North West Cricket Stadium, Potchefstroom - Centuries in List A matches

170*DL HempBermuda v Uganda2008/09a19727
170*JN MalanNorth West v KwaZulu-Natal2016/17a24930
169  JN MalanNorth West v Northern Cape2017/18a25790
158*AM BacherLions v Warriors2004/05a16227
157*W BossengerGriqualand West v North West2005/06a16889
153  HH GibbsSouth Africa v Bangladesh2002/03a14590
147*MV BoucherSouth Africa v Zimbabwe2006/07a17622
146  J SymesLions v Dolphins2008/09a19221
145*AN PetersenLions v Dolphins2011/12a21611
137  FA SteynNorth West v Gauteng2005/06a17321
136  J SnymanEasterns v North West2017/18a26193
134  LD FerreiraWestern Province v North West2001/02a14045
134*HE van der DussenNorth West v Western Province2011/12a21952
134  AN PetersenLions v Knights2015/16a24315
130*WL CoetseeNorth West v Griqualand West2005/06a16889
129  WD ParnellWarriors v Lions2013/14a22908
129*JN MalanNorth West v Northern Cape2015/16a24656
128*J le RouxNorth West v Easterns2005/06a16953
128  HE van der DussenNorth West v KwaZulu-Natal2013/14a23124
127  JA BeukesFree State v North West2005/06a17262
127  M AkoojeeGriqualand West v North West2006/07a17865
126  HE van der DussenNorth West v Free State2012/13a22157
126*GVJ KoopmanBorder v North West2017/18a26259
125*CA IngramWarriors v Lions2009/10a20265
125  ND McKenzieLions v Warriors2009/10a20265
123*AJ MalanNorth West v South Western Districts2016/17a25396
122  MG PoteWestern Province v North West2011/12a21952
121  WL CoetseeNorth West v Griqualand West2006/07a17865
118  A JacobsNorth West v Easterns2002/03a14602
116*A JacobsNorth West v KwaZulu-Natal1999/00a12463
116  GC SmithSouth Africa v New Zealand2012/13a22356
115*C JonkerNorth West v Namibia2009/10a20520
112  A JacobsNorth West v KwaZulu-Natal2001/02a14006
111*GV GraceNorth West v Border2001/02a13921
110  HM AmlaSouth Africa v Zimbabwe2010/11a20817
110  JM BredenkampBoland v North West2016/17a25084
109  NKJ BibodiUganda v Bermuda2008/09a19727
109  JD VandiarLions v Dolphins2011/12a21611
108  VB van JaarsveldDolphins v Lions2016/17a25328
108  RH FrenzNorth West v Easterns2017/18a26193
107*AM AmlaSouth Africa A v Sri Lanka A2003/04a15346
107*DJ WatsonDolphins v Lions2006/07a17694
107  HE van der DussenNortherns v North West2008/09a19529
107  SD OuterbridgeBermuda v Uganda2008/09a19727
107*BJ PelserNorth West v Eastern Province2011/12a21864
107  AN PetersenLions v Dolphins2015/16a24630
106  GC SmithWestern Province v North West2000/01a12981
106  A JacobsNorth West v Free State2000/01a13228
106*RN ten DoeschateNetherlands v Kenya2008/09a19689
106*AK MarkramNortherns v North West2014/15a23835
105*N BojeSouth Africa v New Zealand2000/01a13005
105  RR HendricksLions v Knights2017/18a25941
104*NC JohnsonWestern Province v North West2003/04a15625
104*NKJ BibodiUganda v Denmark2008/09a19723
104*UKJ BirkenstockBoland v North West2010/11a20894
104  WD ParnellWarriors v Lions2011/12a21596
104  GM ThomsonEasterns v North West2017/18a26193
103*H MasakadzaZimbabweans v Gauteng and North West Combined XI2004/05a16473
103*MJ GuptillNew Zealand v South Africa2015a24234
102  A JacobsWarriors v Lions2004/05a16227
102*DL HempBermuda v Kenya2008/09a19708
102  JP KreuschWarriors v Lions2009/10a20265
102  RR RossouwKnights v Lions2010/11a20858
102  RH FrenzNorth West v Gauteng2016/17a25218
101*J le RouxNorth West v Griqualand West2004/05a16204
101*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Zimbabwe2010/11a20817
100  SP FlemingNew Zealanders v South Africa A2005/06a16905
100*VB van JaarsveldLions v Dolphins2008/09a19221
100*S BurgerGauteng v North West2012/13a22182





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