First-Class Matches played on Windsor Park, Roseau (28)

25th November 1965 Other First-Class matches in West Indies 1965/66  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf26035
15th January 1972 Other First-Class matches in West Indies 1971/72  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf29003
4th February 1972 Shell Shield 1971/72  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Barbadosf29035
5th January 1976 Other First-Class matches in West Indies 1975/76  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf30927
30th January 1976 Shell Shield 1975/76  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Barbadosf30974
26th March 1977 Pakistan in Australia and West Indies 1976/77  Windward Islands v Pakistanisf31513
4th March 1982 Shell Shield 1981/82  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf33997
21st January 1983 Shell Shield 1982/83  Windward Islands v Guyanaf34476
22nd February 1985 Shell Shield 1984/85  Windward Islands v Barbadosf35671
13th February 1986 Shell Shield 1985/86  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagof36240
19th February 1988 Red Stripe Cup 1987/88  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagof37418
1st February 1990 Red Stripe Cup 1989/90  Windward Islands v Barbadosf38558
26th January 1991 Red Stripe Cup 1990/91  Windward Islands v Jamaicaf39188
3rd February 1995 Red Stripe Cup 1994/95  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf41614
9th February 1996 Red Stripe Cup 1995/96  Windward Islands v Guyanaf42291
28th February 1997 Red Stripe Cup 1996/97  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagof42979
22nd January 1998 West Indies Board President's Cup 1997/98  Windward Islands v Jamaicaf43503
29th January 1999 Busta Cup 1998/99  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf44149
7th March 2008 Carib Beer Cup 2007/08  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagof50712
19th February 2009 Regional Four Day Competition 2008/09  Windward Islands v Jamaicaf51447
17th March 2011 Regional Four Day Competition 2010/11  Windward Islands v England Lionsf53067
6th July 2011 India in West Indies 2011 3rd TestWest Indies v Indiaf53277
3rd February 2012 Regional Four Day Competition 2011/12  Guyana v Leeward Islandsf53787
10th February 2012 Regional Four Day Competition 2011/12  Guyana v Windward Islandsf53826
23rd April 2012 Australia in West Indies 2011/12 3rd TestWest Indies v Australiaf54012
20th March 2013 Zimbabwe in West Indies 2012/13 2nd TestWest Indies v Zimbabwef54737
20th March 2015 WICB Professional Cricket League Regional 4 Day Tournament 2014/15  Windward Islands v Guyanaf56317
3rd June 2015 Australia in West Indies 2015 1st TestWest Indies v Australiaf56420





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