Springbok Park, Bloemfontein - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

399-9England v South Africa2015/16a24629
367-0Dolphins v Knights2014/15a23569
351-6South Africa v Zimbabwe2010/11a20806
350-6Free State v Border2016/17a24968
342-7Knights v Dolphins2014/15a23569
340Gauteng v Free State2006/07a17655
336-3Titans v Eagles2008/09a19220
336-7South Africa v Kenya2008/09a19206
334-4Eagles v Titans2008/09a19220
315-2Free State v Griqualand West2000/01a13183
315-4South Africa v Pakistan2012/13a22505
314-4Netherlands v Namibia2002/03a14977
311-8Dolphins v Knights2012/13a22186
310-6South Africa v Australia1996/97a10427
308-6Knights v Cape Cobras2016/17a25202
307-5Griqualand West v Free State2003/04a15498
304Border v Free State2016/17a24968
301-6Sri Lanka A v South Africa A2008/09a19174
301-7South Africa v England XI1989/90a6430
301-9Namibia v Free State2016/17a25000
300-9Free State v Griqualand West2003/04a15498
298-6Northerns v Free State2006/07a17707
298-8Free State v Boland2013/14a23147
296-6Titans v Eagles2009/10a20218
296-6Cape Cobras v Knights2011/12a21603
295-8Eagles v Titans2009/10a20218
294-7England XI v Eagles2009/10a20151
291-8Orange Free State v Eastern Province1994/95a9168
290-6Australia v South Africa2001/02a14205
288-4Sri Lanka v New Zealand1994/95a8949
287-6Zimbabwe v South Africa2010/11a20806
286-5Eagles v Lions2009/10a20118
285-3Eagles v Lions2007/08a18799
282-6Warriors v Knights2011/12a21635
282-6Free State v South Western Districts2013/14a23051
282-8Griqualand West v Free State2000/01a13183
281-8Knights v Cape Cobras2011/12a21603
280-5Knights v Warriors2011/12a21635
279-5Knights v Cape Cobras2015/16a24646
279-7Knights v Titans2013/14a22987
276-5Free State v Griqualand West2005/06a17154
274-7Titans v Knights2013/14a22987
273South Africa v West Indies1998/99a11718
272-7Sri Lanka v New Zealand2002/03a14910
271-8Orange Free State v Western Province1993/94a8340
270-4South Africa v India1996/97a10321
270-5England v South Africa2004/05a16435
270-6Free State v Easterns2007/08a18474
270-8South Africa v England2004/05a16435
269-4Free State v Gauteng2002/03a14601
269-5Border v Free State2010/11a21169
268-8Eagles v Lions2006/07a17680
267-4Lions v Eagles2006/07a17680
266-8Free State v Boland1996/97a10122
266-9Sri Lanka v South Africa2011/12a21699
265-5England v South Africa1995/96a9656
265-6Orange Free State v Impalas1992/93a7978
264-7Free State v South Western Districts2009/10a20481
262-6Boland v Free State1996/97a10122
262-8South Africa v England1995/96a9656
261-2Warriors v Eagles2005/06a17043
261-4Knights v Warriors2011/12a21587
260-7Western Province v Free State2008/09a19491
260-8Eagles v Warriors2005/06a17043
260-8Warriors v Knights2011/12a21587
259-3Eagles v Titans2004/05a16482
259-9Free State v South Western Districts2011/12a21951
258-2Northerns v Free State1998/99a11407
258-3Free State v Northerns2008/09a19178
258-5Titans v Eagles2004/05a16482
258-5Eastern Province v Free State2016/17a25162
257-6Free State v KwaZulu-Natal Inland2009/10a20270
257Easterns v Free State2007/08a18474
256-6Australia A v South Africa A2002/03a14559
256-6Knights v Lions2013/14a22929
256-7Transvaal v Free State1995/96a9725
256-9Free State v Western Province2008/09a19491
255-4Free State v Northerns1998/99a11407
255-6Cape Cobras v Knights2013/14a22907
255-8South Africa A v Australia A2002/03a14559
254-5Free State v Transvaal1995/96a9725
254-7Free State v Easterns2001/02a14005
253-4New Zealand v Zimbabwe2002/03a14995
253-8Eagles v Dolphins2008/09a19410
253South Africa v Australia2001/02a14205
252-5Knights v Warriors2015/16a24289
252-7Zimbabwe v New Zealand2002/03a14995
252-8Free State v North West1997/98a10730
250-5South Africa v England2015/16a24629
250-8South Africa v New Zealand2005/06a16914
250-8Free State v Easterns2015/16a24465
250Namibia v Netherlands2002/03a14977
250Dolphins v Knights2011/12a21595





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