406
78Ramsbottom v Nelson1967ll13171
78Rishton v Nelson1974ll14429
78Colne v Nelson1986ll16579
79Nelson v East Lancashire1892ll110
79Lowerhouse v Nelson1903ll2043
79Nelson v Ramsbottom1907ll2687
79Nelson v East Lancashire1915ll4284
79Nelson v Lowerhouse1919ll4617
79Haslingden v Nelson1924ll5445
79Enfield v Nelson1940ll8304
79Ramsbottom v Nelson1966ll12989
79Nelson v Todmorden1966ll13058
79Colne v Nelson1976ll14766
79Nelson v Church1978ll15242
79Nelson v Todmorden1980ll15447
79Colne v Nelson1994ll18148
80Enfield v Nelson1894ll355
80Church v Nelson1894ll498
80Bacup v Nelson1919ll4513
80Nelson v Colne1919ll4560
80Nelson v Rishton1923ll5215
80Rishton v Nelson1930ll6631
80Enfield v Nelson1931ll6669
80Colne v Nelson1938ll8007
80Bacup v Nelson1939ll8168
80Church v Nelson1963ll12455
80Colne v Nelson1966ll12939
80Nelson v Enfield1976ll14830
80Colne v Nelson2015ll21977
81Nelson v Rawtenstall1895ll672
81Nelson v East Lancashire1901ll1738
81Rishton v Nelson1914ll4048
81Nelson v Bacup1925ll5620
81Enfield v Nelson1925ll5690
81Enfield v Nelson1929ll6407
81Todmorden v Nelson1940ll8331
81Nelson v Church1943ll8886
81Haslingden v Nelson1959ll11730
81Enfield v Nelson1995ll18269
81Church v Nelson1999ll19031
81Rawtenstall v Nelson2006ll20325
82Lowerhouse v Nelson1914ll4072
82Accrington v Nelson1947ll9615
82Nelson v Ramsbottom1957ll11428
82Nelson v Rawtenstall1980ll15515
82Nelson v Bacup1980ll15542
82Ramsbottom v Nelson1999ll18912
82Enfield v Nelson2000ll19194
82Haslingden v Nelson2008ll20655
83Colne v Nelson1912ll3635
83Nelson v Church1915ll4136
83Nelson v Ramsbottom1920ll4771
83Enfield v Nelson1928ll6132
83Rishton v Nelson1939ll8244
83Church v Nelson1960ll11918
83Nelson v Accrington1978ll15158
83Accrington v Nelson1979ll15298
83Accrington v Nelson1994ll18135
84Ramsbottom v Nelson1892ll109
84Nelson v Ramsbottom1897ll954
84Colne v Nelson1909ll3137
84Nelson v Bacup1920ll4690
84Nelson v Todmorden1922ll5187
84Burnley v Nelson1931ll6692
84Ramsbottom v Nelson1953ll10553
84Nelson v Rawtenstall1960ll11901
84Rawtenstall v Nelson1986ll16586
84Church v Nelson1986ll16607
84Nelson v Bacup2005ll20109
84Bacup v Nelson2005ll20109
85Nelson v Bacup1898ll1023
85Nelson v Enfield1914ll4031
85Nelson v Accrington1919ll4485
85Lowerhouse v Nelson1951ll10226
85Nelson v Ramsbottom1956ll11170
85Accrington v Nelson1959ll11721
85Bacup v Nelson1959ll11795
85Enfield v Nelson1972ll14143
85Nelson v Rawtenstall2008ll20592
85Church v Nelson2010ll21017
85Rawtenstall v Nelson2011ll21256
86Rishton v Nelson1902ll1800
86Accrington v Nelson1904ll2183
86Nelson v East Lancashire1912ll3625
86Nelson v Church1914ll4087
86Lowerhouse v Nelson1928ll6237
86Haslingden v Nelson1932ll6910
86Nelson v Rishton1958ll11617
86Church v Nelson1976ll14731
86East Lancashire v Nelson1999ll19072
86Enfield v Nelson2006ll20306
87Church v Nelson1904ll2147
87Haslingden v Nelson1904ll2157
87Nelson v Colne1904ll2189
87Haslingden v Nelson1914ll3964
87Rawtenstall v Nelson1928ll6273
87Accrington v Nelson1952ll10497
87Accrington v Nelson1956ll11226
87Burnley v Nelson1965ll12759
87Bacup v Nelson1972ll14114
87Nelson v Ramsbottom1978ll15116
87Accrington v Nelson2003ll19758
88Nelson v Ramsbottom1916ll4459
88Ramsbottom v Nelson1920ll4771
88Nelson v Haslingden1927ll5949
88Church v Nelson1946ll9263
88Bacup v Nelson1974ll14478
88Nelson v Burnley1985ll16383
88Nelson v Bacup1994ll18028
88Bacup v Nelson2012ll21358
89Nelson v Church1894ll498
89East Lancashire v Nelson1921ll4958
89Bacup v Nelson1938ll7985
89Nelson v Todmorden1941ll8523
89Rawtenstall v Nelson1958ll11469
89Todmorden v Nelson2006ll20292
89Colne v Nelson2014ll21704
90Colne v Nelson1901ll1668
90Bacup v Nelson1906ll2536
90Nelson v Enfield1910ll3205
90Bacup v Nelson1916ll4296
90Ramsbottom v Nelson1916ll4459
90Nelson v Accrington1921ll4961
90Accrington v Nelson1932ll6982
90Colne v Nelson1941ll8549
