Bramall Lane, Sheffield - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

16-114G BurtonMiddlesex v Yorkshire1888f3309
15-38H VerityYorkshire v Kent1936f15336
15-71LC BraundSomerset v Yorkshire1902f5857
15-79WG GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1872f1711
14-33R PeelYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1888f3295
14-58TF SmailesYorkshire v Derbyshire1939f16569
14-125FS TruemanYorkshire v Northamptonshire1960f23217
13-40S HaighYorkshire v Warwickshire1907f7232
13-45F MorleyNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1876f2002
13-46T ArmitageYorkshire v Surrey1876f1959
13-48A HearneKent v Yorkshire1885f2870
13-60G FreemanYorkshire v Surrey1869f1535
13-65W MycroftDerbyshire v Yorkshire1879f2234
13-66RG BarlowLancashire v Yorkshire1884f2784
13-86G FreemanNorth v South1869f1551
13-86G HowittUnited North of England Eleven v United South of England Eleven1870f1598
13-88WE BowesYorkshire v Worcestershire1935f14948
13-90T EmmettYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1871f1668
13-111GF GraceGloucestershire v Yorkshire1876f1980
13-123FR SpofforthAustralians v Players1884f2775
13-157W BrearleyLancashire v Yorkshire1905f6729
13-170JM GregoryAustralian Imperial Forces v Yorkshire1919f9380
12-28E WillsherKent v Yorkshire1865f1351
12-52S HaighYorkshire v Cambridge University1903f6109
12-55S HaighYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1905f6631
12-58FS TruemanYorkshire v Leicestershire1961f23724
12-61G FreemanYorkshire v Middlesex1868f1492
12-65JT HearneMiddlesex v Yorkshire1910f8096
12-69R PeelYorkshire v Australians1890f3478
12-69N GiffordWorcestershire v Yorkshire1968f27360
12-77E PeateYorkshire v Kent1879f2216
12-81H TrumbleAustralians v Yorkshire1893f3856
12-84T EmmettYorkshire v Surrey1873f1753
12-85JT RawlinMiddlesex v Yorkshire1894f4120
12-95E PeateYorkshire v Middlesex1882f2566
12-96E WainwrightYorkshire v Middlesex1891f3658
12-103W SlinnYorkshire v Surrey1862f1196
12-103E WainwrightYorkshire v Middlesex1894f4120
12-106J SouthertonSurrey v Yorkshire1872f1692
12-108E WainwrightYorkshire v Surrey1894f4046
12-110FW MilliganYorkshire v Sussex1897f4732
12-110GR CoxSussex v Yorkshire1907f7171
12-111T EmmettYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1869f1558
12-111FJ LaverAustralians v Yorkshire1905f6579
12-115S HaighYorkshire v Derbyshire1896f4491
12-120WH HadowMiddlesex v Yorkshire1875f1911
12-125J SouthertonSurrey v Yorkshire1868f1482
12-129GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1889f3391
12-140WE BowesYorkshire v Surrey1933f14293
12-150J SouthertonSurrey v Yorkshire1874f1813
12-150T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1903f6138
12-154XC BalaskasSouth Africans v Yorkshire1935f15013
12-185A FielderKent v Yorkshire1906f6919
12-205W BrearleyLancashire v Yorkshire1908f7416





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