Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on Tynefield Park, Penrith (13)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
25th May 1986 Minor Counties Knock Out Competition 1986 Preliminary RoundCumberland v Cheshiremint55
22nd May 1988 Holt Cup 1988 Qualifying RoundCumberland v Lincolnshiremint90
3rd June 1990 Holt Cup 1990 First RoundCumberland v Durhammint134
2nd July 1995 MCC Trophy 1995 Quarter-FinalCumberland v Hertfordshiremint239
19th May 1996 MCC Trophy 1996 Preliminary RoundCumberland v Cheshiremint245
1st June 1997 MCC Trophy 1997 First RoundCumberland v Dorsetmint270
21st June 1998 MCC Trophy 1998 Group 6Cumberland v Shropshiremint338
16th May 1999 ECB 38-County Cup 1999 Group 6Cumberland v Cheshiremint371
15th June 2000 ECB 38-County Cup 2000 Group 8Cumberland v Yorkshire Cricket Boardmint465
2nd May 2010 MCCA Trophy 2010 Group 1Cumberland v Northumberlandmint899
15th May 2011 MCCA Trophy 2011 Group 1Cumberland v Staffordshiremint952a
29th April 2012 MCCA Trophy 2012 Group 3Cumberland v Northumberlandmint984
2nd June 2013 MCCA Trophy 2013 Group 3Cumberland v Herefordshiremint1048
7th May 2017 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2017 Group 3Cumberland v Lincolnshiremint1205





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