Mutare Sports Club, Mutare - Centuries in first-class cricket

247  GJ WhittallManicaland v Mashonaland2001/02f46474
234  TR GripperManicaland v Mashonaland2003/04f47422
230  CT MutombodziMashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers2014/15f56232
228*CN EvansMashonaland v Manicaland2002/03f46814
215  V SibandaMid West Rhinos v Mountaineers2009/10f51845
210  CN EvansMashonaland v Manicaland2001/02f46474
210  NR FerreiraManicaland v Matabeleland2001/02f46567
207*DP ViljoenMidlands v Manicaland2002/03f47233
204  AD SomaManicaland v Matabeleland2003/04f47918
194  AM BlignautMashonaland v Manicaland2003/04f47422
188  DD EbrahimManicaland v Midlands2004/05f48205
183  H MasakadzaMountaineers v Southern Rocks2009/10f52222
182  DD EbrahimMashonaland v Manicaland2002/03f46814
178  DKH MitchellMountaineers v Mid West Rhinos2011/12f53806
172  CB WishartMidlands v Manicaland2002/03f47233
172  T TaibuZimbabwe XI v Afghanistan2009/10f51698
171*AG CremerNortherns v Easterns2006/07f50009
162  V SibandaMid West Rhinos v Mountaineers2011/12f53806
157  GA LambMountaineers v Matabeleland Tuskers2012/13f54640
156  H MasakadzaMountaineers v Southern Rocks2013/14f55594
154  PA StrangManicaland v Matabeleland2001/02f46567
152  BM ShafayatMatabeleland Tuskers v Mountaineers2012/13f54640
151  T TaibuMashonaland v Manicaland2004/05f48604
150  R MutumbamiSouthern Rocks v Mountaineers2012/13f54577
149  T MarumaMountaineers v Southern Rocks2011/12f53547
148  RW SimsManicaland v Midlands2003/04f47434
148  RN ManyandeManicaland v Matabeleland2003/04f47918
146  H MasakadzaMountaineers v Southern Rocks2013/14f55594
142  ML PettiniMashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers2014/15f56232
141  B MlamboMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2010/11f52960
139  GA LambMountaineers v Southern Rocks2012/13f54577
137  RS DravidIndians v Zimbabwe A2001f45865
137  S MatsikenyeriEasterns v Southerns2006/07f50027
133  BRM TaylorMid West Rhinos v Mountaineers2012/13f54335
131  H MasakadzaZimbabwe A v Bangladesh A2006f49432
130  Noor Ali ZadranAfghanistan v Zimbabwe XI2009/10f51698
130  TMK MawoyoMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2012/13f54264
128  GM StrydomMatabeleland v Manicaland2003/04f47918
128  Tushar ImranBangladesh A v Zimbabwe A2006f49422
127  S MatsikenyeriZimbabwe A v Bangladesh A2006f49422
127*F MutizwaMountaineers v Mid West Rhinos2014/15f56183
126  SM ErvineMidlands v Manicaland2002/03f47233
124  TMK MawoyoEasterns v Northerns2006/07f50009
124  SM TrenchardMatabeleland Tuskers v Mountaineers2010/11f52935
121  NR FerreiraManicaland v CFX Academy1999/00f45061
120  MA VermeulenMatabeleland v Manicaland2002/03f47258
120  Mehrab HossainBangladesh A v Zimbabwe A2006f49432
120  T TaibuZimbabwe XI v Afghanistan2009/10f51698
120*H MasakadzaMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2010/11f52960
119  H MasakadzaMountaineers v Matabeleland Tuskers2010/11f53114
117  BG RogersManicaland v Midlands2003/04f47434
117*RW PriceMidlands v Manicaland2003/04f47434
117  T DuffinMatabeleland v Manicaland2004/05f48627
117  H MasakadzaEasterns v Centrals2007/08f50806
117  TN GarweZimbabwe XI v Afghanistan2009/10f51698
117  MN WallerMid West Rhinos v Mountaineers2009/10f52346
116  MA OumaKenya Select XI v Easterns2006/07f50042
116  GS BallanceMid West Rhinos v Mountaineers2011/12f53806
114*T TaibuMashonaland v Manicaland2002/03f46814
114  S MatsikenyeriManicaland v Matabeleland2004/05f48627
111  Alok KapaliBangladesh A v Zimbabwe A2006f49432
110  S MatsikenyeriMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2009/10f51979
110*LA DawsonMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2011/12f53376
107  F MutizwaEasterns v Kenya Select XI2006/07f50042
106  NR FerreiraManicaland v Mashonaland1999/00f45054
106  GF BarrettCFX Academy v Manicaland2001/02f46419
106  NR FerreiraManicaland v CFX Academy2001/02f46419
105  DO ObuyaKenya Select XI v Easterns2006/07f50042
105  JT MawudziMountaineers v Mid West Rhinos2009/10f51845
105  P MustardMountaineers v Southern Rocks2011/12f53547
105*T MarumaMountaineers v Matabeleland Tuskers2012/13f54640
104  GM StrydomMatabeleland v Manicaland2003/04f47918
104*ML PettiniMountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles2012/13f54264
103*AC ParoreNew Zealanders v Zimbabwe Cricket Union President's XI2000/01f45258
102*F MutizwaEasterns v Centrals2007/08f50806
102  Mohammad NabiAfghanistan v Zimbabwe XI2009/10f51698
102  GM EwingMatabeleland Tuskers v Mountaineers2011/12f53367
101  SK NyamuzingaEasterns v Southerns2006/07f50027
100*GA LambCFX Academy v Manicaland1999/00f45061
100*MS SinclairNew Zealanders v Zimbabwe Cricket Union President's XI2000/01f45258
100*Mehrab HossainBangladesh A v Zimbabwe A2006f49432
100*Noor Ali ZadranAfghanistan v Zimbabwe XI2009/10f51698
100*SW MasakadzaMountaineers v Southern Rocks2009/10f52222
100  CT MutombodziMashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers2012/13f54264
100  ML PettiniMountaineers v Mid West Rhinos2012/13f54335





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