First-Class Matches played on Harry Barker Reserve, Gisborne (28)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
30th December 1974 Plunket Shield 1974/75  Northern Districts v Otagof30423
31st January 1976 Shell Trophy 1975/76 Section OneNorthern Districts v Canterburyf30976
3rd January 1977 Shell Cup 1976/77  Northern Districts v Otagof31387
16th January 1979 Shell Trophy 1978/79 Section OneNorthern Districts v Wellingtonf32410
27th January 1979 Pakistan in Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand 1978/79  Northern Districts v Pakistanisf32432
12th January 1980 Shell Trophy 1979/80  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf32910
6th January 1982 Shell Trophy 1981/82  Northern Districts v Wellingtonf33916
13th January 1983 Shell Trophy 1982/83  Northern Districts v Aucklandf34455
7th January 1985 Shell Trophy 1984/85  Northern Districts v Otagof35569
6th January 1986 Shell Trophy 1985/86  Northern Districts v Wellingtonf36124
14th January 1987 Shell Trophy 1986/87  Northern Districts v Canterburyf36780
10th January 1989 Shell Trophy 1988/89  Northern Districts v Otagof37881
15th December 1989 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Northern Districts v Aucklandf38428
22nd February 1990 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Northern Districts v Otagof38620
30th November 1996 Shell Trophy 1996/97  Northern Districts v Wellingtonf42727
2nd March 1997 Sri Lanka in New Zealand 1996/97  New Zealand A v Sri Lankansf42979a
15th March 2000 Shell Trophy 1999/00  Northern Districts v Otagof45051
10th December 2001 State Championship 2001/02  Northern Districts v Canterburyf46203
29th November 2002 State Championship 2002/03  Northern Districts v Aucklandf46914
7th December 2003 State Championship 2003/04  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf47596
26th February 2004 State Championship 2003/04  Northern Districts v Canterburyf47821
21st January 2005 State Championship 2004/05  Northern Districts v Otagof48443
21st February 2005 State Championship 2004/05  Northern Districts v Canterburyf48496
5th December 2005 State Championship 2005/06  Northern Districts v Otagof48992
26th February 2007 State Championship 2006/07  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf49968
14th March 2008 State Championship 2007/08  Northern Districts v Aucklandf50723
17th February 2012 Plunket Shield 2011/12  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf53846
17th November 2012 Plunket Shield 2012/13  Northern Districts v Central Districtsf54314
30th January 2014 Plunket Shield 2013/14  Northern Districts v Canterburyf55371





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