The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

248-6Australia v England2013tt3815
225-2Hampshire v Middlesex2006tt376
219-2Hampshire v Essex2009tt1275
210-6Middlesex v Hampshire2005tt170
209-6England v Australia2013tt3815
205-5Hampshire v Gloucestershire2010tt1798
203-5Sussex v Hampshire2012tt3037
202-3Hampshire v Lancashire2013tt3783
201-2Hampshire v Surrey2010tt1758
201-4Lancashire v Hampshire2013tt3783
199-5Hampshire v Glamorgan2010tt1814
197-6Hampshire v Kent2008tt928
195-5Hampshire v Sussex2010tt1871
192-7Hampshire v Middlesex2005tt170
191-6Hampshire v Surrey2009tt1258
191-9Surrey v Hampshire2010tt1758
190-3Hampshire v Middlesex2013tt3769
190-7Middlesex v Hampshire2008tt911
189-3Somerset v Hampshire2017tt6437
189-8Hampshire v Middlesex2017tt6325
187-6Middlesex v Kent2008tt1002
186-5Hampshire v Surrey2015tt5033
184-5Kent v Middlesex2008tt1002
184Hampshire v Middlesex2018tt7056
183-5Hampshire v Essex2013tt3753
183-6Hampshire v Middlesex2009tt1315
182-5Somerset v Nottinghamshire2010tt1893
182-5Essex v Hampshire2013tt3753
182-7Middlesex v Hampshire2013tt3769
181-3Hampshire v Somerset2016tt5862
181-6Middlesex v Hampshire2016tt5848
181-7Glamorgan v Hampshire2015tt5010
180-6Hampshire v Gloucestershire2014tt4393
179-8England v Australia2005tt167
178-5Kent v Hampshire2015tt4918
178-8Gloucestershire v Hampshire2014tt4393
177-3Hampshire v Kent2004tt103
177-3Hampshire v Sussex2014tt4450
177Gloucestershire v Hampshire2010tt1798
173-4Hampshire v Essex2015tt4895
173-5Hampshire v Somerset2010tt1894
173-6Somerset v Hampshire2010tt1894
173-6Middlesex v Hampshire2014tt4432
173-7Kent v Essex2008tt1000
173-8Surrey v Hampshire2009tt1258
172-3Hampshire v Middlesex2015tt4939
172-6Hampshire v Kent2015tt4918
171-7Hampshire v Kent2014tt4364
171-8Sussex v Hampshire2014tt4450
170-7Hampshire v Middlesex2004tt94
169-6Essex v Hampshire2017tt6387
168-6Hampshire v Essex2017tt6387
168-6Glamorgan v Hampshire2018tt7014
167-6Hampshire v Glamorgan2016tt5824
166-9Middlesex v Hampshire2006tt376
164-1Essex v Hampshire2010tt1807
164-6Hampshire v Essex2008tt981
164-8Essex v Hampshire2008tt981
163-9Middlesex v Hampshire2018tt7056
163Sri Lanka v England2006tt361
161-2Sussex v Hampshire2018tt7036
161-4Middlesex v Hampshire2012tt2979
161-5England v Sri Lanka2006tt361
161-7Glamorgan v Hampshire2014tt4316
160-7Middlesex v Hampshire2017tt6325
159-6Kent v Hampshire2017tt6376
159-8Essex v Kent2008tt1000
159-8Hampshire v Essex2010tt1807
158-3Sussex v Hampshire2015tt4970
158-6Hampshire v Glamorgan2015tt5010
158-7Hampshire v Sussex2018tt7036
158-8Hampshire v Kent2016tt5736
157-4Hampshire v Essex2010tt1892
157-6Hampshire v Middlesex2012tt2979
157-6Hampshire v Sussex2015tt4970
157-8Hampshire v Middlesex2008tt911
157-9Surrey v Hampshire2015tt5033
156-7Essex v Hampshire2010tt1892
156Essex v Hampshire2015tt4895
155-4Somerset v Hampshire2014tt4427
155-5Hampshire v Kent2005tt192
155-5Middlesex v Hampshire2009tt1315
155-6Essex v Hampshire2003tt16
154-4Hampshire v Kent2017tt6376
154-6Hampshire v Durham2011tt2361
154-9Kent v Hampshire2005tt192
153-6Kent v Hampshire2007tt644
153-6Middlesex v Hampshire2015tt4939
153-6Essex v Hampshire2016tt5807
153-7Hampshire v Kent2007tt644
153-7Kent v Hampshire2008tt928
153Hampshire v Sussex2003tt2
151-3Hampshire v Essex2003tt16
151-4Hampshire v Essex2006tt393
151-4Hampshire v Surrey2008tt970
151-5Kent v Hampshire2012tt2993
151-6Hampshire v Glamorgan2014tt4316
151-7Hampshire v Essex2011tt2316
150-7Hampshire v Essex2016tt5807
150Sussex v Hampshire2010tt1871





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