The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

360-7Somerset v Hampshire2018a26476
359-3New Zealand v England2013a22656
356-9Hampshire v Somerset2018a26476
350-5Gloucestershire v Hampshire2008a18964
348-9Hampshire v Yorkshire2018a26493
343-6Hampshire v Sussex2015a24162
334-7Glamorgan v Hampshire2017a25568
332-6Hampshire v Glamorgan2017a25568
330-6England v South Africa2017a25618
328-5South Africa v England2017a25618
320-8Worcestershire v Hampshire2009a19749
316-2Hampshire v Ireland2009a19813
314-7Essex v Hampshire2016a24738
310-4Hampshire v Middlesex2009a19827
310-4Hampshire v Essex2016a24738
310-7Hampshire v Glamorgan2006a17496
306-7New Zealand v England2015a24134
305-6Australia v England2015a24241
304-4Hampshire v Essex2018a26422
303-6Essex v Hampshire2018a26422
302-4Hampshire v Scotland2011a21490
302England v New Zealand2015a24134
301-4Lancashire v Hampshire2015a24218
300-5Hampshire v Leicestershire2009a19768
298-7Hampshire v Durham2008a19145
298Australia v England2013a22832
296-4Kent v Hampshire2018a26438
295-5Hampshire v Kent2018a26438
295Middlesex v Hampshire2017a25519
294-1England v West Indies2017a25730
294-6Hampshire v Middlesex2007a18186
292-8Hampshire v West Indies A2006a17572
290-4India v Kenya2004a16135
289-4Hampshire v Northamptonshire2002a14576
289-8Hampshire v Surrey2016a24788
288-2England v India2007a18340
288-5Somerset v Hampshire2008a18962
288-6England v West Indies2012a22014
288-6West Indies v England2017a25730
287-5South Africa v England2012a22117
286-4Hampshire v Somerset2008a18962
285-6Northamptonshire v Hampshire2002a14576
283-9Surrey v Hampshire2016a24788
281-6Hampshire v Nottinghamshire2009a19982
277-4Nottinghamshire v Hampshire2012a21990
277-8Hampshire v Derbyshire2013a22690
275-9Hampshire v Leicestershire2014a23457
274-5Hampshire v Gloucestershire2007a18376
274-5Hampshire v Warwickshire2011a21322
274-8Pakistan v England2006a17594
273-3Hampshire v Leicestershire2011a21442
273England v New Zealand2013a22656
272Hampshire v Lancashire2015a24218
271-9England v Pakistan2006a17594
271-9Warwickshire v Hampshire2011a21322
269-3West Indies v Bangladesh2004a16148
268-6England v Australia2010a20621
267-7Australia v England2010a20621
267Hampshire v Worcestershire2009a19749
266Middlesex v Hampshire2009a19827
265-9Hampshire v Glamorgan2006a17625
265Hampshire v Nottinghamshire2012a21990
262-5Hampshire v Zimbabweans2003a15173
262-7Surrey v Hampshire2018a26414
260-6Gloucestershire v Hampshire2007a18376
260-6Pakistan v England2016a24878
259-6Kent v Hampshire2006a17430
258-7Hampshire v Kent2006a17430
257-9Hampshire v Essex2006a17408
256-6England v Pakistan2010a20774
256Sussex v Hampshire2015a24162
255-7Sussex v Hampshire2001a13463
254Leicestershire v Hampshire2009a19768
251-5Hampshire v Lancashire2005a16784
251-7England v Sri Lanka2004a16150
250-1Hampshire v Lancashire2013a22634
250-9Somerset v Hampshire2016a24858





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