Other matches played on Glendelvine Cricket Club Ground, Spittalfield (13)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
May 1985 WM Mann Investments Small Clubs Cup 1985 First RoundGlendelvine v Mayfieldmisc244199
May 1987 WM Mann Investments Small Clubs Cup 1987 First RoundGlendelvine v Norwoodmisc244061
2nd May 1993 Kelly's Copiers Small Clubs Cup 1993 First RoundGlendelvine v Buckiemisc243831
23rd May 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 First RoundGlendelvine v Edinburgh University Staffmisc243585
20th June 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 Third RoundGlendelvine v Manderstonmisc243619a
18th June 2000 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 2000 Third RoundGlendelvine v Fauldhouse Victoriamisc243562
3rd June 2001 Readers Small Clubs Cup 2001 Second RoundGlendelvine v Luncartymisc243511
28th August 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Grannies v The Forty Clubmisc199812
11th September 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc412751a
9th September 2012 Other matches in Scotland 2012  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398351
8th September 2013 Other matches in Scotland 2013  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398562
14th September 2014 Other matches in Scotland 2014  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398769
13th September 2015 Other matches in Scotland 2015  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc619812a
11th September 2016 Other matches in Scotland 2016  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800408
24th September 2017 Other matches in Scotland 2017  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800656
23rd September 2018 Other matches in Scotland 2018  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800871





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