The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in first-class cricket

6RJ TurnerHampshire v Somerset2004f48020
6P MustardHampshire v Durham2006f49425
6N PothasLancashire v Hampshire2008f50877
6AJ HoddHampshire v Sussex2011f53210
6MD BatesGloucestershire v Hampshire2012f53993
6MD BatesNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2013f54951
5WK HeggHampshire v Lancashire2002f46704
5N PothasGloucestershire v Hampshire2003f47324
5MA WallaceHampshire v Glamorgan2003f47348
5N PothasYorkshire v Hampshire2004f48028
5N PothasDurham v Hampshire2006f49425
5GL BrophyHampshire v Yorkshire2007f50046
5TG BurrowsWarwickshire v Hampshire2009f51664
5N PothasYorkshire v Hampshire2010f52442
5C KieswetterHampshire v Somerset2011f53201
5GD CrossHampshire v Lancashire2011f53243
5MD BatesYorkshire v Hampshire2012f54081
5MA WallaceHampshire v Glamorgan2013f54914
5MD BatesEssex v Hampshire2013f54976
5MA WallaceHampshire v Glamorgan2014f55630
5JS FosterHampshire v Essex2014f55672
5AJ HoddHampshire v Yorkshire2015f56523





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