The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4DA KenwayLeicestershire v Hampshire2002f46589
4JA RudolphHampshire v Yorkshire2007f50046
4JA RudolphHampshire v Yorkshire2010f52442
4CDJ DentHampshire v Gloucestershire2012f53993
4LA DawsonGloucestershire v Hampshire2013f54874
4LA DawsonGlamorgan v Hampshire2014f55630
3DA KenwayNottinghamshire v Hampshire2001f45940
3DA KenwayNottinghamshire v Hampshire2001f45940
3NC JohnsonAustralians v Hampshire2001f45957
3DP FultonHampshire v Kent2002f46604
3NC JohnsonKent v Hampshire2002f46604
3WS KendallLancashire v Hampshire2002f46704
3RA SmithDurham v Hampshire2003f47311
3SM KatichGlamorgan v Hampshire2003f47348
3MJ PowellHampshire v Northamptonshire2003f47376
3LR PrittipaulWorcestershire v Hampshire2003f47408
3SK WarneDurham v Hampshire2004f47933
3MJ ClarkeLeicestershire v Hampshire2004f47952
3DJ HusseyHampshire v Nottinghamshire2004f48002
3MA EalhamHampshire v Nottinghamshire2004f48002
3THC HancockHampshire v Gloucestershire2005f48621
3DA KenwayGloucestershire v Hampshire2005f48621
3GA LambSurrey v Hampshire2005f48713
3SR WatsonSussex v Hampshire2005f48734
3MJ BrownKent v Hampshire2005f48771
3JHK AdamsNottinghamshire v Hampshire2005f48821
3SM ErvineNottinghamshire v Hampshire2006f49409
3CC BenhamYorkshire v Hampshire2006f49462
3CC BenhamDurham v Hampshire2007f50107
3MA ButcherHampshire v Surrey2007f50193
3SM ErvineSurrey v Hampshire2008f50821
3CC BenhamSurrey v Hampshire2008f50821
3WI JeffersonHampshire v Nottinghamshire2008f50858
3AD MascarenhasYorkshire v Hampshire2008f50911
3RJ Hamilton-BrownHampshire v Sussex2009f51585
3WI JeffersonHampshire v Nottinghamshire2009f51613
3JHK AdamsDurham v Hampshire2009f51738
3Imran TahirNottinghamshire v Hampshire2011f53287
3LA DawsonWorcestershire v Hampshire2011f53331
3R ClarkeHampshire v Warwickshire2011f53357
3LA DawsonDerbyshire v Hampshire2012f54031
3WD BraggHampshire v Glamorgan2012f54047
3LA DawsonLancashire v Hampshire2013f54852
3LA DawsonNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2013f54951
3JHK AdamsEssex v Hampshire2013f54976
3JM VinceEssex v Hampshire2013f54976
3GC SmithHampshire v Surrey2014f55612
3SM ErvineDerbyshire v Hampshire2014f55652
3SM ErvineLeicestershire v Hampshire2014f55737
3LA DawsonNottinghamshire v Hampshire2015f56363
3PD CollingwoodHampshire v Durham2015f56474
3JHK AdamsMiddlesex v Hampshire2017f57867
3SM ErvineLancashire v Hampshire2017f57966
3AN CookIndia v England2018f58775





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