Other matches played on Kayman Sankar Cricket Ground, Hampton Court (36)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
8th September 1977 Pakistan International Airlines in West Indies 1977/78  Essequibo v Pakistan International Airlinesmisc793877
9th September 1977 Pakistan International Airlines in West Indies 1977/78  Essequibo v Pakistan International Airlinesmisc793878
28th October 1977 Jones Cup 1977/78 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc34694
20th October 1978 Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Under-19 Tournament 1978/79 Semi-FinalEssequibo Under-19s v Demerara Under-19smisc770509
12th October 1979 Jones Cup 1979/80 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc34961
2nd October 1980 Jones Cup 1980/81 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc35163
6th October 1980 Guyana Chronicle Crossword Cup 1980/81 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc770507
31st October 1980 Dr Dennis Irvine Cup 1980/81 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc770505
9th October 1981 Jones Cup 1981/82 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc770494
27th November 1981 Dr Dennis Irvine Cup 1981/82 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc770499
29th November 1981 Dharry Memorial Cup 1981/82 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc770501
12th October 1982 Charity Sports Tour 1982/83  Guyana v Caribbean XImisc35453
15th October 1982 Jones Cup 1982/83 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc35505
17th October 1982 Guyana Chronicle Crossword Cup 1982/83 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc770474
5th November 1982 Dr Dennis Irvine Cup 1982/83 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc770476
8th November 1982 Dharry Memorial Cup 1982/83 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc770478
23rd September 1983 Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Under-19 Tournament 1983/84 Semi-FinalEssequibo Under-19s v Demerara Under-19smisc770471
25th October 1984 Guystac Trophy 1984/85 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc43694a
28th October 1984 Dharry Memorial Cup 1984/85 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc770467a
2nd November 1984 Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Under-19 Tournament 1984/85 Semi-FinalEssequibo Under-19s v Berbice Under-19smisc770469a
21st April 1992 Cosmos in Guyana 1992  Hampton Court v Cosmosmisc576106
20th August 1992 Northern Telecom Youth Championships 1992  Barbados Under-19s v Trinidad and Tobago Under-19smisc52297
28th September 1992 Other matches in West Indies 1992/93  Guyana v World XImisc37953
2nd November 1992 Tasco Guyana Inter-County Limited Overs Competition 1992/93 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc447170
16th October 1993 Other matches in West Indies 1993/94  Guyana Under-19s v West Indies Under-19smisc52420
22nd April 1994 GTM Under-19 Inter-County Championship 1993/94 Semi-FinalEssequibo Under-19s v Demerara Under-19smisc447181
8th September 1994 Inter-County Trophy 1994/95  Essequibo v Demeraramisc43710
7th September 1995 Inter-County Trophy 1995/96  Essequibo v Berbicemisc43712
14th October 1995 Soca Cup 1995/96 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Demeraramisc39071
16th April 1996 GTM Under-19 Inter-County Championship 1995/96 Semi-FinalEssequibo Under-19s v Demerara Under-19smisc52640
30th August 1997 Soca Cup 1997/98 Semi-FinalEssequibo v Berbicemisc39836
25th September 1997 Inter-County Soca Cup 1997/98  Essequibo v Berbicemisc43719
22nd October 1998 Banks Inter-County Trophy 1998/99  Essequibo v Demeraramisc43720
11th November 1999 Banks Inter-County Trophy 1999/00  Essequibo v Berbicemisc43724
9th November 2000 Banks Inter-County Trophy 2000/01  Essequibo v Demeraramisc43727
7th November 2002 Banks Inter-County Trophy 2002/03  Essequibo v Demeraramisc43733
17th April 2003 English Schools Cricket Association West Under-15s in Guyana 2002/03  Essequibo Under-15s v English Schools Cricket Association West Under-15smisc195588
6th November 2003 Banks Inter-County Trophy 2003/04  Essequibo v Berbicemisc43736
18th November 2004 Carib Inter-County Cup 2004/05  Essequibo v Demeraramisc43738





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