The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Twenty20 matches

3KP PietersenAustralia v England2005tt167
3JTA BruceKent v Hampshire2007tt644
3LA DawsonEssex v Hampshire2009tt1275
3DT ChristianSurrey v Hampshire2010tt1758
3KJ O'BrienHampshire v Gloucestershire2011tt2264
3JM VinceSussex v Hampshire2012tt3037
3JL DenlyHampshire v Kent2015tt4918
3DJ MalanHampshire v Middlesex2017tt6325
3JL DenlyHampshire v Kent2018tt7089
2MR RamprakashHampshire v Surrey2003tt39
2PJ SampsonHampshire v Surrey2003tt39
2JTA BruceKent v Hampshire2004tt103
2RT PontingEngland v Australia2005tt167
2MEK HusseyEngland v Australia2005tt167
2ME TrescothickAustralia v England2005tt167
2CT PeploeHampshire v Middlesex2005tt170
2N PothasKent v Hampshire2005tt192
2CD McMillanKent v Hampshire2005tt192
2RC IraniHampshire v Essex2006tt393
2DJ ThornelyEssex v Hampshire2006tt393
2SD UdalSussex v Hampshire2006tt412
2DJ ThornelySussex v Hampshire2006tt412
2M van JaarsveldHampshire v Kent2007tt644
2H RiazuddinKent v Hampshire2008tt928
2RJ KirtleyHampshire v Sussex2008tt956
2MJ BrownEssex v Hampshire2008tt981
2M van JaarsveldEssex v Kent2008tt1000
2BA GodlemanDurham v Middlesex2008tt1001
2CC BenhamEssex v Hampshire2009tt1275
2SD UdalHampshire v Middlesex2009tt1315
2MJ LumbMiddlesex v Hampshire2009tt1315
2ND McKenzieKent v Hampshire2010tt1726
2MA CarberryKent v Hampshire2010tt1726
2A KhanHampshire v Kent2010tt1726
2JC ButtlerHampshire v Somerset2010tt1746
2RS BoparaHampshire v Essex2010tt1807
2GK BergHampshire v Middlesex2010tt1863
2KA PollardNottinghamshire v Somerset2010tt1893
2DT ChristianSomerset v Hampshire2010tt1894
2JM VinceSomerset v Hampshire2011tt2199
2DG CorkGlamorgan v Hampshire2011tt2220
2AN PetersenHampshire v Glamorgan2011tt2220
2CB CookeHampshire v Glamorgan2011tt2220
2JHK AdamsDurham v Hampshire2011tt2361
2SP CrookHampshire v Middlesex2012tt2979
2DR BriggsKent v Hampshire2012tt2993
2DI StevensHampshire v Kent2013tt3733
2MT ColesHampshire v Kent2013tt3733
2NJ DexterHampshire v Middlesex2013tt3769
2LA DawsonGlamorgan v Hampshire2014tt4316
2AJ BallHampshire v Kent2014tt4364
2DJ MalanHampshire v Middlesex2014tt4432
2HW PodmoreHampshire v Middlesex2014tt4432
2GM SmithHampshire v Essex2015tt4895
2JM VinceMiddlesex v Hampshire2015tt4939
2CP WoodGlamorgan v Hampshire2015tt5010
2JJ RoyHampshire v Surrey2015tt5033
2JS GattingSurrey v Hampshire2015tt5033
2FK CowdreyHampshire v Kent2016tt5736
2JM VinceEssex v Hampshire2016tt5807
2DW LawrenceHampshire v Essex2016tt5807
2T WestleyHampshire v Essex2016tt5807
2GG WaggHampshire v Glamorgan2016tt5824
2AHT DonaldHampshire v Glamorgan2016tt5824
2LA DawsonMiddlesex v Hampshire2016tt5848
2EJG MorganHampshire v Middlesex2016tt5848
2DJ MalanHampshire v Middlesex2016tt5848
2GT GriffithsSomerset v Hampshire2016tt5862
2TG SoutheeHampshire v Middlesex2017tt6325
2MA CarberryMiddlesex v Hampshire2017tt6325
2GK BergMiddlesex v Hampshire2017tt6325
2LA DawsonKent v Hampshire2017tt6376
2AJ BlakeHampshire v Kent2017tt6376
2RE van der MerweHampshire v Somerset2017tt6437
2T van der GugtenHampshire v Glamorgan2018tt7014
2AG SalterHampshire v Glamorgan2018tt7014
2TC BruceHampshire v Sussex2018tt7036
2EJG MorganHampshire v Middlesex2018tt7056
2TP AlsopMiddlesex v Hampshire2018tt7056
2SA NortheastKent v Hampshire2018tt7089
2IAA ThomasHampshire v Kent2018tt7089
2JG MyburghHampshire v Somerset2018tt7107
2RR RossouwGloucestershire v Hampshire2018tt7148
2CM DickinsonGloucestershire v Hampshire2018tt7148





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