Pukekura Park, New Plymouth - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3GA BishopCentral Districts v South Australia1986/87a5137
3RK BrownWellington v Central Districts1997/98a10951
3NL McCullumCentral Districts v Otago2009/10a20309
3MS SinclairAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21728
3DG BrownlieCentral Districts v Canterbury2013/14a23351
2MJF ShrimptonPakistan v Central Districts1972/73a859
2DR O'SullivanAustralians v Central Districts1981/82a3236
2J DysonCentral Districts v Australians1981/82a3236
2EJ GrayCentral Districts v Wellington1986/87a5107
2MJ GreatbatchWellington v Central Districts1986/87a5107
2JK PykeCentral Districts v South Australia1986/87a5137
2PE McEwanCentral Districts v Canterbury1987/88a5519
2MP MaynardCentral Districts v Northern Districts1990/91a6880
2SA ThomsonCentral Districts v Northern Districts1990/91a6880
2DL HoughtonSri Lanka v Zimbabwe1991/92a7429
2MJ GreatbatchOtago v Central Districts1993/94a8441
2RA JonesSouth Island v North Island1994/95a8855
2MD BaileyCentral Districts v Northern Districts1994/95a9013
2AR TaitCentral Districts v Northern Districts1994/95a9013
2BR WilliamsCentral Districts v Wellington1995/96a9577
2SW DuffAuckland v Central Districts1995/96a9584
2MW DouglasAuckland v Central Districts1997/98a10903
2GP SulzbergerNorthern Districts v Central Districts1997/98a10923
2RK BrownNorthern Districts v Central Districts1997/98a10923
2MD BaileyCentral Districts v Northern Districts1997/98a10923
2JD WellsCentral Districts v Wellington1997/98a10951
2CR PryorCentral Districts v Auckland1998/99a11657
2L VincentCentral Districts v Auckland1998/99a11657
2CJ AndersonCentral Districts v Canterbury2001/02a13923
2JW WilsonCentral Districts v Otago2002/03a14818
2CM SpearmanAuckland v Central Districts2002/03a14869
2L VincentCentral Districts v Auckland2002/03a14869
2JB LeeCentral Districts v Northern Districts2003/04a15612
2GP SulzbergerWellington v Central Districts2003/04a15670
2CJM FurlongAuckland v Central Districts2003/04a15701
2GP SulzbergerOtago v Central Districts2004/05a16295
2JI EnglefieldOtago v Central Districts2004/05a16295
2Mohammad WasimCentral Districts v Otago2004/05a16295
2JAH MarshallCentral Districts v Northern Districts2004/05a16461
2DR FlynnCentral Districts v Northern Districts2005/06a17080
2JM HowOtago v Central Districts2008/09a19456
2BB McCullumCentral Districts v Otago2008/09a19456
2BJ DiamantiAuckland v Central Districts2008/09a19467
2JM HowCanterbury v Central Districts2009/10a20290
2DJ BroomCentral Districts v Otago2009/10a20309
2TS NethulaCanterbury v Central Districts2010/11a21090
2MHW PappsCentral Districts v Canterbury2010/11a21090
2MS SinclairAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21720
2DS RobinsonAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21720
2MO KainAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21720
2AF MilneAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21728
2C CachopaAuckland v Central Districts2011/12a21743
2C MunroCentral Districts v Auckland2011/12a21743
2JDS NeeshamCentral Districts v Otago2012/13a22502
2MS SinclairOtago v Central Districts2012/13a22502
2RC HaodaKenya v Papua New Guinea2013/14a23183
2P RahoUganda v Papua New Guinea2013/14a23189
2TD AstleCentral Districts v Canterbury2013/14a23351





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