Seddon Park, Hamilton - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Twenty20 matches

3BS WilsonCanterbury v Northern Districts2010/11tt2033
3NT BroomNorthern Districts v Otago2012/13tt3163
3TA BoultAuckland v Northern Districts2013/14tt4023
3AJ RedmondAuckland v Otago2014/15tt4578
3NT BroomWellington v Canterbury2014/15tt4598
2PA HitchcockNorthern Districts v Auckland2005/06tt296
2RJ NicolNorthern Districts v Auckland2005/06tt296
2MJ GuptillNorthern Districts v Auckland2005/06tt296
2GR HayNorthern Districts v Central Districts2006/07tt502
2AJ StraussWellington v Northern Districts2007/08tt760
2AJ RedmondNorthern Districts v Otago2007/08tt769
2JDP OramWest Indies v New Zealand2008/09tt1049
2KS WilliamsonCentral Districts v Northern Districts2008/09tt1092
2CS MartinNorthern Districts v Canterbury2009/10tt1466
2AP DevcichCanterbury v Northern Districts2009/10tt1466
2JM HowNorthern Districts v Central Districts2009/10tt1478
2JAH MarshallCentral Districts v Northern Districts2009/10tt1478
2GJ HopkinsBangladesh v New Zealand2009/10tt1488
2JD RyderNorthern Districts v Wellington2010/11tt2037
2NL McCullumPakistan v New Zealand2010/11tt2043
2CJ AndersonCentral Districts v Northern Districts2012/13tt3166
2AJ RedmondNorthern Districts v Otago2012/13tt3224
2NT BroomNorthern Districts v Otago2012/13tt3224
2SJ CroftCanterbury v Northern Districts2012/13tt3286
2JM BairstowNew Zealand v England2012/13tt3372
2MJ GuptillEngland v New Zealand2012/13tt3372
2MD CraigNorthern Districts v Otago2013/14tt3860
2BS WilsonOtago v Northern Districts2013/14tt3860
2MO KainNorthern Districts v Central Districts2013/14tt3870
2B LaughlinCentral Districts v Northern Districts2013/14tt3870
2DJ MitchellAuckland v Northern Districts2013/14tt4023
2RJ NicolNorthern Districts v Canterbury2013/14tt4042
2DJ MitchellOtago v Northern Districts2013/14tt4046
2AF MilneSouth Island v North Island2014/15tt4577
2PG FultonNorth Island v South Island2014/15tt4577
2DG BrownlieNorth Island v South Island2014/15tt4577
2MD BatesOtago v Auckland2014/15tt4578
2SJ MurdochNorthern Districts v Wellington2014/15tt4579
2LV van BeekCentral Districts v Canterbury2014/15tt4580
2DG BrownlieOtago v Northern Districts2014/15tt4581
2DR FlynnOtago v Northern Districts2014/15tt4581
2RJ McConeNorthern Districts v Canterbury2014/15tt4592
2MJ GuptillOtago v Auckland2014/15tt4597
2LV van BeekWellington v Canterbury2014/15tt4598
2AP DevcichCentral Districts v Northern Districts2014/15tt4599
2BJ ArnelOtago v Wellington2014/15tt4600
2NL McCullumWellington v Otago2014/15tt4600
2BJ HodgeNorthern Districts v Wellington2014/15tt4652
2LJ WrightNorthern Districts v Auckland2014/15tt4654
2DJ GrobbelaarNorthern Districts v Auckland2014/15tt4654
2BJ HodgeAuckland v Wellington2014/15tt4655





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