The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Highest Team Totals in ODI cricket

359-3New Zealand v England2013o3361
330-6England v South Africa2017o3873
328-5South Africa v England2017o3873
306-7New Zealand v England2015o3656
305-6Australia v England2015o3680
302England v New Zealand2015o3656
298Australia v England2013o3416
294-1England v West Indies2017o3918
290-4India v Kenya2004o2170
288-2England v India2007o2611
288-6England v West Indies2012o3276
288-6West Indies v England2017o3918
287-5South Africa v England2012o3299
274-8Pakistan v England2006o2410
273England v New Zealand2013o3361
271-9England v Pakistan2006o2410
269-3West Indies v Bangladesh2004o2175
268-6England v Australia2010o3000
267-7Australia v England2010o3000
260-6Pakistan v England2016o3770
256-6England v Pakistan2010o3047
251-7England v Sri Lanka2004o2177





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