Germantown Cricket Club Ground, Manheim, Philadelphia - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Match in first-class cricket

4CW WrightGentlemen of Philadelphia v Lord Hawke's XI1891f3686
4FW RalstonLord Hawke's XI v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1891f3686
4TC JordanBJT Bosanquet's XI v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1901f5731
3P ButlerEnglish Residents v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1890f3565
3FW RalstonLord Hawke's XI v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1891f3685
3EH BrayGentlemen of Philadelphia v PF Warner's XI1898f5021
3MW PayneGentlemen of Philadelphia v Marylebone Cricket Club1905f6692
3TC JordanGentlemen of Ireland v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1909f7865
3GC CampbellGentlemen of Philadelphia v Australians1913f8858





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