Barabati Stadium, Cuttack - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

561Orissa v Delhi1998/99f44332
552-7dOrissa v Jammu and Kashmir2006/07f49751
545Saurashtra v Orissa2011/12f53489
535-9dKerala v Orissa1996/97f42949
534-5dOrissa v Bihar1997/98f43436
528-7dOrissa v Himachal Pradesh2005/06f49065
521-6dOrissa v Tripura1995/96f42182
521-8dOrissa v Tripura1997/98f43425
511Orissa v Assam1997/98f43366
502Haryana v Jammu and Kashmir2016/17f57475
501Orissa v Jammu and Kashmir2000/01f45723





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