Other matches played on Glendelvine Cricket Club Ground, Spittalfield (12)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
May 1985 WM Mann Investments Small Clubs Cup 1985 First RoundGlendelvine v Mayfieldmisc244199
May 1987 WM Mann Investments Small Clubs Cup 1987 First RoundGlendelvine v Norwoodmisc244061
2nd May 1993 Kelly's Copiers Small Clubs Cup 1993 First RoundGlendelvine v Buckiemisc243831
23rd May 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 First RoundGlendelvine v Edinburgh University Staffmisc243585
20th June 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 Third RoundGlendelvine v Manderstonmisc243619a
18th June 2000 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 2000 Third RoundGlendelvine v Fauldhouse Victoriamisc243562
3rd June 2001 Readers Small Clubs Cup 2001 Second RoundGlendelvine v Luncartymisc243511
28th August 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Grannies v The Forty Clubmisc199812
11th September 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc412751a
9th September 2012 Other matches in Scotland 2012  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398351
8th September 2013 Other matches in Scotland 2013  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398562
14th September 2014 Other matches in Scotland 2014  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc398769
13th September 2015 Other matches in Scotland 2015  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc619812a
11th September 2016 Other matches in Scotland 2016  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800408
24th September 2017 Other matches in Scotland 2017  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800656
23rd September 2018 Other matches in Scotland 2018  Glendelvine v The Forty Clubmisc800871





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