90Accrington v Nelson1958ll11603
90Lowerhouse v Nelson2000ll19109
91Bacup v Nelson1903ll2020
91Nelson v Bacup1906ll2536
91Colne v Nelson1907ll2756
91Nelson v Church1940ll8319
91Bacup v Nelson1952ll10458
91Burnley v Nelson1954ll10844
91Enfield v Nelson1960ll11812
91Nelson v Ramsbottom1960ll11826
91Nelson v Enfield1966ll13016
91Nelson v Ramsbottom1980ll15501
91Bacup v Nelson1992ll17720
91Nelson v Rishton2012ll21285
92Burnley v Nelson1903ll1972
92Rishton v Nelson1912ll3653
92Bacup v Nelson1912ll3715
92Nelson v Bacup1930ll6650
92Accrington v Nelson1936ll7742
92Lowerhouse v Nelson1970ll13694
92Church v Nelson1973ll14178
92Rawtenstall v Nelson1981ll15662
92East Lancashire v Nelson1982ll15929
93East Lancashire v Nelson1900ll1411
93Colne v Nelson1902ll1826
93Burnley v Nelson1930ll6520
93Church v Nelson1935ll7515
93Haslingden v Nelson1944ll8989
93Nelson v Colne1955ll10930
93Rishton v Nelson1960ll11974
93Nelson v Accrington1962ll12323
93Nelson v Burnley1983ll16040
93Rawtenstall v Nelson1995ll18246
93Rawtenstall v Nelson1999ll18976
93Rawtenstall v Nelson2004ll19956
93Nelson v Ramsbottom2009ll20815
93Rishton v Nelson2012ll21285
94Burnley v Nelson1896ll759
94Haslingden v Nelson1910ll3365
94Rishton v Nelson1926ll5911
94Nelson v Church1930ll6506
94Enfield v Nelson1935ll7505
94Rishton v Nelson1954ll10812
94Haslingden v Nelson1955ll11052
94Todmorden v Nelson1957ll11318
94East Lancashire v Nelson1961ll12074
94Nelson v Burnley1964ll12578
94Nelson v Rawtenstall1964ll12628
94Bacup v Nelson1967ll13135
94Nelson v Burnley1978ll15144
94Nelson v Lowerhouse1982ll15818
94Accrington v Nelson1989ll17175
94Accrington v Nelson1995ll18302
94Rishton v Nelson2000ll19212
94Church v Nelson2008ll20613
94Colne v Nelson2012ll21312
94Nelson v Ramsbottom2014ll21641
95Lowerhouse v Nelson1899ll1200
95Nelson v Ramsbottom1923ll5228
95Accrington v Nelson1925ll5578
95Nelson v Ramsbottom1925ll5671
95Church v Nelson1936ll7644
95Nelson v Church1938ll8031
95Nelson v Haslingden1938ll8058
95Enfield v Nelson1941ll8563
95Enfield v Nelson1945ll9217
95Enfield v Nelson1948ll9790
95Rishton v Nelson1950ll9985
95East Lancashire v Nelson1959ll11661
95Lowerhouse v Nelson1965ll12755
95East Lancashire v Nelson1967ll13086
95Accrington v Nelson2002ll19541
95Nelson v Ramsbottom2010ll20906
95Haslingden v Nelson2011ll21250
96Bacup v Nelson1905ll2321
96Nelson v Accrington1910ll3266
96Nelson v Todmorden1912ll3696
96Nelson v Burnley1912ll3708
96Todmorden v Nelson1922ll5187
96Church v Nelson1924ll5440
96Colne v Nelson1927ll6018
96Enfield v Nelson1934ll7265
96Nelson v Burnley1954ll10844
96Rawtenstall v Nelson1960ll11901
96Nelson v East Lancashire1969ll13443
96Nelson v Ramsbottom1969ll13535
96Nelson v Rawtenstall1975ll14675
96Nelson v East Lancashire1976ll14773
96Nelson v Todmorden2007ll20404
97Nelson v Church1895ll528
97Enfield v Nelson1907ll2720
97Nelson v Accrington1927ll6084
97Nelson v Rawtenstall1930ll6482
97Nelson v Rawtenstall1940ll8419
97Nelson v East Lancashire1966ll12911
97Burnley v Nelson1983ll16040
97Rishton v Nelson1992ll17797
98Haslingden v Nelson1892ll142
98Colne v Nelson1897ll946
98Ramsbottom v Nelson1909ll3169
98Lowerhouse v Nelson1911ll3422
98Nelson v Enfield1912ll3567
98Bacup v Nelson1915ll4221
98Nelson v Rawtenstall1924ll5425
98Nelson v Enfield1925ll5690
98Rawtenstall v Nelson1941ll8628
98Church v Nelson1944ll8975
98Accrington v Nelson1948ll9647
98Nelson v East Lancashire1958ll11492
98Nelson v Accrington1971ll13912
98Colne v Nelson1988ll16944
98Accrington v Nelson1997ll18617
98Nelson v Ramsbottom2007ll20374
99Ramsbottom v Nelson1919ll4590
99Bacup v Nelson1937ll7769
99Burnley v Nelson1940ll8361
99Ramsbottom v Nelson1959ll11669
99Bacup v Nelson1969ll13513
99Nelson v Accrington1974ll14452
99Colne v Nelson1982ll15851
99Nelson v East Lancashire1985ll16390





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