De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

48Griqualand West v Eastern Province2013/14f55055
55Griqualand West v Western Province B1976/77f31435
70Eastern Province v Griqualand West2003/04f47465
72Lions v Knights2013/14f55188
76Easterns v Griqualand West2010/11f53043
78Griqualand West v Boland1992/93f40193
79KwaZulu-Natal v Griqualand West2011/12f53765
85Easterns v Griqualand West2010/11f53043
90Griqualand West v Zimbabwe Provinces2007/08f50613
91Griqualand West v KwaZulu-Natal2013/14f54984
92Cape Cobras v Knights2013/14f55510
92Knights v Dolphins2015/16f56870
92Knights v Lions2015/16f56904
94Lions v Knights2015/16f56904
95Griqualand West v Northerns1998/99f44097
97Northern Cape v North West2016/17f57779
98Griqualand West v United Cricket Board of South Africa Invitation XI1999/00f44971
99Griqualand West v Boland1990/91f39005





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